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Weigh in Wednesday 4: Early nights?


Weigh in Wednesday 4


How quickly the last week seems to have passed by! It’s been a reasonably eventful 7 days (compared to normal anyway!). I am recording a 1lb gain (again, groan). It isn’t a huge surprise as have eaten out a bit over the last week (1 takeaway and 2 lunches, plus Halloween sweets and an anniversary meal). Over the last month I have net the same weight, which I am okay with in the grand scheme, as for a long time, my weight has increased month on month.

My two tasks last week were to get to bed before 10:30pm each day, and get in a 10k walk.

It is very fair to say that I failed abysmally at getting to bed for 10:30pm, with one notable exception. I really struggled to sleep on Thursday night, clocking literally a couple of hours. To say that Friday I functioned as effectively as a zombie would probably be an exaggeration. I’m not usually one for nodding off on the sofa, so on Friday night, as my neck lost the ability to keep my head up, I flopped in to bed and slept from 9pm until about 5:30pm, uninterrupted. It was all born out of stress I think. There is a great saying on one of our director’s walls:

Don't over think

The reason I was up so late on Thursday night was completely because of this, and I felt like I needed to take action on the thing that was causing me some stress. This resulted in a bedtime of 2am, but the little sleep I did get was much more rested than it would have been had I not sorted the issue out.

Aside from one evening, I have not managed to get to bed before 10:30pm. This one stays for the next week. I’ll be aiming to get to bed every “school night” by 10:30pm.

I also said I would walk 10k. I managed about 6 or 7k. I’d walked from my parents’ house to the station, then along from the station to where my mum picked me up. Originally Dad and I were meant to be going to Bournemouth. The event was cancelled, so he stayed at work and I spent some time with Mum. It was a very nice afternoon/evening. While I was maybe 3 or 4k short, I felt it was a good walk nevertheless. I’m debating whether to pull out of the Cracker 10k and offer my place to someone else. My ankle isn’t really showing any signs of being happy for a run any time soon, and I am fast running out of time (running out of time… har har) to finish Couch to 5k.

I’m down to one thing to work on this week because it is going to be a long week at work. For that reason, I don’t want to overload, so I’ll be trying to get enough veggies in, drink my water, keep moving as much as I can during the day, and trying my best to switch off in time for an early (well, 10:30pm) bedtime – basically, looking to build on what I have done over the last four weeks.

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

2 thoughts on “Weigh in Wednesday 4: Early nights?

  1. I think heading to bed earlier plays a massive part on your ability to cope the following day! It’s one of my big challenges this year, and I’m really struggling at the moment. 😦 I remember when I first started my ‘career’ job I stayed with friends in a house in Peterborough during the working week until my house sale went through. They went to bed at 10pm every school night, but now I definitely need to be thinking about bed by 10pm, as otherwise I’m useless the following day. Which then means I haven’t made lunch, and tea is a rush job because I’m knackered and starving! A huge knock-on effect!

    • You are so right! I’m grotty in addition to being ineffective if I don’t get enough sleep. At the moment, I am being challenged to get into bed before 10.53pm, which is still probably a bit too late. The knock on for me starts when I leave work – if I leave late, then everything else tends to be late.

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