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Weigh in Wednesday 12: The return


Weigh in Wednesday 12

Given that I weighed myself at the weekend, I wasn’t expecting to lose anything at all, and true to form, I have stayed the same. I’m pretty pleased about that, as my eating has been a bit sporadic over the last couple of days with my lunch being whatever I can find at whatever time I can take it. I need to make sure I carve out a bit of time to eat at a sensible time, and not the 4pm that it has been.

Good news is though, that our fridge freezer is now repaired and I can start batch cooking again. After my last batch cook, the freezer started to go on the blink (again – third time it has happened, and it’s only 7 months old), and we lost most of the meals I’d prepared. The ones we had were pretty tasty, so I am hoping to spend some of the long weekend doing a batch cook so we can get back to some sort of normal.

I’ve been giving the Whole 30 another good think. I am planning to do another one in July anyway, and I was considering sneaking another one in before then. I don’t think that my diet has gone totally awry but I do need to tidy it up a bit. Bread has snuck back in, along with microwave meals. Foor has definitely needed to come under the “convenience” category recently, as my working hours have been quite long. I’ve decided for the time being to hold off on another Whole 30 as I have a couple of evenings out and I am travelling with work (to the exotic location of Bradford…).

Anyway, other notable events this week were giving blood. I successfully gave my 11th donation. I would like to say that I am catching my mum and sister up, but that would be a massive overestimation – they’re both charging ahead in the 30s! I do wonder if losing weight will make my veins easier to find or get in to, as I seem to have problem veins.

I am very much looking forward to the bank holiday weekend. We don’t have loads planned, but I am looking forward to just taking a rest from work (says the girl who had a week off at the start of the month!).

Have you got any plans for the Easter weekend?

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

6 thoughts on “Weigh in Wednesday 12: The return

  1. I felt so sad for you after reading your previous post, and it may help to know that I feel the same sometimes. Last summer I bought some dresses and felt like the bees knees, but when I saw some photos I thought I looked more like a barge in full sale.

    I admire you tremendously, you always seem to bounce back – sometimes it takes a bit longer, but you always do. Not many people would have kept trying to give blood, but you did; even waiting for several years in the hope of increasing your iron levels after being told that if you were refused once more, they wouldn’t call you again.

    I am so proud to know you, whilst some things you do exasperate me, you are always ready to listen, to drop everything to help and your advice is well worth asking.

    • I think you looked lovely in those dresses. I guess it’s all down to our perception, and people don’t see what we always see in ourselves.
      Thank you – I’m glad my anaemic days are behind me now.

  2. Glad to hear you’re in a positive frame of mind and have a plan of attack going forward 🙂
    Easter is going to be a bit busy with the Cardiff half marathon and visiting a friend who lives up there, then going out for lunch with my parents. Nothing too crazy but bits and bobs really.

  3. I’d be interested in seeing what you batch cook for the freezer. It’s something I keep meaning to look into. Often I don’t even start prepping our evening meals until gone 8:30 during the week as we’re both so busy with work then running/football. Having something I can pull out and use later in the week would be such an improvement on some of the tired choices I’ve made just lately!

    • Everything that I have prepped this weekend has gone in to the freezer. I don’t tend to freeze pasta (except lasagne) but figure that most other things are fair game! Other things I freeze are chilli, curries, meatballs, roast veggies, all sorts really.

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