Tub on the Run


Away… to Silverstone!

This is the last post I will probably be able to get in before Monday/Tuesday next week, because I’m nothing if not a social butterfly… Ok.  That’s a lie.  I’m just not near a laptop/computer for a few days, as M and I are off to Silverstone this weekend for the World Endurance Championship (woo!  GT cars… and prototypes… but mainly GT cars!).

Source - fiawec.com

Source – fiawec.com

So my quick recap of the last couple of days is:

  • Spinning

Oh my life that was hard work yesterday.  I go red very quickly, but don’t often drip sweat.  Last night I dripped.  Twice!  Delightful.  I upped my average watts though, and managed to burn more calories than normal (according to the possibly inaccurate spin bike).  Safe to say that I worked and I worked hard.  Maybe too hard.  My ankles are a bit sore around my Achilles tendon today, but it’s not bad enough to stop doing anything.

  • A busy evening

Following my spin session, we had a load of things to get done in preparation for our trip this weekend.  Cue washing, packing, cleaning, cooking and car loading, all the while, trying not to allow the big cat (Tank) eat Timo’s (the little cat’s) food.  The sneaky ex-alley cat is ninja-like in his quest for food.  I wouldn’t mind if he wasn’t about twice the size of Timo.  Obese feline aside, jobs accomplished, the car is packed, ready for the best ever getaway planned tonight.

  • Foodie Penpal

I’m all sorted now for my Foodie Penpal, and will be sending my package out next week.  I’ve successfully got the local produce from a local business in, so I’m pretty pleased with myself.  My penpal doesn’t have a blog, so I will make sure I include what I sent on my post when I get to do the write up.  I can’t wait to get my parcel from the lovely (and incredibly brilliant baker and recipe poster) What-a-Peach.

  • Food

I have been horrendous on the food front again.  My sweet tooth is playing up as it always does at a certain time of the calendar.  I seem unable to resist it, which is going to be interesting this weekend, as I am not planning to take any sweet stuff or any money to buy food with.  Poor M…


My weekend plans?  Well, in preparation for the weekend, the car is loaded.  We’ve never managed to be so organised before.  We still have a couple of things left to gather when we get home, but overall, we’ll looking for a speedy getaway.  We’re camping (our usual mode during the summer months, not that it’s summer…), and now have electricity for the tent, courtesy of a hook up.  Does electricity mean that we are now “glamping”?  I’m just hoping that we have access to an electric point and that they’re not all taken, otherwise we won’t be able to survive very well.  My mum is very  kindly looking after the cats for us, and the cats are being deployed into guard cat mode and protecting our house.

 I’ve just done a route plan for Silverstone, for my planned run on Saturday evening, and conveniently the outer perimeter is measuring just over 5km.  I feel a time trial coming on.  I have all of my running gear packed, ready to go, and I’m just praying for a dry day.

 I hope you all have a fabulous weekend too!  See you on Monday or Tuesday!


Profound wisdom and a 30 minute run

While reading blogs (again) on my lunch break yesterday, I came across this quote from Run and Jump – “You don’t have to like it; you only have to deal with it.”  That is completely it.  While I didn’t go out yesterday – it was hammering down with rain and blowing a gale, and despite my first run being in those conditions, it was even worse last night, I thought I’d head out to the gym first thing this morning, and get my first run of Week 9 in.

It’s been a long week, so inevitably my lie in barred me from a gym session.  I don’t do gyms when it’s busy.  I find them intimidating when they’re busy.  Instead, I decided I’d go at about 5pm.  The gym shuts at 7pm on Saturdays, and what sort of sad person would be in the gym at 5pm (yes… me).

I always look forward to breakfast at the weekend.  Today was a “fry” up (more grilled, but it doesn’t sound the same).  We were supervised, of course.

The Foreman supervises from up top

The Foreman supervises from up top

While the ground support ensures no spillages

While the ground support ensures no spillages

After a chat with my mum, then a wander in town, I decided to play around with the wedding invitations.  I am quite pleased with the results so far.  They’re not quite finished, so no picture yet.  I text a picture of it to my mum and sister, and they liked it so far which is good.

After much mess making in the living room, it was time to go out and do run 1 of week 9.  The 30 minute run.  As the weather still isn’t lovely, I opted for the treadmill.  It was my first treadmill run.  It was an experience.

Things I learnt:

  • It is incredibly hot in the gym, and the treadmill is sweaty work.
  • It is dull.  There is nothing to look at.  There are screens built into the treadmills, but you have to look down to watch them.  Who runs looking down all the time?  Not me.  Kung Fu Panda was on though.
  • My playlist is amazing.  I went without Laura, figuring I could set the  treadmill to a certain time, thereby avoiding the rubbish music on the podcast.
  • I turned a genuinely scary shade of red.  You may liken it to burgundy.  M thought I was about to die when I walked through the door.
  • Sustaining a pace is actually quite hard work.  When I go out, outside, I vary my pace a lot, but the treadmill forced me to keep consistent.  I think that’s a good thing.

Anyway, I didn’t much like it, but I dealt with it, and the upshot was that I completed my 30 minute run.  At the end of it, I was breathing out of my bottom, to coin Nev‘s phrase.  But…


From I ❤ to run (facebook)

It’s been a successful day.


Tub doesn’t do mornings

I missed my usual run last night.  Every month, a bunch of us from work try to go out for a meal.  Sadly, the ringleader had a fairly shocking time following an operation last summer, so we hadn’t actually been out for a long time (opening ceremony of the Olympics, thinking about it).  Anyway, we managed to go out, but this annoyingly interfered with my run.  I had planned to go out when I got home (we weren’t out for long), but then my tummy started doing weird things, so I thought better of the run.  No one likes a Windy Tub moment.

