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My Elevator Pitch – Whole 30 here I come!

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I have been thinking about my diet lately, both in terms of what I eat, and weight loss strategy.  I have to admit, I miss Slimming World a little bit.  But… I like going weekly, but I don’t want to weigh in weekly at the moment.  I am also acutely aware that I get fed up of people asking each week about how to make “Slimming World Chips”, or “Rice Pudding” or “Scan Bran Cakes”, and that they aren’t motivated/too busy/can’t find anything to eat, and all I want to do is shout “haven’t you tried googling it?! or even looking in your book!?”.  But then I am that person (though I don’t ask about how to make proper chips or another Slimming Worldified foods). There are always plenty of excuses.

What I have come to realise quite recently, is that I am almost certainly addicted to sugar, and this has got out of hand lately.  I’m actually surprised it has taken me this long to work it out.  Sweet stuff totally derails me.  I’ve experimented at work a little bit – if I can’t see it (i.e. cakes or sweets are in the cupboard), I don’t want it.  But as soon as I have got a taste for it… well…  Did you ever watch Gremlins?  While I can be fed after midnight, exposed to sunlight and water (thank goodness!), I really think I might need to stay away from sugar.

Michaelangelo had pizza, Garfield had lasagne, Monterey Jack had cheese.  I have sugar. (Yes.  I am an 80’s baby, in case you were wondering).

So as I have been pondering on my diet options lately, I have realised that I need to kick this issue that I have with sugar.  It’s a crutch that I use to pick me up from an energy slump mid-afternoon, to comfort me when I am low, feed my depression and my boredom.  Offer me a choice between starters and desserts, desserts win every time.  Demolishing multiple bags of Haribo in front of the TV?  No problem!  I’m your girl! (And let’s not limit it to Haribo.  Let’s not forget chocolate, marshmallows, biscuits, wine gums, flumps, sports mix, fruit pastilles…. You get the idea!)

My focus has been on trying to find a way of eating that helps reconstruct myself.  A nutritional reset, if you will.  Something to help get me started back on the right track.  My reading has lead me towards the Whole 30 programme.  From what I can understand, it is a paleo diet – no grains or processed foods.  It is stricter than the standard paleo framework – no paleo pancakes etc, just whole, unprocessed, natural food.

Tub on the Run | Whole 30

It is just for 30 days, but the idea is to take out all of the unprocessed crap and reintroduce it slowly at the end of 30 days to see how your body responds.  Details about the programme are freely available online, though you can buy the book if you want to know more.  I’ve read a lot of the testimonials on their site, and also have a good hunt through the world of Google.  Bloggers that I follow have also documented their experiences, which have always been positive and have helped me make my decision.

What am I hoping to gain from this all?  A couple of things:

  • Making significant inroads into breaking my problem with sugar
  • Learning more about what I truly benefit from and what does me harm.  I know that milk is not my friend, and that I have to be careful about how much dairy I eat, but I don’t know about gluten
  • I won’t lie, some weight loss would be nice!
  • I’d also like to see if some of the skin problems I have are linked to my diet.  I imagine that they probably are

I am not expecting this to work miracles, though I am fully expecting it to be a difficult couple of weeks to start off with.  Nearly everything I have read indicates that the first two weeks are the hardest, with headaches, mood swings and EAT ALL THE THINGS.  With that in mind, I am trying to plan as much as possible.  I am even planning to spend my day in the kitchen on Sunday, batching cooking things for the week ahead – our food bill is going to be higher than normal, so waste not, want not!

I’ve created a Pinterest board of recipes, inspiration and resources which I will be adding to, and trying to keep on track.

I have a clear 30 days coming up, which I am setting aside to complete the Whole 30.

I’ve never gone grainless before – wish me luck!

Have you completed a Whole 30 before?  Any tips or favourite recipes?


I am off to the #SWBlogSocial in June

One of the things that I wanted to do this year was to attend a blogging conference. I had originally put down for the Cybher conference which was due to take place at the end of May. I had spent a long time reading posts on last year’s conference, and I was really looking forward to learning all sorts of stuff. Sadly, Cybher was cancelled this year. There have been a couple of other blog conferences in London that I could have gone to, but I didn’t book in for any.

Then, I started looking for conference type things a bit closer to home, and came across #SWBlogSocial, which is being held in Exeter on Saturday 7th June.

