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Two day exercise round up

I’ll start with today.  I am not long back from my Zumba Tone class.  Following the trauma of finding some abs muscles, care of the TBTs class, my friend and I ventured back to ZT.  All is forgiven.  I was actually looking forward to it, and put a lot of effort into my workout.  I know this because my back is a little sore, and my hair is all mingy (yes, I am so dedicated, I am blogging before showering).  The other thing I wanted to “fix” while I was there was to stretch out my hips.  They were really tight after yesterday.

It hasn’t been my best day for sticking to all things healthy eating (d’oh – it is weigh in day tomorrow Tub, what were you thinking!?).  It’s a colleague’s birthday, so I have had an egg custard tart and a doughnut.  Poop.  Though I am not sure why I am justifying the food to myself with”well it’s her birthday” – she wasn’t going to be offended if I abstained.  Never mind – it’s only one day, and you can’t spend live avoiding doughnuts.  The key is moderation (I know I will be annoyed if I put weight on tomorrow, so I will probably have to revisit this post to remind me it’s all MODERATION).  However, I have found a new drink love:

Mmm… Twinings Butter Mint Tea

It’s like drinking a Murray Mint.  I have a very soft spot for Murray Mints, they remind me of my Grandad.  An enduring childhood memory was my Grandad sharing his Wethers Originals or Murray Mints with us.  Fond memories of sunny holidays to our grandparents’ house.

About my run yesterday.  If you are eating, I suggest you come back later, or if you are easily upset, give up now.

It went really well.  I felt absolutely knackered at the end, but I’m really pleased, as I managed to shave a whole minute off my average pace.  I suspect I may have overdone it.  Because then came…

I didn’t know it could come out like that, and I genuinely dread to think what I looked like in the last few metres before I got to my front door.  And good Lord I thought the bottom was falling out of my world.  Now, there’s a good chance that the increase in speed alone wasn’t the sole cause.  I had some beans for tea, in a rice salad.  I think it may have been far too much fibre prior to the run.  So, learning points – stay away from  beans (I have had a similar experience, but many years back), and eat a long time before I go out, not 45 minutes before.

Despite the horrendous experience, I was pleased with myself, and thoroughly enjoyed my Sunday night bath, and a chocolate chip Snack a Jack with some Whole Earth peanut butter spread on it.  Tasted naughty, but was 8 syns (allowed 15 a day) – a good post run snack I believe.

On that delightful note, I shall leave you now. Wish me luck (or light thoughts) for weigh in tomorrow!!


My betrayal

Ok, ok.  It isn’t that dramatic.  I went to Thighs, Bums and Tums instead of Zumba Tone.  Let’s just say that the grass isn’t greener on the other side (of town), and we will be going back to Zumba Tone next week.

There was a lot of cardio type stuff at the beginning, most of which I did alright on, but some of it was a bit iffy.  The lady in front of me kept glaring at me (for the record, it was her encroaching into my kicking space), but I had a laugh with my friend.  I did start complaining that this wasn’t really TBTs, more random kicking.  Well… Then came mat work.  It’s official.  I don’t have abs.  Well, I’m sure I do (and I’m sure I’ll feel them tomorrow), but I struggled with the crunches, leading me to the conclusion that any abs I do have, have laid dormant for several years and will require some significant coaxing to awaken from their hibernation.  I did realise that I quite missed doing yoga, whilst I was mid-cat pose.  Sadly, the only evening yoga class is on at 7pm on Tuesdays, slap bang in the middle of fat club.

Anyway, as friendly as the class was (and there were a couple of really nice people), I think I will be going back to Zumba Tone next week.  All is forgiven.  I mean, they didn’t even do many squats (unlike ZT which has a whole song devoted to that particular movement).  Pah.

Randomly, I’m not feeling good about weighing in tomorrow.  I don’t know why.  No, that’s a lie – I had a very tasty roast at my parents’ house yesterday, and haven’t been saintly today really.  You can’t have a roast without gravy though – that defies some law of nature somewhere.


