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Happy birthday Tub!


Roll out the Whole 30 approved cake – Tub on the Run is two years old today!


Last year, I found it interesting (and amusing) to see what came up in my stats, and this year hasn’t disappointed either!  My top post was My Whole 30 Results.  And some of my favourite search terms of the last year have been:

  1. shaved on hen night
    • How on earth did you end up here?!  This was definitely not something that happened on my hen do.
  2. side effects of murray mints
    • Deliciousness and nostalgia.  Those are the side effects.
  3. does slimming world consider clothing weight at weigh in
    • No, but I think it is frowned upon to weigh in naked.  However, I always found it helpful to weigh in at the same time each week – that would give me a good idea of where I was.
  4. slimming world does spinach give air
    • Air?
  5. putting weight on in between slimming world weigh ins
    • Please, please, PLEASE step away from the scale mid-week.  You can’t tell diddly-squat weighing in daily.

Whole 30 Collage

Back at the ranch, my Janathon has slipped a bit. I have been trying to do a little something every day, but I keep forgetting to tweet or blog about it.  I’ll keep on going, as it is nice to get the bones moving after a day stuck at my desk.

My Whole 30 is going pretty well.  I’m not craving anything which is good, but I am suffering from breakouts which is very irritating, and my energy levels haven’t really picked up much yet.  Having said that, I am more even tempered and I think my clothes are a little bit looser.  My sleep hasn’t changed much as I’m usually a pretty good sleeper.

One thing I have found, Nakd bars can trigger a binge behaviour.  This makes me a bit sad really, as they’re good to have as a snack.

How is your Janathon and/or Jantastic going?


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12 thoughts on “Happy birthday Tub!

  1. Those searches are so funny, and also very weird!
    My Jantastic has gone well so far- 4/4 runs done each week, but this week is going to be more of a challenge as I have things on the days I normally run, so have to sort things out in a different way.

  2. Janathon and whole30 are going well here! I found my energy levels returned midway through the 3rd week. Thanks to Janathon – I was able to notice the change immediatly!

  3. Happy 2nd birthday! Those search terms made me laugh, I feel sorry for that hen, shaving seems more like a prank for a stag do than a hen do…. 🙂

    • Thanks Helen! That thought did cross my mind – definitely more of a bloke thing to do! It definitely sounded like an interesting hen do though! 🙂

  4. Hilarious search terms, I used to regularly check mine for a laugh but haven’t in ages – think I know what I have to look forward to later 🙂

    • Sometimes they really baffle me as to how my little blog has ended up being pulled through! It’s definitely a way of making you smile though 🙂

  5. “No, but I think it is frowned upon to weigh in naked”
    Happy Birthday, I’m nearly crying with laughter, can you imagine this? ‘Excuse me ladies and gents, got my sassy pants on today so I’m gonna strip on down’ 😀 😀 😀 😀

    • Thanks! Well, I can tell you, it definitely didn’t happen in my Slimming World group! The people there were pretty open minded, but that would probably be pushing the boundaries a little too far 🙂

  6. These are hilair! Happy birthday Tubblog 🙂