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Ultimate Coffee Date: June


Coffee at the ready, it’s Ultimate Coffee Date time! It’s time for a catch up! I cannot remember the last time I blogged so much. I’m not sure whether it’s the Blogtacular effect and my brain is coming up with new post ideas because of that, or whether I’m just doing a bit more that I can write about lately. Who knows!

Coffee in a teapot

If we were having coffee, you’d notice that I’ve caught the sun a little bit. I’m genuinely hopeful of a tan this year instead of going red then back to porcelain white. When we lived in the flat, we didn’t get out a huge amount as we didn’t have anywhere to sit in the sunshine unless we trekked a load of furniture with us, and even then, it’s not the same as being sat in the garden. Now that we have a house with a garden, we’ve really been enjoying getting out in it and tackling the lawn and will very shortly start weeding. Our acer has also gone from having very little in the way of leaves, to suddenly being the most beautiful colour. In terms of working in the garden, I seem to be the person who gets to do the mowing, while Matt rotivates the flower beds (which is fine by me – my weakling muscles can’t cope with rotivating manually for very long!). I think we have been outdoors a bit more lately too, which has helped, and it is amazing what a bit of vitamin D can do for your mood!

Garden 2016

Over coffee, I’d tell you that my Whole 100 is going okay. I’m near the end of a normal Whole 30 now (30 days are up on Tuesday I think). I’ve gotten into a bit a funk lately, which doesn’t seem to have any reason behind it, so I can only assume that it is the junk still leaving my body and it’s just kind of throwing me out of sorts. I know it’ll pass, and I know that I need to invest some time in getting it right too. I haven’t been great at my meal prep outside of dinner. Yesterday, because I hadn’t prepared anything and I was doing some training at work and time got away from me, I didn’t have breakfast or lunch. Not ideal. So today, I suspect is going to be a hungry day. On the plus side, it is a good kind of strange to recognise what hungry is for me. I’m trying to make a conscious effort to only eat when I am hungry, rather than “oh look, it’s 1pm, it’s lunch time”.

Whole 100 breakfast

Over coffee, I would tell you that I am going to be attending a yoga class on Monday. It’s a 6 week class which is meant as an introduction to Mysore style classes. Thankfully it is designed for the complete beginner, though while I am not a complete beginner, it’s been a while since I last practiced. My thoughts have started turning towards the last yoga course that I did in October, and I’ve been quite aware of how shallow my breathing is. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll ache and be a bit stiff for the first couple of times, but I’m really looking forward to it.

Exeter Yoga 2

Over coffee, I would probably still be singing the praises of the Devon County Show. I haven’t been for about three years, but Matt bought us tickets to go this year. I really do need to finish the blog post I’ve started for it, but I enjoyed myself a lot, despite getting up at the crack of dawn (at least it felt like it!). Normally, Mum and I go on a Friday as there are less children around, but Matt didn’t have enough holiday to do that so we went on Saturday instead. Also, with Mum, usually we try loads of different foods, from cheeses to honey to seeds to whatever sounds interesting in the beer and cider tent. This time, my Whole 100 scuppered my plans and I couldn’t eat much at all which was a shame. I actually didn’t buy too much – just a HUGE steak, some sausages and a potted rose for Mum. I would have sneaked an alpaca and/or horse out as they are one of my favourite animals, but I think someone would have noticed!

Devon County Show 2016 Collage

So that’s me this month.

What’s happening in your world?

Thank you as always to Lynda, Coco and Deborah for hosting Ultimate Coffee Date.  Thanks as always to Deborah, Lynda and Coco for hosting Ultimate Coffee Date each month! I think it’s a lovely way to catch up with and discover new blogs.

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

20 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date: June

  1. First love that coffee mug and dispenser! I am looking for some nice new mugs. Meal planning always helps me but I could also get a bit better at it. Your garden looks wonderful! Have fun with your yoga class. It’s nice to go back to basics sometimes. Thanks for joining us for coffee today!

    • Thanks Deborah! The teapot has now been replaced by a proper cafetiere (at last!). I really enjoyed going back to a class yesterday – you’re right, getting back to basics is really nice to do sometimes.

  2. Intuitive eating is so important. I needed that reminder. I use to be a lot better about listening to my hunger signals and stopping when full but both seem to be challenging me lately.
    Vitamin D is very important for our moods and healthy bones 🙂

  3. Love the coffee cup! Your gardens pictures are great! I love being outside working in the garden- it is tough here to make sure everything gets enough water and I am not burning up my plants! Have fun with your new yoga class- I go on Tuesdays and I look forward to it every week! Thanks for coffee!

    • Thank you! We’re not quite at the stage where there is anything planted, but I know that it will be a challenge (for me!) to keep on top of all the watering and weeding. Hope you had a good yoga class today!

  4. Fab garden! We’re the same- we did have a garden but you had to go through the garage so we didn’t use it much. Now we have doors that open out to the garden a nd we’ve already been using it to dry washing outside.
    I love the colour of acers too 😁

  5. Sounds like you’ve had all sorts of fun things going on, actually! I’m kind of struggling with the whole meal planning thing myself lately. It’s the first step though!

  6. Alex and I are trying to get back to eating at home, trying new things… and we are already back to eating what we normally do, with a few exceptions! The struggle is sooooo real.

  7. Oooooh isn’t your garden looking swell? 🙂 We are doing so much work on our garden right now. The front is all planted and set, the vegetables are growing well but we are digging up and going to be decking from the patio doors. I’m not good at gardening but I know it’ll be worth it in the end.
    Congrats with the eating side also, I’m terrible for thinking its ‘XYZ Time – I must eat’ and I really need to crack that habit.

    • Thank you! We still have a tonne of work to do on it, but it is slowly beginning to take shape. Well done on growing veggies! I am hoping to be able to commandeer a bed for growing veggies (I would like to try garlic and onions to start as we use them in absolutely loads of stuff).

  8. Living in flat now I feel that pain of not being outside! However, at the weekend I get such itchy feet and NEED TO BE OUTSIDE feelings that I tend to get out quite a lot anyway. Having a dog obviously helps a lot with this as I can just take him for a walk! I’ve also been spending a lot of time at my parent’s house as they have a lovely big garden (with lots of garden furniture!) and, most importantly, a BBQ!
    Wow well done with almost reaching Whole30! It must be a different experience this time because instead of feeling like “just need to get to 30 days” you’re looking far longer out. More of a marathon than a sprint 😉

    • Ah yes – of course! Having a dog definitely helps with that (and also, running!). We went round to my parents’ quite a lot last year for BBQs and stuff (they also have a lovely, massive garden and gas BBQ!).

  9. That teapot is adorable! :]! I’m glad your Whole100 is going well! That meal looks super good, and yay for yoga! :] The alpacas are super adorable–I went with my friend to go caving recently and they had a couple hanging out outside! ❤

    • It was a house warming present from my old manager (very sweet of her!). It didn’t quite live up to a cafetiere, but it did a good job. That is so cool seeing wild alpacas (and also, yay for caving!).

  10. What were the motivations behind the Whole 30 ? I have never done one, though I did do a sugar detox and loved it. It did take a while for all those carbs to leave my system. But afterwards I felt amazing.

    • I wanted to do a Whole 100 as I felt that while my Whole 30s have been good, I have fallen back into bad habits quickly, so I am trying to get real handle on my sweet tooth and establish some good habits. I really need to lose the weight, but I need to tackle the root causes (sugar is my comfort food, and my eating of it has been totally disordered).

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