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Ultimate Coffee Date | February 2016


On one hand, it feels such a long time ago since I wrote my last Ultimate Coffee Date post, but then at the same time, I’m not entirely sure why January seems to have passed by so quickly. Anyway, it’s the first Saturday of the month, which means that it is coffee catch up day! Thanks to Lynda, Coco and Deborah for hosting!


If we were having coffee, I would definitely have wafted my favourite new thing in front of you (provided that you also like coffee!). As I mentioned in my Whole 30 (Day 25 to 27) post, I have a new love, and oddly (for me) it’s an instant coffee – it’s Little’s coffee. Even for a bit of a coffee snob like me, it really is good. So good, in fact, that I braved the torrential rain today, and practically swam across the car park at Darts Farm to get another version. My original find was the vanilla flavour, and today’s purchase was chocolate orange. I’m really looking forward to trying it tomorrow morning.

If we were having coffee, you may have noticed that I am two things today. Firstly, that I am a little slimmer than I was when I blogged at the start of January. On 4th January, I started my third round of Whole 30, which I really enjoyed, despite a couple of tricky patches. Since finishing, I’ve made a decision to remain mostly paleo for the time being (it’s working for my weight loss at the moment, and I feel so much better). The second thing is that I feel much brighter in my outlook right now. I feel much more chirpy and motivated than I have done in, well, I can’t remember how long!

If we were having coffee, you would also probably have noticed that I am moving a bit stiffly and slowly. DOMS is no joke, my friends! Before Christmas, I’d been thinking about joining my local gym. I was teetering on the do I/don’t I for what felt like ages. Financially, it is a commitment, and it’s a wasted investment if I find I don’t like it. I miss my spinning, though I don’t miss the gym itself as it’s always been a cardio torture house for me. I decided that before I jump into a 6 month gym contract, that I would do something more low key but would fit perfectly (I hoped) into my routine, and gave me some structure. I’ve done a few Fitness Blender videos in the past and really enjoyed them. I then found that they have an 8 week programme for just over £10. I’ve just completed the first week of workouts, and while I don’t remember finding them super sweaty at the time, I have definitely noticed that a couple of days on, I am sore and very grateful of my two rest days! I have also come to realise just how weak my core is. I literally cannot do the core workouts right now.

If we were having coffee, I would let you know that Matt and I rejoined the National Trust a couple of weeks ago. We have plans to get out and about this year. The top reason is that it gets us out and about with a real purpose. I definitely suffer from the “wasted weekend” feeling on a Sunday night if I haven’t made it out of the house that much. I like a purpose to go out (especially when the weather is so grim right now), and National Trust offers both properties and land to explore. So far, we’ve been to Saltram House, but Killerton House (which is also my local parkrun) is close by, as is the Jurassic Coast. I feel that for the last few years, I have been a hermit and lived indoors most of the time. My vampyric pasti-ness is testament to this, and I would like to change that! Bring on the vitamin D (when the spring rocks around!).

National Trust Collage

Lastly, if we were having coffee, I’d have been on time. Random? A little! I bought a Life Planner from Lollipop Designs, and I absolutely love love love it. I have gone sans diary for a year, and found myself forgetting things or appointments. My phone calendar is okay, but there’s nothing quite like having a proper diary. The beauty of this particular diary is that there are three columns each week, which I have put as work, home and blog. I’m not great at remembering where I am meant to be on a weekly basis and whether my work and personal stuff clash, and this diary has already helped me spot (and avoid) a couple of clashes already. I’ve also started to map out some blog stuff using it too. When I end up going AWOL, it’s usually because I forget to blog for a while as I don’t have much to say, then struggle to get back in to it again. My plan is that by actually knowing what to blog about in advance, I will stand a much better chance of blogging regularly.

How has your month been? Any favourites to share?

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

26 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date | February 2016

  1. I am very pleased for you, and very taken with the new coffee; quite a deviation for a real coffee snob. Life is full of surprises!

    I hope that your new lifestyle is enduring.

  2. I’ve not seen that type of coffee before! Looks good though. So great to hear that your new eating plan is working so well for you. That’s a great feeling to have isn’t it?! If you develop any great vegetarian recipes come on over and share them on meatless Monday sometime. Thanks for joining us for coffee today!

    • Thank you! I really do need to look at a meatless Monday idea to add a bit of variety – I may have to browse your Meatless Monday archives for inspiration.

  3. Vampyric pasty-ness, lol!! I do know what you mean though. I get quite starved of the sunlight myself. I do run and ride outdoors in the winter but under MANY layers of clothing! That coffee sounds awesome. Glad you’ve found a nutrition plan that is working. I’m struggling a bit right now and feeling a little “fluffy” since I have had trouble managing my intake while traveling on business. Only a few more days until I can get back to a routine!!

