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Weigh in Wednesday 15: At a loss over a gain


Weigh in Wednesday 15

Getting straight to it, I appear to have put on two pounds this week. Two gains in a row, 5lbs in total. And I’m a bit confused.

I wasn’t surprised with my gain last week, but this week I am a bit confused. I’ve had a bit of a think and my food choices haven’t been too bad. Okay, they haven’t been super amazing, but they haven’t been too bad. Looking at my UP info though it seems I have been much less active than normal.

Weigh in Wednesday 15

The only day that I have really done well was when I volunteered at parkrun this weekend. I definitely need to be upping my movement over the next week. The weekend won’t be too difficult to get moving a bit more as Matt and I are off to Silverstone. My main problem is getting my steps in during the week. As my workload has increased (again) I am becoming more and more desk bound, so I need to make the effort to get outside.

Hopefully next week will be better.

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Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

4 thoughts on “Weigh in Wednesday 15: At a loss over a gain

  1. Ahh sorry to hear, but just keep focused and you’ll get there. At least you can kind of tell why and work on those reasons for the next week. I’m lucky that I have a dog otherwise I don’t think I’d be half as active with my steps (other than running).

    • Thank you! Yes, you are right – onwards and upwards! I would love a dog, but we aren’t home enough to really be able to provide the care we’d want to. Plus the cats would be SO unamused 🙂 .

  2. At least you have identified what the issue probably is. I think keeping active when you have a desk job is so hard- this week I have been on holidays which has meant writing reports, and I have been getting so fed up of starting at a computer all day. Anna suggested a stand up desk, and I think if I worked more often then I would get one as I really hate sitting down like this all the time.
    Well done for volunteering at parkrun too 🙂

    • Thank you! I really enjoyed marshalling, though I will definitely remember to wear more appropriate footwear next time (still welly weather!). One of the ladies in our Design team has a standing desk, and she seems to get on pretty well with it. I am considering asking for something like that. Alternatively, I think I might have to bring in my Swiss ball.

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