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Weigh in Wednesday 8: Return of the biscuits

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Weigh in Wednesday 8

This is going to be a brief one!

I put back on 2lbs this week. While I’m not thrilled, I know what has happened – the Christmas biscuits are back with a vengeance! We work with quite a few other companies in my department, so we always get lots of gifts, usually chocolate related, in the run up to Christmas.

I’m one of these people that is fine if things aren’t opened. Open them though, and I turn into the biscuit eyed monster, off on a sugar coated rampage, mindlessly eating all manner of chocolate, sweets, cakes and biscuits.


This is so me.

I need to rein in my December munchies. Thinking back to last year, there were days where I ate nothing savoury (or with any real nutritional value) because I was stuffed with sweets. Actually, thinking back, that is quite terrifying. I think I managed to execute a large project at work, purely fuelled by Celebrations, Miniature Heroes, Quality Street, Roses and assorted chocolate boxes. I can’t remember what I weighed (I’m guessing I’m blanked that bit out!).

My plan of attack? Keep up with the water. I got to thinking about it today, and realised I a) hadn’t been to the loo since I got up until tea time (camels ain’t got nothin’ on me!), and b) I’d drunk half a cup of tea and a bottle of Diet Coke.  I definitely get more nibbly when I’m not drinking enough. The second tactic – being more mindful – basically, being more aware of what I’m eating rather than just shovelling it in mindlessly.

How do you handle the influx of chocolates and sweet stuff at this time of year?

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