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Cullompton Food and Drink Festival

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I have been meaning to sit down and write this post for most of the week, but haven’t had the chance. It has been a bit of a mad week at work, and I’ve left a bit late most days and brought work home. Never mind!

We’ve lived here for just over a month and a half, and hadn’t had the chance to get to the award winning Cullompton farmers’ market. The market is held on the second Saturday of the month. In September, we were so busy unpacking and caught up with general house moving gubbins that we didn’t make it. October’s market coincided with the first food and drink festival. With nothing else to do (well, nothing more appealing to do!) Matt and I thought we’d escape the house for a bit and have a wander around the festival. We haven’t taken the cameras out for a photo walk either, so thought it would be good to look at autumn through a lens.

First stop was the Walronds. We were greeted by a man who was pressing apples. He’d drawn quite the crowd, so it was a bit difficult to get a good photo.

Apple pressing at Cullompton Food and Drink Festival

It was quite crowded in the Walronds so we made a break for the community centre. We had hoped to stop by the White Hart where there were some more things going on, but they started after 1pm, and we were a bit early. The community centre was much more family oriented, with face painting for children, local children and parent groups, and a cake judging competition. It was nice to have a walk around the centre, as much as anything, to look at the notice boards to see what is coming up over the next couple of months. A couple of events have spiked mine and Matt’s interests, so we’ll be trying to get out and about more than we did in our previous town.

Instead of walking back straight up the high street, we walked along the leat walk. The last time we walked up there was when my parents came with us when we were house hunting in the spring. Now the colours are beginning to turn, it is a really pleasant little walk.

Leat walk in Cullompton

On rejoining the high street a bit further up, we decided to get some sausages and bread. The farmers’ market is made up of local independent farms and retailers. I know from my adventures in Whole 30 that trying to find a high meat content sausage can be a real pig (pardon the pun), so we’re often on the lookout for good quality sausages. Mission accomplished! Moonbeams Farm were the ones I picked for their Spanish inspired pork sausage. Moonbeams Farm raise Gloucester Old Spot pigs. The sausages were really tasty, so we’ll be looking to try some of their chops next time we see them. Of course, you can’t have a good sausage sandwich without a good bread. Matt was very taken with Bread of Devon (especially given the play on words with Bread of Heaven – yes, Matt is my resident die-hard Welsh rugby supporter).

All the om nom nom noises!

We’ll be stopping by the farmers’ market again, without doubt! I hope the food and drink festival went well – it certainly seemed to be received very well.

Do you have a local farmers’ market?  Any unusual finds? The most unusual find I found was alpaca meat!

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