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T minus 1 to my Whole 100


It’s Whole 100 Eve today! I’ve decided to take some time out to blog about where I am right now, with pictures and everything. In my January Whole 30, I made the mistake of forgetting to take any before pictures. This time, I’ve remembered!

Starting Point

This is my starting point. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I felt like an over-stuffed sausage, squeezing into these capri pants again. It’s a long time since I wore them last, and man can I feel the extra pounds in this! I am also cringing a little to post this, but I’m desperately trying to remind myself that this is my “before” photo. It’s going to get better from here.

Whole 100 Minus Day 1 Beyond the Sofa

Obviously it should go without saying – apologies for the awful hair and lack of make up. It’s Sunday – that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it! I’ve weighed myself, measured myself, and taken photographs. One thing? I am definitely hoping for a bit more of a tan in 100 days! I’m still undecided what I am going to do about weighing in over the course of the Whole 100. In my Whole 30 round up from January, the creators of Whole 30 think you should look at the achievements beyond the scale, but when you have such a large amount to lose, I think it is helpful, so I am going to do what works for me. I don’t want to be beholden to the scale like I used to feel when I did Slimming World, but I also don’t feel ready to go it solo.

Anyway, I think it’s fair to say that my weight loss seems to have ground to a halt lately. I’m bobbing around the same couple of pounds, and I find myself regularly overeating just because it’s there.

Energy and other stuff

I honestly feel like I live in a kind of “coffee cannot cure this kind of tired” way at the moment. I have quite defined peaks and troughs in my energy (don’t ask me for anything between 3:30pm and 5:00pm – it won’t get done). My procrastination levels are possibly reaching new highs too. This has been further compounded by some really awful sleep. Normally I’m a good sleeper, but lately, my sleep has been quite broken. I’ve been quite good at getting to bed on time, as I had promised myself that I would do, though my weekends need some work! The sleep itself though has been decidedly naff.

Let’s talk about skin, hair and nails. Now, I’m going to paint you a lovely picture with words. I think I’m turning into a crust. My skin is so awfully dry and flaky. My scalp is sore with painful dandruff. My nails are super thin and brittle. I’m truly gorgeous! I had a facial a couple of weeks ago in the hope of sorting my skin out, but even that didn’t really help.

About my Whole 100

When I wrote my post about doing a Whole 100 a couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d be able to breeze through it with no real issues. How hard can it be? It’s only 3 lots of Whole 30 plus 10 days. I’ve done 3 Whole 30s already after all. Then, I suddenly start thinking that actually, 100 days is really long and that I don’t want to be a hermit. Then I remembered it is the Devon County Show in a couple of weeks, and I won’t be able to eat the wonderful cheeses, breads and other samples. Then I remembered that I am out with friends the following week. Then I remembered that I am actively choosing to do this, for good reasons, and that in the grand scheme, 100 days really isn’t very long and I will be able to eat out as normal but I’ll have to be that person. It’ll be fine.

I’m expecting the first couple of weeks to be a standard Whole 30 affair, with some grumpiness, some breakouts, some issues with tiredness and concentration. From around Day 30 onwards, I would anticipate either some food boredom or plate envy, and maybe a desire to binge eat. I suspect I’ll probably have a bit of a grump around then too, though that is wandering into uncharted territory at that point.

I’ll be blogging about it, but it won’t be as frequent as my January Whole 30, as, y’know, 100 days and all.

I have a “send off” of chicken fajitas and tiramisu, so I am going to head off and have my tea. Wish me luck!

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

13 thoughts on “T minus 1 to my Whole 100

  1. Amazing! I am also starting a whole100 tomorrow 🙂 I’ll be following your journey!

  2. Good luck Steph!! Here’s some good luck thoughts based on advice I was given about running. Running intervals. Which can be pretty gruesome and hurt a lot. So, you haven’t got to think about anything but the interval you’re doing. Because you know you can hang on to end of x metres or x minutes. Just think about the interval you’re in. So, the analogy is: it’s not 100 days. It’s just 1 day. Repeated. And you don’t have to think about the repeats. You just have to do 1 day. The other thing I’ve been reading about recently – more aligned to weightloss – is about being grateful and mindful. Find 3 things that went well each day. That way, even if you have a bit of a wobbly day, you know that you’ve done well and that tomorrow it’s worth doing all over again. I’m looking forward to finding out more about this whole Whole 100! 😀

  3. All the best with this Steph! I love the advice Jo gave above. One day, one meal at a time. You’ll get some momentum going and learn what works for your body and you’ll be on your way. Can’t wait for some progress updates!

  4. Huge good luck to you. It sounds unbelievably tough to me – I kind do healthy healthy for a few days but I need treats every now and again to keep me sane. But I suppose you can find ‘healthy’ treats to enjoy? Stuff allowed in Whole100 but aren’t super good for you, you know? But taste amazing…
    Just keep the bigger picture in mind and focus on the end. You’ve got this!!

    • Thanks Anna! I am thinking that I’ll follow Maria’s advice and plan out some little non food treats along the way (not sure what yet!).

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