I am really enjoying blogging, and I like learning new things and meeting new people (once I get over my initial nerves!).  This is somewhat out of my comfort zone. From the tweets I have seen so far, most, if not all of the attendees are fashion and beauty bloggers, all of whom have more style in their little finger than I have in my entire body :-). However, I am really looking forward to going and learning whatever I can. Like Matt has said to me, even if it is fashion or beauty oriented, there will be things I can learn and take away from it.  And who knows, maybe some style sense might rub off on me and I will be forced to give up my uniform of plain tops and black jeans! 🙂

It will be a fun day out, it will be great to meet more bloggers and there will be cocktails which automatically make the world right!  Now I just have to work out my Juneathon plan, factoring that in to account (and the cocktails.  Must not forget cocktails).  Anyway, this is me…

A cultural Tub

A cultural Tub

Have you ever been to a blogging conference/meet up?  Any tips for me?

If you’re local, are you going to SW Blog Social? (if you are, please say hi! It’ll be lovely to meet you!)


Sibling Pride

I have wanted to whoop and squee in the run up to this, but I am SO proud of my little sister!  She rocks!

Why does she rock?

Not long after I started Couch to 5k, so did P.  She successfully completed it, and, unlike me, stuck with it.  She then ran a sub-30 minute 5k not too long after completing c25K.  I won’t lie – I am completely envious of her speed.

After a bit of an injury where a trail run somewhat damaged her knees (but not her running spirit), once the scabs had healed, she headed back out again.


Then came a suggested post on facebook for Run Highclere in aid of Parkinsons UK.  Highclere Castle, for those (like myself) that don’t know, is where Downton Abbey is filmed.  She had just finished a challenge of doing a month of no snacking, and wanted a new challenge, so she signed up, set up her Just Giving page and got training.

Today was scheduled to be the day, but sadly P was informed that because of the adverse weather conditions, the ground was not suitable to run on.  Very disappointing, but it can’t be helped.  Not to be put off, and not to let down the people who had kindly donated, P went out for her 10k run as planned today, and recorded an amazing 1 hour 11 minute début!  I am so chuffed for her, not only for her time, but also for raising the money that she has (over £100)!  She’s also said that if and when Run Highclere is rescheduled, she’s going to run it and try to beat her time for today!  Fantastic!

So I’m all “beam, beam, beam, proud, proud, proud”!

Now P… PLEASE go and buy some proper running shoes!! 🙂

(And apologies – this feeble post really doesn’t get across just how proud I am!)




After a bit of a rocky start with My Fitness Pal, where my tracking didn’t really happen one week, I managed to put on weight before I lost it (genius!).  I am now pleased to report that I am at a net loss.  Hurrah!  It has been an “okay” kind of week with food.  I have tried to eat more mindfully, as I am horrendous for just wolfing down my meals without really chewing or tasting them.  The queen of mindless eating if you will!

I’ve really been struggling for things to write about on my blog lately.  “Tub” is still tubby, and “on the run” is more “sat on my bum”, so it’s quite hard to think of relevant things to write about.  However, as a brief post, I thought I’d share a couple of things that are inspiring me right now:

  • My sister – She took up running after me, but has beaten me at all running related things.  She’s got a 30 minute 5k under her belt, a few new knee scars from a fall (thankfully, otherwise, mostly injury free), and has now signed up for her first ever 10k in May.  She’s running for Parkinson’s UK at Highclere on 11th May 2014.  I can’t wait to hear how she does!
  • James – Matt’s best man at our wedding is competing in the EC Powerman Duathlon in Holland today.
  • The London Marathon.  I am always amazed by peoples’ ability to run for 26.2 miles, especially as I would struggle to run a full 2.62 miles right now.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading other bloggers’  recaps on the Brighton and Paris marathons, and can’t wait for the London reviews to come up in the next few days.

Oh… and happy birthday to my running shoes.  It has been a year since I bought them.

They don't look quite as clean these days

They don’t look quite as clean these days



My Weston Christmas Cracker 10k

After a very muddy and incredibly slow parkrun at Killerton yesterday, it was questionable whether my trainers were going to dry out in enough time for today’s event.  I managed a personal worst on parkrun, but enjoyed chatting to the lady I’d picked up with, about a kilometre in.  It was also very nice to catch up with Sharon from shazruns again.  We’re on for a cuppa next week, as I am barcode scanning instead of running.  I’m currently trying to think about what I can wear as fancy dress.

Anyway, when I got home, I put my trainers straight in front of the heater, which quickly attracted Timo, who then spent a large part of the day guarding them.


We made sure we went to bed early, as I knew we’d need to be up in good time to get in the car and drive to Weston-Super-Mare.  I really wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do 10k.  I felt nervous on the way up, and said to M that if I hadn’t completed the course by 1hr 45 mins, then I would be withdrawing.  In the back of my head, I thought I could probably do 1:30, but I really wasn’t sure.