    • The coffee is SO good! I’m literally raving about it to anyone who will listen. Trying to stick to an eating plan or routine while travelling so much is always a nightmare – I definitely don’t envy you. I haven’t travelled so much on business lately, which has been really good, but I’ve got a few seminars and workshops coming up which are catered events.

  4. January came and went so fast, it was unreal! Sounds like you’ve made some great progress.

    I never used to like coffee, but have recently got into habit of drinking flavoured coffee at least once a day. I’ve not seen that brand but I’m a big fan of Beanies coffee and they have so many flavours!

    I’ve been doing Fitness Blender workouts too(not following the program but just doing their YT workouts) and they’re great! I love their videos. I’m with you on the core stuff! I tried one of their core workouts the other day and really struggled to do any of them, really need to do some more work on it!

    Stick with it! It sounds like you’re doing great, love your dedication to Paleo/Whole 30 – my boss does Paleo too and it looks like it takes a lot of commitment – I deffo couldn’t do it!I need my carbs!

    • I think I have always liked coffee (apparently I used to drink the dregs of Mum’s when I was little), but have only recently weaned myself off of having sugar in it. I will have to keep an eye out for Beanies – I haven’t heard of them before.
      I love the FB workouts, though they are totally kicking my bum right now!
      Thank you – paleo is a challenge, but no more challenging than I found Slimming World. It’s all about getting in to the routine for me.

  5. Congratulations on your weight loss – that’s huge! I’ve heard good things about fitness blender. I’m not sure I’m convinced about the instant coffee, but I’d love to try it! Thanks for joining the coffee date!

    • Thank you! Fitness Blender is really good, and even better – free! I like them a lot – they’re not pretentious or elitist about it. I felt the same about the coffee, but this stuff is great! Thank you for hosting 🙂

  6. I haven’t tried whole 30 but did the 21 Day Sugar Detox a couple times an loved it. It completely reset my system and got me off the carb / sugar roller coaster.

    • I followed a blogger who eats mostly paleo and who has done a couple of 21 DSDs – I’m not entirely sure I could do it, but she also had some really great results!

  7. First of all, I love your blog name! 🙂 Second, congratulations on sticking to Whole 30 and seeing results. That’s very exciting. I too am a huge fan of fitness blender and love working out to them. I think I post about them in my workout recaps each week! 🙂

    • Thank you Lara! That’s very kind. I’ll have to check out your weekly round ups! I have done kettlebell workouts with them before, but this is the first time I have taken a more structured approach. Roll on week 2! 🙂

  8. I haven’t thought about instant coffee in years! My Dad made it right from the hot water tap when I was a child. That’s what I always think of. Right now, when I go outside for weekly runs it is dark so I’ve got some pastiness going on too. I think the National Trust is a wonderful idea. I would enjoy seeing different properties and parks. Congrats on your Whole 30! It seems to be working well for you.

    • My mum drinks proper (cafetiere) coffee so I followed suit, but this instant is really good. Definitely time for the spring to appear and the evenings to get lighter!

  9. Congrats on your weight loss and focused eating. You are correct, DOMS is no joke! I stopped doing lunges in early January because I’d done something to my foot and lunges bothered it. Once it felt better, I put lunges back into my routine and I felt like I’d never done a lunge in my life. I was SO sore!

  10. Great job on your success in weight loss that is super! I’ve read so much about this Whole30. I’m very glad to hear it is working out well for you. It does fell great! I’m a coffee addict as well and I love to try new ones. I’ll have to see if I can find this one. The Chocolate Orange sounds amazing!

    • Thank you! I get the impression that Whole 30 is quite a bit thing in the US, whereas paleo over here on the UK is just really beginning to take off.

  11. This year feels like it’s going by so quickly! Great job on finishing another Whole 30!

    I need to get back into using planners–I was so much more organized back then!

    • Thank you! I completely agree! The planner has definitely helped, though I think I still have some “gaps” in terms of blogging. It’s a good start though.

  12. Oooh Fitness Blender is a great resource. I used their videos when I did home workouts. Very thorough explanations!
    The coffee sounds really tasty. I’m not a coffee snob AT ALL (instant every day…don’t care about brands. Shocking I know) but the flavours sound awesome!

    • I really like the Fitness Blender workouts too, like you say, they’re so well explained and they come across like nice people. I have tried the choc orange one and prefer the vanilla one out of the two. I have a feeling the lady said they supplied Waitrose.

  13. Hey, thanks for the kind words about our coffee 🙂 We’re so thrilled to hear you’re enjoying it! We have 25% off at the moment! Use code LOVECOFFEE at the checkout! It runs out on Valentine’s Day! Thanks again 🙂 Abby

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