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A blogging challenge: 52 weeks of gratitude

Hello February! I’ve seen a lot of people say that January really dragged on for them.  I have to admit, the time didn’t seem to be a problem, but it wasn’t an easy month for one reason and another.

Over the last week, what I have managed to do is get home on time (ish) and remember that the Blogtacular twitter chat was on, on Wednesday. While waiting for that to start, I saw that the We Are 30 Plus bloggers also hold a chat on Thursdays, which I thought I’d join in with for the first time.

I really enjoy the Blogtacular chat and often leave with a few hastily scribbled notes and learning points, but wasn’t sure what to expect from the 30 Plus Bloggers chat.  Well, I came away from that on Thursday having got chatting to a few lovely people, and added a couple more blogs to my reading list. One of the conversations I had was with Jenny from And The Beat Goes. Of course, there ensued an obligatory stalking of Jenny’s twitter profile, and I spotted the pinned post on her twitter page, which is a 52 week gratitude challenge.

So, as Week 1 calls for – why this challenge?

I struggle to see the wood for the trees a lot of the time, and feel that I am constantly operating from a platform of stress and worry. Matt and I have had a lot of conversations lately that revolve around me overthinking anything and everything, turning the world into a gloomy, doom-filled place. The reality? It isn’t anywhere near as bad as I think, and in a way, the fact that I know this almost makes it worse. It’s like my logical brain says “it isn’t that bad, and you know what to do to stop it from getting there”, but the scatty, frazzled part is constantly working on the “what if that goes wrong, and this goes wrong, etc”. If a friend came to me, getting stressed about the things I think through on a daily basis, I would be able to reason with them, talk them through it, and have perspective. But I cannot seem to do that for myself.

For me ,this challenge is therefore about trying to see the good, write about it, enjoy it and remind myself that really, it isn’t that my world is imploding, it’s that my thinking has focused on the wrong bits. It’s an exercise in mindfulness, and I’m hoping that a weekly focus on the things to be grateful for will help me maintain better perspective.

How’s 2017 going for you so far?