We arrived at the Weston Christmas Cracker 10k HQ at Weston College, where I nipped in to get my chip.  I’d not thought to bring any tinsel, and seeing so many runners with tinsel (and also in some of the most amazing fancy dress costumes), I felt less sparkly.  I dived into the Sovereign Centre and waited patiently for the 99p store to open.

Complete with tinsel, M and I headed out to the Pier.  We bumped into mother- and father-in-law on the beach.  Father-in-law was also running.  Father-in-law had made a real effort and dressed as the Grinch, which tickled me as that is just not him at all.  I wasn’t too impressed with mother-in-law, who pretty much abandoned her son at the earliest opportunity.

At just before 11am, everyone started lining up at the Pier.  I deliberately went to the back, knowing I was not going to be a mid-pack competitor.  The people were nice and chatty, and despite the biting wind and slight drizzle, the atmosphere was tense but fun.


I got off to a good start.  I was desperately trying to remember all the good advice I had been given via the blog and on Twitter.  I didn’t start out too quick, but had created a playlist that I knew I could run to the beat with.  What I hadn’t accounted for was the sand.  In parts, it felt like running on a trail or grass, other times, it was exactly what I expected from sand – energy sapping, calf ache inducing misery.  There was a strong head wind too, though I imagine that those in a pack didn’t have so much of a problem.  Unfortunately, us back markers spread out quite a bit.  Another issue with the head wind was that when you splashed in a puddle, it just went up over your toes and soaked your feet.  Ah well!  Thankfully no blisters ensued.

I am third in from the right

I am the first person in the second half of the photo

I was surprised to see that my 5k time was about normal in comparison to my parkrun times.  However, never have I been so pleased to get back on to firm ground!  Just before the 5k mark was a water station which was also very welcome.  My speeds picked up over the next couple of kilometres as my calves settled into “normal” terrain.  At the 6k mark, M was waiting for me.  I stopped for a quick hug and a brief walk before setting off again.


As I worked my way down the promenade, I was clapped and cheered on by marshals, the public and runners who had finished.  I nearly cried as I found it quite overwhelming, but then found it hard to keep my breathing steady, so I focused on the task at hand and headed towards Knightstone Causeway.

The finish line was about half a kilometre along the beach.  As I approached, the commentator called out my name and congratulated me – I’m not sure if he remembered something I had put on my entry form, or whether it was one of the Twitter interactions, but I was really quite touched.  I ran over the chip recording foot pad thingy at 1:24:18.  I was 1,623rd, and I am damn proud!  I think the lady who took my chip off thought I was going to be trouble, as I probably looked a bit of a state, though I assured her I wasn’t going to faint.  M met me in the finish area where I promptly burst into tears.  I was so overwhelmed.  People were so kind and considerate, encouraging every single step of the way.  I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it, and I’d done it.  It was an amazing feeling knowing that I’d proved myself wrong in a good way.

I grabbed a bottle of water and made my way up to the College to collect my mince pie and t-shirt, not feeling too bad.  I made my way to the t-shirt queue.  Unfortunately the last XL shirt went to the lady in front of me, so I had an L.


And I was right.  That mince pie was the best mince pie I’ve ever had in my life.  It was amazing!


I had been given a raffle ticket when I crossed the line, which the lady at the finish line explained to me, if I went to the second floor in the College, I could pick a raffle prize.  M loves Minstrels, so I picked a box of those for him to say thank you for standing about in the cold for over 2 hours, waiting for me to set off, run, come back and just hug me when I got all silly and cried.


After the run, we went to nan-in-law’s for lunch (and so I could change in relative comfort), and then came home after lunch.

I’m now feeling a bit stiff, and I suspect getting down the stairs to get out of our flat will be a challenge tomorrow morning.

I would really like to thank the organisers of the Weston Christmas Cracker 10k, and give special thanks to the marshals (and public) who clapped, cheered, encouraged and high-5’d me along – it kept me going and I am so grateful.  I tried to thank everyone as I went along, but I am sure there are some people who I missed.  I plan on returning next year!  Thank you also to those who gave me advice here and on Twitter – your tips made my ride a little more organised (and probably comfortable!).

The biggest thank you has to go to M, who has endured my whining and mythering about not wanting to do it (or generally go out for runs at the moment), made sure I packed my bag, directed me to free parking near the College, holding my bag (and hand), wishing me luck, waiting for me, cheering me on and… well, plenty more!

See you next year Christmas Cracker!



Woman of the Year Nominations

Last week, I had a text from my Slimming World consultant, saying that I had been nominated for Woman of the Year.  What is Woman of the Year?  It is about the people who have provided the most inspiration to the group, voted by the members of the group.  I was voted last year, when I had only (relatively recently) joined my current group.  I was unprepared for it last year, and to be fair, I hadn’t really lost that much weight (given I dithered a lot with my weight loss last year).