A small confession

Having extolled the virtues of all things Zumba related to another blogger, I am ashamed to say that I have had enough of it for the time being. The main issue for me is that the Zumba Tone part (the bits with weights) are being taken over by the normal Zumba tracks (sans weights). I just don’t have the capacity (physical or mental) to keep up with normal Zumba tracks – hefting this 17 stone carcass around in a dancing kind of way simply comes across as a fat person flailing on the floor. So, until normal Zumba Tone returns to a majority session of weights, with perhaps one Zumba warm up track, then I shall be parting company for the time being.

This does not bode well for my Zumbathon that I foolishly signed myself up to.  At this rate I will hate every second of the three hour stint.

The quest to find a new Monday night exercise begins.  I have the choice of thighs, bums and tums, Body Balance, spinning (which is out, as it needs to not be cardio), circuit training or Body Combat.  Circuit training is out, I just can’t stand it.  Balance is also out as I’m a bit purist when it comes to yoga and I found the Tai Chi element a bit…  Well… Not me.  So it’s looking like eithe Combat or TBTs.  I’m thinking TBTs, but I shall consult my class buddy (and pray she says TBTs).

Enough blogging, it is time for tea (lemony tray bake roast pork thingy from the last Slimming World mag).  Happy tea time people!

(Oh, and my change to soya milk seems to be proving a success – no tummy aches since the switch)


Removing choice

I nearly gave in to Inner Tub today.  We had a conversation along the lines of “we don’t want to go to Zumba Tone tonight, we’re hungry, tired, sore, have a bit of a sore knee, aren’t feeling it…“. I almost gave in.

Off I toddled to the bedroom to get changed.  Once dressed in relatively sporty attire, I waddled off to meet my friend to go to Zumba Tone.

Close to the centre, we hear nothing.  An almost silence (save for the beach and wind).  Something’s amiss?  No, probably not, we’re running a little later than normal, and it could be class change over.  We walk into the centre.  No music, no throng of people, nothing.  The receptionist was surprised to see us – apparently they had called the “regulars”.  In fairness, I hadn’t checked the home phone.  Apparently our instructor is poorly.

I am actually quite annoyed.  I had mentally had to prepare myself for this.  Inner Tub had nearly won!  In fact, Inner Tub did kind of win.  I could have gone to the gym (which in tiny and packed at the time we’d have been there, and I can’t stand queuing for equipment).  Instead, I parked my arse on the sofa.  In fact, while I am ranting, I checked my answering machine and mobile phone, neither of which had a message!  Does this mean I am not a regular?  What on earth qualifies being a “regular”?!  Does my commitment to Monday evening Zumba Tone count for NOTHING?!

The final conversation with my friend was “Do you remember what month it is next month Tub?“.  This is a game I can play, so answered (correctly).  “And what does that mean?”  Hmmm… PANCAKE DAY!!!  My colleague’s birthday?  Oh no, wait.  It means that I vowed a return to spinning.  “Exactly“.  Yes, the New Year’s Resolutionists will have burnt themselves out during January and will now be swearing off the sweatbox dungeon known as the Spinning Studio.  I, however, shall be returning.

I did request a slight change to our previous Tuesday spinning schedule.  I have decided that my three days running will happen on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.  Therefore, Spinning Tuesdays would interupt my running, so we have agreed on Spinning Thursday.  But not until next week.


22nd January Weigh In

Hurrah!  1.5lbs off!  Sneakily, I was hoping to match the 3lbs off like last week but I’m still pleased – it’s all heading in the right direction.  As sad as it sounds, I want the first weigh in of February to come round now – I want to complete my stats and take measurements and revel a little.  I will take small victories – eventually they’ll all add up.

Exercise-wise, I went to Zumba Tone last night.  It wasn’t that good – I wasn’t feeling it.  Our instructor is fab, but for some reason known only to herself, she decided to do two normal Zumba tracks.  I struggle with normal Zumba – it is too quick for me to follow on fast songs.


I kind of end up standing there, flailing my arms around and looking, well, like the fat uncomfortable Tub that I am.  Anyway, I don’t know whether I was tired or what, but I couldn’t have worked that hard as I don’t hurt today.

On the C25K front, I have been reading Runners World (snuggled in front of the fire – not braving the outdoors quite yet).  I’d like to get out next week I think, and see what I can do.  Sod February – it isn’t coming around quick enough!  There’s some interesting meal ideas, and some great articles for beginners.

So it’s onwards and downwards I think.