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Whole 100: 70 days down – shorts and old SD cards


Seventy days in to my Whole 100, and I have a couple of highlights to add to my previous ones this week.

Firstly, I’ve found a picture of me from February, just after I’d finished my January Whole 30 and was about to start doing the Fitness Blender 8 week challenge. At the start of the Fitness Blender challenge, Kelli and Daniel recommended taking progress photos along with measurements. I am not entirely sure what I did with my measurements (they’re probably in an old notebook somewhere), and I’d forgot about the progress photos until I looked back on my smaller SD card.

Beyond the Sofa - Feb 2016 to July 2016

Much better! I popped over to see Mum on Friday as it would be the last time I saw her before she left for her holiday in Canada with my sister, and we got talking about my weight and how I was doing. Long time readers will know that I have been overweight for a very long time now, and Mum and I got talking about Christmas 2014. I blogged that the walk had taken place, but I didn’t tell the full story. Mum said to me on Friday that it had been so sad to see me at that time. I’d turned into a lumberer. There was no spring in my step and I walked like a very heavy person. I remember getting home from that walk, barely having kept it together, and sobbing as I sat back on the sofa having abandoned the walk early. What I hadn’t really considered was that other people felt sadness for me. I have to admit, I’d never really thought that other people would see my weight as a problem that they would experience. It was an interesting conversation, and one from an angle that I’d never really considered.

On a happier note, when I last went to buy some new jeans (in my original hunt for some work trousers), I also bought some shorts in the next size down, mainly because they were £10. When I bought them at the end of May, I couldn’t fit into them at all. The button wouldn’t meet. Today, I thought “I’ll just see”, and lo and behold, they did up! They’re totally wearable – my circulation isn’t being cut off and I’m not deluding myself into thinking that I can fit into them as I have done so many times in the past. Nope, these fit!

Beyond the Sofa - Summer shorts

Please excuse the white glare coming from my legs! They literally never see the sun.

In other news, I also finished my 6 Weeks into Mysore classes at my local yoga studio. I think I’ll be keeping it up once a week though I’ll skip this week as I have a couple of things going on. I can’t say as I have noticed a load of progress, but it is a good way to escape and do something active for a bit.

Life is going pretty well actually, and it’s kind of strange to think that I have the equivalent of one Whole 30 left now. As I mentioned in my 60 day post, I think this would be quite a sustainable way to continue eating for me and I don’t anticipate changing much from Day 100. That being said, I might find that in the next month, I suddenly get a huge hankering for something I don’t currently eat. I would be surprised though. Even if I did, I feel like I would be able to have a better, more honest conversation with myself about why I wanted it (whatever “it” is).

The only thing that isn’t improving is my scalp. I bought some stuff from Neal’s Yard today in the hope of sorting my skin out. Given that I am not eating any wheat or dairy and haven’t done for over two months, I don’t think that I can lay my awful skin at the door of my diet. The culprit, as perhaps I’ve always known, is stress. My poor scalp is red raw and has been for ages now. It got a bit better when we had a week off a couple of weeks ago, but now it’s pretty awful. I kind of refuse to go to the doctors as it just seems a bit of a stupid thing to go for. Plus, the root cause of it is, I am quite certain, stress, so I don’t just want to mask the symptoms, I want to tackle the cause but soothe the irritation in the meantime. So that’s my focus for the next 30 days, to effectively stop bleeding from my hairline. Gross.

Apparently it is National Ice Cream Day today. What’s your favourite ice cream? Obviously ice cream isn’t on the Whole 30 “approved food” list, so instead I had an iced coffee today.

Author: Steph

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7 thoughts on “Whole 100: 70 days down – shorts and old SD cards

  1. Well done agian. Perhaps the moral of your walking anecdote is that people should be more open with each other? The trouble is that we’re so afraid that our concerns will be taken as nasty criticism, or our inability to do something makes us feel inadequate or at fault, so we say nothing.

    Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more of Whole 100 adventures soon. (My current favourite ice cream is an almond Magnum!)

  2. Really admire your blog. Do see your GP about your scalp. It’s a completely legitimate thing to ask about – many different causes and treatment options. We don’t like people suffering in silence! Routine appointment when you can is totally appropriate. Good luck.

    • Thank you Penny – that’s very kind of you. I’ve actually have some (tentative) success with a new shampoo which is giving me a bit of relief to focus on the main problem.

  3. Yay for fitting those shorts – go you! 🙂
    I’m not a huge ice cream fan I have to say – not on it’s own anyway. I normally like it alongside a pudding or chocolate cake (the height of naughtiness I know). Tho I do really like Ben and Jerry’s but I think that’s more because it contains other things like chocolate fish or chunks of cookie dough…
    Sorry about your scalp. How frustrating when everything else seems to be going well for you. I’m sure you’ve tried lots of different shampoos and conditioners, that would be my only suggestion. And it wouldn’t be a silly thing to see the doctor about!

    • I also had a bleeding scalp last year, and nothing i did would fix it. The Dr wanted to give me steroids, which is the last thing anyone needs. I resorted to looking up blogs of people who don’t use ANY shampoo or conditioner. It was AMAZING! I’ve never had greasy hair, so I didn’t have to get over that hurdle. I literally just rinsed my hair, and then once a week would use a baking soda/lemon mixture. I never had such great healthy looking hair. It also no longer needed blow drying. My scalp cleared up very quickly and i could focus on other health issues instead. Hope it gets better soon, i know how miserable it is. I would even wake up with blood on my pillow from scratching in the night. If you can stand not washing your hair, try it. Most shampoo’s will irritate your scalp and i interestingly found out that conditioner didn’t come around until the 50’s and that no-one really needs it. I always thought I needed it, but you will find that you don’t and your hair will comb through when wet (I have long hair). You are very inspiring for me to stick to my Whole30! Thank you!

      • Thanks Jane! Hope your Whole 30 is going well – it is a struggle getting into initially, especially when you have to wade through the headaches and grouchiness first. I totally admire the no-poo-ers! Sadly, my hair gets so awfully greasy that I think I’d represent an oil slick if I left it longer than a day (which probably isn’t helping my current situation loads!). I am having some success with a new shampoo though which is super gentle. Fingers crossed!

  4. I don’t think it’s a silly thing to see your GP for, but I understand what you mean about masking a problem. Still, they might know of some shampoo that would help (eg for eczema or something).
    Well done for fitting into the shorts too- something like that is so lovely as then you know all of your hard work is paying off.

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