Tub on the Run


More hobbling and bring plans forward

Monday was a good day for my #MarchForMarch.  I toddled off for a lunchtime walk, and actually walked faster than I thought.  It was a gorgeous day, and it would have been a shame not to get out into the sunshine for a few minutes.

March For March Day 9

Tuesday started off pretty well too.  I didn’t get the chance to go out at lunch, but I did get a couple of walks around the factory running some errands.  In my last walk around, I managed to roll my ankle in a tiny (and I do mean tiny) gap between a drain cover and the concrete floor.  In slow-mo, I felt my ankle roll, my bulk come crashing down, landing on my opposite elbow, and taking a deep breath in and feeling the bruise on my pride start to swell.

Anyway, the floor won.  I am rather renowned for being accident prone at work, and I was long overdue a tumble.  My ankle swelled up quite quickly, and hurt like a [insert various swear words].

On Wednesday morning, it felt worse, so Matt made me go to A&E.  One x-ray and 45 minutes later, it turns out it is just a nasty sprain.  Usual RICE advice given.  The swelling is now beginning to go down, but this whole event has made me realise how much I sit on my feet or cross my legs, and how annoying it is that I cannot sit like I usually do.


Needless to say, that has kind of limited my walking for March for March, though I am still trying to get a few steps in each day to stop my ankle from stiffening up.  What I am trying to say is, I’m down, but not out!

Matt and I have also had some news.  It’s a bit good and a bit bad.  We live in a rather odd set up, above some offices in a flat with no real front door (we have to come in through the offices).  We’d always assumed that the main business of the offices owned the building, but it seems the building is leased, and the lease is up this summer.  Bad news for us is that the premises they’re moving to doesn’t have a flat above, so we’ve been given notice and will need to find a new place to live during the summer.  The good news is that we had been planning to buy a house this year, around November time anyway.  We’ve been saving for the deposit for our own house since we paid off the wedding, but it hadn’t had too much of a focus until January.  So while it is bad news that we have to move out, and a little quicker than we had intended to, it has been the kick up the bum we’ve needed to really get stuff in order and on the move.

Right now, I feel massively overwhelmed by the task of buying a house, and it is pushing me out of my comfort zone.  In addition to that, we’re having to look at properties outside of our home town (which we have both lived in for over 20 years).  We’ll be looking to move a little further up the road where it is a little more “first time buyer friendly”.

Oh blimey… it seems I have now hit adulthood!


Janathon Day 19: Gingerly walking

Gingerly walking on my gammy ankle today.  After yesterday’s adventure, I thought doing anything intense with the ankle might not be a good idea.  Instead, in a bit to make sure it also didn’t get stiff, Matt and I headed to Go Outdoor (yes, we drove) so that I could exchange some socks I got for Christmas.

Socks exchanged, we headed to Currys for a mooch, and then walked to Tesco to pick up something for pudding as we had been invited to my parent’s for tea.

That’s your lot for Janathon today I’m afraid.  I debated yoga, but thought some of the more simple poses might aggravate my ankle.  I will see how tomorrow goes though, and see if I can do child’s pose and downward dog in the evening.  I’ll be wearing flats to work instead of my heels, and will keep it tubi-gripped.

I’m now on the countdown to the Longleat 10k – three weeks today!  ARGH!


Janathon Days 16 to 18

Janathon Day 16 consisted of the very exciting:

Janathon Day 16

Janathon Day 17 was slightly more eventful:

Janathon Day 17

That is what you get for pratting around in the car park.  Matt has just pulled up, so I attempted some sort of skip, hop or jump and rolled my ankle on a seam in the tarmac.  And no, my husband did not come to my aid.  As I scraped myself off the floor, he actually asked where I had gone.  The floor.  One rolled ankle, a slightly bruised heel of my hand and a cut on my knee.  Thankfully, I did not put a hole in my work trousers.

Janathon Day 18…

This morning, the swelling in my ankle had gone, it didn’t hurt and so I thought that perhaps I would be ok to run.  I delayed the run by half an hour, waiting for a rain shower to pass through, but once it was dry, I changed and headed out.  I started at a nice pace, and the first half mile felt pretty good.  I then had to stop to negotiate my way past a family (you DO NOT need to walk 8 abreast, people!), and carried on.  I made it up the first hill and my ankle started twinging.  I considered whether it was pain or a niggle and decided on a niggle.  I kept going, passed two ladies and then broke to a walk as my ankle started to hurt.  I tried walking it out for a bit, but no joy.  I attempted another run a little while later that resulted in some limping.  I could feel that my shoe felt a little bit tighter than it had at the beginning, so I imagined that the swelling might have come back.  On the plus side, the two ladies that I passed on my way back smiled and said I was doing really well, which made me smile, so thank you ladies!

I was right about the swelling.  So here I sit, post-shower, with my exercise ball on two yoga blocks with my feet up and a tubi grip on the offending ankle.  Ibuprofen duly taken to help with the swelling and stop the shooting pains.

I had the choice of 3 or 4 miles today, and completing the other tomorrow.  I am going to have to use a joker for Jantastic for this week.  I won’t be running again now until Tuesday, which will hopefully be enough time for my ankle to heal.

Now it is time for a cuppa, catching up on some blogs and reading A Storm of Swords now, while trying to take my mind off the fact that I really doubt whether I’ll be able to complete a half marathon.  It seems an impossible distance – I haven’t run beyond 6 miles yet.  Anyway…  Tyrion has just come back round from his injuries, Davos has just been rescued and Daenerys has just been proposed to.