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Home sweet home


We’ve been in our new house for a month now.  The one bed flat in the middle of a busy town seems like a distant memory now, and my words “we’re never EVER moving EVER again unless I’m wheeled out in a coffin”, while still ring true, don’t instil the same level of weariness that they did just a fortnight ago.

Don’t worry family, we’re not planning on moving for several years yet!

Five weeks ago, Matt and I went on the lamest, most sober pub crawl as we waited to be told we could collect the keys to our first home.  The day hadn’t gone quite as smoothly as I had originally planned in my utopian fug of “OMG we’re going to own a house!”.  What no one had really stressed enough was that there is a ridiculously long wait at the bottom of the chain.  Thankfully, we were only a three party chain.  I’d planned to have a huge clean throughout our new house on the day we collected the keys, but it didn’t happen.  The previous owners were still moving out by tea time that day.


They had very kindly done most of the cleaning anyway, and had left us a binder full of useful info (including how to avoid the traffic warden!) and a pretty pink orchid.  Ah, little do they know that I can only look after three things at once without anyone dying – Matt, Tank and Timo.  Add a fourth thing in, and as my previous, and now deceased, herb pots can attest, I am rubbish with four things.  Nonetheless, the hardy little thing is still going, despite me forgetting to water it (oops, I should get on to that!).  I’m very impressed that I have managed to keep Juan the Cactus alive for nearly two months (though Mum assures me they’re quite difficult to kill).

Juan the Cactus

Over the next few days, I think Mum, Dad, my sister, Matt and I all found muscles that we forgot we had as we lifted and shifted the contents of our tiny flat down the three flights of stairs, into a van and then ferried it up to our house.  Matt and I couldn’t have done it without them – they worked like Trojans and my sister now officially holds the status of Queen of Van Tetris.  No one can pack a van like she can.

We cleared and had cleaned the flat by the Wednesday the following week.  It was a bit of a shame that we hadn’t been more organised actually, as it meant that the week off that Matt and I had booked was spent mostly at our old place, which meant that our unpacking is still ongoing.  I am reassured though, as most people I have spoken to have said that they never fully unpacked, and there’s at least one box in the loft that has remained sealed.

So, top tip – declutter before you move, and start packing earlier than you think you need to!

A month in, there are some things that just make us laugh (previous lazy decorating – painting around the curtains and movable frames!), and some things that genuinely make me think I’ve achieved a life goal (adore my washing line in our little garden, and am the proud owner of an 8kg washing machine and a compost bin).  I feel very grown up all of a sudden.

We’re beginning to put together a list of things that need to be done, along with a wish list of things we’d like to do, and are very pleased that B&Q have just brought out a reward card, as I can see us spending quite a lot in there over the coming months!

Do you enjoy moving house? Mother-in-law (and therefore Matt) have always been quite nomadic, but the last time I was around for a house move was the late 80s!

(I am totally getting to grips with this self-hosted blog malarkey! Beyond the Sofa is now on Bloglovin’ too!)

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2 thoughts on “Home sweet home

  1. I hate moving house! There, I said it…Honestly, it was the most stressful thing I’ve ever done. We sold up my fella’s house before we completed on our existing (it kept falling though – her/not us). So most things ended in storage and we ended up living in Graeme’s parents spare bedroom. Then when we got the house, it was honestly world war 3…we spent 6 weeks, huge amounts of money and up to 6 people at a time renovating as much as we could before moving in. I will never, ever do that again – ever! But we have a nice home and a lovely cat and it all feel’s like a distance memory and your moving stress will also! It’s such a good feeling going from a flat to a house and It sound’s like you and your little family are settling in nicely 🙂 x p.s I am terrible at keeping plants alive also!

    • I am 100% with you! I can only imagine how stressful renovating before moving must have been too. I am definitely of the opinion that it is worth it though – I feel like I have really accomplished something!

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