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Non-Weigh In Wednesday 16: Non-scale victories already?


With my whole not-weighing-in during my Whole 100 (at least for 30 days anyway), I thought it might be nice to share some non-scale victories I have had so far.  Are you ready?

I’m alive. Functioning, just. I have had a headache for the last two days that just won’t shift (damn it Whole 30 people – you were right when you said that the amount of suck experienced in this phase is directly proportionate to how much crap you ate before starting). I am genuinely considering being alive and not having murdered anyone for a shortcake millionaire thing as a remarkable success. Where did the little chocolatey treats come from? My manager – she bought them for the office (normally a very lovely gesture that I would completely appreciate). I had to sniff them. It was the closest I could get. Thankfully I don’t think I dribbled in the tub… Nope. My colleagues just think I’m a weirdo.

Whole 100 Day 3 Beyond the Sofa


To be fair, I am considering the not eating sweet things as a genuine non-scale victory for my first week, as resisting those buggers was tough! Who doesn’t love the Marks and Spencer tub of treats?! I am assured by Matt that this does count as a victory.

Right now, I’ve ended up in a bit of a funk. It’s a temporary food funk. I have also apologised to Matt in advance of the impending storm that will be my toddler style temper tantrum that will strike without warning (and almost undoubtedly for no good reason) over the next 5 or so days. I should probably apologise to him again, now, as I think I’m being needy and difficult. All of this over sugar. How ridiculous.

I think my mantra at the moment is very much “this too shall pass”.

This too shall pass

(Photo credit: Marlis Borger on Flickr)

Author: Steph

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5 thoughts on “Non-Weigh In Wednesday 16: Non-scale victories already?

  1. Well done on resisting. M&S treats are definitely up there with some of the best. Sadly (or fortunately I suppose) my office just like biscuits. And super boring ones as well. I’m not a iscuit fan unless it’s like a jammy dodger or something a bit exciting. Otherwise they’re dry and boring. Or when they buy cakes they buy jam filled donuts which I can’t stand (which is odd because when I was little I adored them – maybe too much of a good thing?).

    • Oh that is a bit boring! I do like an interesting biscuit, though there is always room in my life for something like an occasional digestive. You can keep rich teas though! Blurgh! I will eat jam doughnuts, but I do prefer something like custard or apple.

  2. Yes resisting those M&S tubs is a victory for sure! Well done! The trouble is they are small, so one is not enough, but then when you have had a few they soon add up and then I would have rather had a nice piece of cake or something.

  3. Digestive? Did someone mention digestive? Mmmm. Luckily, even though they’re available here, they cost a fortune, so I don’t buy them often. (Mind you, Australia is the home of good biscuits, so I have just replaced them with other naughty bites of deliciousness). Well done for resisting. And even bigger congratulations on avoiding murder. Always winning when there are no bodies to stash! 😀

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