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Catching up on my Janathon


Day 8 of Janathon was a mad dash around the house and trips and up and down our stairs.  The purpose of the mad dash was to pack and head up to my mother-in-law’s after work, as we were staying with her for the night.  There were definitely a few out of puff moments!  The reason for staying away from home on a Thursday night?  Well…

Matt and I, for Day 9 of Janathon, trekked over 4 and a half miles around the NEC for Autosport International.  It was interesting, and I enjoyed the live show.  I thoroughly enjoyed the people watching too.  I didn’t spot any big celebrities, though I did see Shane Lynch (of Boyzone fame).  He’s drift car racing these days apparently.

Janathon Day 9

It was a long day, brightened by a pink Caddy and a well deserved coffee!

All of the walking, followed by sitting in the car for quite a long time meant I was quite stiff yesterday morning, so…

I was quite chuffed at being able to hold downward dog for a bit longer.  I don’t think I’ve really ever said, but this is one of the poses I find most difficult.  My legs just don’t want to straighten, and I get sore wrists so I always struggle to hold this pose.  I’m not holding it for the 5 breaths that my old yoga teacher used to like us to hold, but it’s getting better.

Which brings us up to today’s Janathon.  I would like to think that some huffing and puffing as I walked out of the Apple shop (as in Apple products, not a greengrocer) would count, but I suspect not.  My iPod has decided to stop syncing.  I’ve tried all the tips suggested online by their support, but it isn’t playing ball.  I had a problem with my old iPod a long time ago, and Apple were really good about it.  Today, I wandered in and there was a queue for the tech team.  I got to the guy who seemed to be coordinating, and he said I needed to make an appointment.  No problem.  He asked what was wrong with it, and I’d taken a screenshot of the issue with my phone to show (as my memory isn’t the best).  He laughed and said that he was sure they could help with the (faulty) iPod, but he couldn’t do anything about my (working absolutely perfectly) Samsung mobile.  Urgh, Apple snob.  Then as I headed towards John Lewis, I thought I bet the Samsung tech team were having a quieter Sunday.

I digress.  Janathon has been a walk around town, some active (ish) housework, and some more yoga because I’m still a bit stiff.


In Whole 30 news, everything is going pretty well.  I felt a bit apprehensive about going away overnight and then to a show, but I planned it all – breakfast quiche and juice, salad and bananas, black coffee.  Not a single non-Whole 30 thing passed our lips.

There are a couple of things that I have noticed so far.  The first is that I seem to be a lot thirstier at the moment.  I don’t remember this being the case last time, and I don’t think I have added more salt into our food than normal (and I don’t add much generally).  The second is that I seem to have missed the “kill all the things” stage, but I am firmly in the grips of the reputed “let me nap” feeling of days 6 and 7.  I think the last thing I noticed is that last time we did a Whole 30, I ended up weighing literally every day in the first week or two just to see what the scale said.  While I am interested, I’m not being driven half mad by daily scale watch.  I’d like to know if there has been a weight loss, but in all honesty, I’m just too tired to have to deal with the “Woohoo it’s as/more than expected” or the “Boo, this isn’t enough”.

How was your weekend?

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5 thoughts on “Catching up on my Janathon

  1. Boo to apple snob.

  2. Oooooh I had to giggle at the ‘Apple Snob’ comment – A friend of our’s worked for Apple back in the day and all the ‘tech’ in his house is….tadah…APPLE and G&I are fan’s of android and ‘Apple People’ just don’t roll with that! Saying that…I do love my ipod classic.

    I have so much admiration for your Whole30 commitment – I think it’s something I really need to try at some point, I know from previously cutting sugar how hard the ‘hangover’ will be and I would not look forward to that but I’m sure it’s going to be great to make you feel all energized after Xmas/New Year 🙂

    I spy a comment about car show’s, are you a big fan? I went to the motorshow many year’s back as we got sent some passes at work and the Geneva car show when a flight was delayed but not been to anything else for years 😦 They just make me want to buy a new car and I’ve got to stick out my little bubble until we have a house etc

    • I too am an Android kinda girl. I’m definitely not a BES person these days, though I did love my Blackberry. I do love my iPod, and I am sad that it is dead, but I know that Apple service is usually pretty good – I just obviously ended up with a dud employee!

      Thank you about the Whole 30. It hasn’t been quite as smooth sailing as my first attempt (I’m hoping to put a post up tonight about everything).

      Yep – we’re big motorsport fans. I was always brought up around cars and bikes, and have both licences. Matt raced in his younger days in karts, and we’re both marshals now so go to Silverstone and Castle Combe regularly during the motorsport season. The Geneva car show sounds great – what a perk! 🙂 I’m in the same boat too re: house vs car! I’m trying to get my grown up sh*t in order at the moment!! x

  3. Go Android! I must say that the hipster douche-bag element of apple products put me right off them and I have never had anything by them- I used to use my Creative mp3 player but now I use my phone- I bought the Pocket cast app which is totally amazing- so now I just use my phone for that anyway. I bet you could just use your phone and not need another music player.