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Whole 100 Day 30 – Progress Update


Here it is! The sun has nearly set on Day 30, which I guess makes this my fourth Whole 30, and (you guessed it) 30 days into my Whole 100. I thought I’d just run through where I am right now.


I’ve had a couple of really good highlights so far. Firstly, I am in the next size down in jeans and really do need to replace my work trousers sooner rather than later. I’ve actually lost 15lbs since Day -1, which takes my weight loss since the beginning of the year to 31.5lbs lost which I am really pleased with. I’m just trying to see if I have any pictures of me at Christmas for a better comparison (if I find any, I’ll post them at some point). Frustratingly, while I feel different, I don’t think you can see a massive difference in my progress pictures, though it is slightly more evident front on (I think, maybe).

Whole 100 Day 30 side comparison

On the plus side, I look a bit chirpier than I did in the Day minus 1. When I’ve spoken to Mum, she said I sound happier too and I guess I feel more like that in myself despite some extra challenges and stress at work.

Whole 100 Day 30 front comparison

When I talked about my Day minus 1, I said that my skin, hair and nails weren’t great. I was suffering with some pretty gross dandruff, my nails were super brittle and flaky and my skin was spotty and patchy. This is definitely a work in progress, but I’m really pleased to say that my dandruff has mostly cleared up and my nails are growing well and are much stronger (despite catching my thumb nail in the grater when I was grating carrot a week and a bit ago! Ouch!).

Another highlight has been eating out. In my previous Whole 30 escapades, I have actively avoided going out to eat. This time, I’ve eaten out twice and haven’t found it too bad an experience (and hopefully, I haven’t been too difficult to eat out with!).


I thought I’d just mention food that I am really enjoying right now.

Whole 30 Meals

Sweet potatoes are everything. I eat something sweet potato related most days, and I am nowhere near bored of them (which is quite unusual for me). I’ve also really enjoyed my salads lately, along with some deli tuna from Well Fed 2. For dinners, I was glad to welcome some spicy food back into my life in the form of curry. From having eaten quite a lot of red meat over the last month, I’ve batch cooked a load of chicken dishes, so it’s going to be a bit more varied this month.

The next 30 days

Over the next 30 days, I had a couple of things I’d like to work on. Firstly, I want to make sure that I’m actually eating enough. There have been a good few days where I forgot to eat breakfast, and then meetings roll on or I get caught up in something at work and before I know it, I haven’t had any lunch either. I’ve tried to make sure my portion sizes aren’t too big, but that’s not much use if I am not eating until tea time. I’ve guessed that might be why my moods are a little all over the place at the moment. Poor Matt – he’s dealt with a lot of my hangry moods lately.

Secondly, I want to add some activity in. Last night, I started a Moving into Mysore class at the yoga studio I went to last October. It’s a six week course, and I’d like to think that it will set the foundation and structure for a better commitment on my part. I’ve been comparatively more active in terms of just getting out and about over the last month or so too so I would like to keep that up.

In summary

Despite a couple of rocky patches so far, it all seems to be going okay. I’m not at the stage of feeling all out amazing, but that has just confirmed that I need to stick at this way of eating for longer to see if I can really break out of some bad habits. I do remember thinking that 100 days was an awfully long time, but now that I am 30 days in, it doesn’t feel too bad. I think Jo had exactly the right advice which was to just treat it like 100 single days, instead of one massive block of 100 days. Thanks Jo!

Author: Steph

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12 thoughts on “Whole 100 Day 30 – Progress Update

  1. Well, I think you’ve done marvellously, and loading that much weight is absolutely brilliant! The thing that struck me most, assuming you’re wearing the same footwear, is that you’ve got taller – I judged by comparing your head against the top of the wardrobe! And I do think you’ve changed shape generally too.

    Keep it up and keep smiling 😁

  2. I can definitely see a difference between the before and after – you’re doing so well! 🙂
    And your food looks really tasty too.
    Yeah I once grated my nail with a razor and it was the WORST PAIN imaginable. Took ages for my nail to look normal again as half of it was missing. Very sensitive area for ages.

  3. Look at you! There’s a big difference, your waist has definitely nipped in! I’ve been loving sweet potato, tuna and beetroot for lunches this week – Simple but really tasty.
    Anyway, you are doing great and clearly making huge progress 🙂

  4. There is definitely a difference between the two pictures. Glad to see its still going well.

  5. You’re doing so well! 15lbs in 30 days is fantastic. And it really shows in your pictures.
    I have started to try and contend with my eating habits – every photo I see of myself, particularly in group photos at Tri club – are not pleasing to my soul. I haven’t gone full paleo/lchf/full 30(100), but I am reducing carbs. I’m struggling most with lunches, as I never seem to have planned for them. Or think I have stuff in, but don’t actually…
    I’m ridiculously pleased that my advice is working. 😀
    Well done, and looking forward to tracking along with your next instalments!

    • Thanks Jo! I know exactly what you mean about lunch planning! I really need to get my bum back in gear (still not happened!). Good luck with the reducing carbs! 🙂

  6. What super progress! And you can see the difference in the photos- sometimes it is harder to spot this on yourself than it is for others to see it.

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