I was touched to be nominated again this year, and I felt more positive about the whole experience.  I was also a bit more prepared.  The consultant likes you to bring in things to highlight your weight loss.  Frustratingly, despite being nearly 3 stone lighter, there isn’t too much change in terms of dress size (which partly leads me to believe that I may have crept into a size 24, but squeezed myself into a size 22).  Anyway, what is obvious to me, is that you can see my eyes better, I’m not as pudgy faced.  This is the collage that I took with me:

Woman of the Year

I enjoyed the evening, as it is always nice to hear recaps of other peoples’ stories that can get glossed over week on week.  I find my group to be a really friendly, welcoming and inspiring place to be, and there have been some amazing losses (my friend H has lost over 5 stone, and G has lost 4.5 stone).  H was nominated and won, which was really great – she’s a real inspiration to anyone who doesn’t think they can do it.

I weighed in last night and lost 1.5lbs.  I am a little bit out of sync with it, and I thought I’d put weight on.  I really need to have a look in my booklet to see what I actually weigh.

I had planned to get out for a run this week, but it’s a really busy week again (Monday was shopping, Tuesday was Slimming World, tonight I had my eyebrows done and started packing for the weekend, tomorrow I’m in late for work, and Friday we’re off to Silverstone).  Yes, I could get up early, but I am trying to get into a good bedtime routine before I start messing around with my wake up time.  I am definitely benefitting from attempting a proper routine.  Ultimately, I know that I really do have to make the time to go for a run, and I need to remember that it is just half an hour to 40 minutes.  Next week is looking a lot clearer, so I will definitely be able to get out for a few runs.

Organisation wise, I’m doing well.  I made tonight’s tea last night (in part because I forgot I’d defrosted some chicken and we hadn’t planned on chicken last night).  Meals are planned for the rest of the week, and at the moment, I’m not fighting the constant urge to stray and seek high fat/sugar foods (though I have gone off chocolate a bit).  I feel much more rested and comfortable with where I am at the moment (certainly in comparison to the last few weeks).


Coping mechanism musings

So I have been getting to grips with blogging, mainly reading other people’s for inspiration (both of the weight loss, running and blogging variety), and have found some absolute gems.

Firstly, to cope with running, there is The Dory” by Fat Girls Can Run.  This bring an amazing mental image, and who doesn’t love Dory.  So long as I don’t try talking whale when I’m out, I should be fine.  Maybe Inner Tub would like to chant “just keep swimmin’“.  Pfft, yeah right, I’ll do it then.

Secondly, I can cope without an ipod – losing it is not an excuse not to go out.  Similarly, I must remember that, from my very old experiences of running, running in the rain is quite nice (but cold), and wind is far worse, especially down the beach, but remember that the sea looks amazing when it’s stormy.  Ultimately, it is only 30 mins that I’ll be heading out for – get a grip Inner Tub!

On the thought of “it’s only 30 minutes”, I have been reading some great tips from Melanie at Happy Being Healthy, and one of the pictures (as well as the advice) has made an impact – someone busier than you is running right now.  I just have to plan cleverly, maybe rearrange a spinning class or something, but it is possible.

Then, of course, I am just truly inpired – Shauna Reid (DietGirl) and Brave or Foolish, though for different reasons.  I am also inspired by my mother in law, who, in 2012 decided that she’d stop smoking, cut back on her drinking and get out running.  MIL has never been fat, but she is positively radiating health at the moment.  M and I know that her fiance is likely to be the driving force (being a completely mad runner of the truest variety) but who cares – she’s fab!  My own sister is an amazing source of inspiration too.  She’s my best friend, who will listen to me grumble and moan, and would join me on harebrained ventures (like the Race for Life) even when she wasn’t too keen.

Inner Tub is going “yeeeah let’s get knowledge, we like knowledge“.  I know really that this is a procrastination tactic by Inner Tub, so we have made a deal, that when the calendar gets to February, we WILL be going out for our first run, but we can look and acquire knowledge, and feed off of it for a couple of weeks.  That’s two more weigh ins (Tuesday is our day).  Maybe another 3-4lbs off.

Finally, I have a nasty tendency to hold myself to exceptionally high standards, and not meeting them makes me miserable (cue my depression).  So completing the C25K is going to be tough.  I am allowing myself repeat weeks for weeks where maybe I just didn’t get “it” or whatever.  9 weeks (the length of the programme) should see me to Easter.  If I can be running a good length of time (30 mins) by the end of April, this will be a good thing and I will have achieved what I set out.