Instead, I vowed to go out this morning.  The alarm went off at 8am, I hit snooze a couple of times, then dragged my ass out of bed and into my running stuff.

It didn’t go quite as well as I expected.  I had expected, having run for 20 minutes, to find this much easier.  Wrong Tub.  Wrong.  It was REALLY hard work – my legs felt like lead, running through treacle.  Top that off with daylight in which people saw my beetroot-ness.  This was not a Tub High Point.  I didn’t even feel good when I came back for my breakfast (which was a “healthy” fry up – all syn free).

Consequently, that has put me in a bit of a low mood, as it is measure day and photo day this week, and I really don’t feel thinner, and I’m definitely not much lighter than when I entered February.  Bah!

In good news though, it seems that M and I are doing quite well on the budget for the wedding, despite me adding another bridesmaid into the mix.

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Saturday = Church and Zumba…

… Because that’s how I roll.

M and I had to scarper off up to the church we’re getting married in for a marriage preparation class.  It was entirely voluntary, and designed to be a nice get away from wedding planning stress.  I’ll admit, I’m not stressed about the wedding, and M and I have always been quite grounded that the main focus is us getting married, and the party is a nice to have.  Add in the fact that we had all the big things booked with over a year to go, and my stress levels are minimal.  I digress (again).  The class was ok – there was one other couple with us, and it was run by an ex-Relate counsellor (she was a bit odd, but heart in the right place).  The session was split into three – 1) our expectations of our roles as husband and wife, 2) communication, and 3) how we see each other now (including a questionnaire).

On the top of my list for husbandly duties was “save me from moths”.  Interestingly, on M’s list of wife related expectations, he had “save me from spiders”.  The communication portion was having to construct a simple shape with dominoes but without seeing each other’s shape.  The first couple did pretty well, but I have to say, we aced it.  We are, to quote the Bacon, totes amazeballs.  The final questionnaire was spooky – we’d given the same answers about each other for most of it.  It’s nice to know we’re on the same page.  Would I recommend it?  Yeah, sure!  It’s nice to have some time out, just the two of you to focus on your relationship.

From church, there was a dash to the south of the county to attend a Zumbathon.  Three hours of Zumba for Rowcroft Hospice.  You may remember my dislike of Zumba when it takes away from the Tone element, and so I thought I might struggle with this.  Despite my reservations, I really enjoyed it.  It was in a tiny hall, where you didn’t really have the space to fully extend your arms.  I have a fairly long wingspan and was a little worried about clocking the people either side of me.  I managed to survive the whole thing without standing on anyone (and only kicked a friend once).  Result!

I shall sleep well tonight!  Hope you’ve had a random and enjoyable Saturday too!


Quick question about race maps

I am hoping that you may be able to help me with a question – how do you find race course maps prior to the event?  The reason I ask, is that I think I am getting the running bug, and would like to run a race (I think).  I’ve run Race For Life before, and the Commando Challenge, but they weren’t “real” races (in so far as the courses were measured or had a UKAA number).  I’ve been looking at the Crediton Crunch which M and I marshalled in 2009.  It was a beast for hills apparently, but they’ve since changed the course.  I know I would stand little chance of completing the old course, but wondered if the new one would be better.

I am going to avoid making running a chore by not signing up to anything until I can run the distance required.  I’ve found in the past that I’d sign up to something at the beginning of the year with the best of intentions but unable to run the distance, then pressure myself too hard in “training” (read: starting running), get so fed up that I resented the whole thing.  Needless to say, it is highly unlikely that I will be entering anything like a 10k in May.

I’m enjoying the whole process too much to marr it with unnecessary pressure right now.

M has been very sweet and offered to do the food shopping while I go out for a run this afternoon.  As we’re going to my parents’ for tea, I’m not able to go out for my normal evening run.  I’m quite apprehensive about running in the daylight at the moment (it’s illogical and irrational that I think people would point and laugh and wonder why on earth I am sullying their afternoon with my red, sweaty face).

What my irrational self thinks would happen during daylight

I have picked a quiet route on an old railway line.  I’m hoping it’s quiet anyway.  M will drop me off, do the shopping, then pick me up on the way back.

And if I am seen, I hope that someone thinks this about me, and not the above.

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Out again – in better weather this time!

So week 1 run 2 happened last night.  I clearly benefited from the freezing (/numbing) weather conditions on my first time out, as I found this run much harder.  I don’t know whether it was because I was running into the wind, or that I was too hot (two tops and a coat – I could probably have left the second top, but you live and learn).  Before I go any further though, I would like to apologise sincerely to the poor people out for a leisurely Sunday evening walk – sadly I am unable to pay for the counselling required to ease the mental trauma I may have inflicted upon you as I wheezed, puffed, wobbled and jiggled past, turning a colour that even a beetroot would be proud of.

Do I feel good?  Hmm… Yes, because I got out and made myself work again, despite Inner Tub’s protestations and the burning lungs.  I had been pretty miffed to find out water company digging up the road to fix a leak, which had resulted in the water being turned off.  Inner Tub was strongly of the opinion that we couldn’t possibly exercise if there was no hope of a shower at the end.  Much to Inner Tub’s chagrin, the water was turned back on within half an hour.  Now, what did feel good was the bath that I soaked in when I got in.  Complete with a bathbomb from my Christmas gifts.  That was my treat. So yes, despite being a little achey, I feel pretty pleased.

I even remembered to do some stretches when I got in (something I forgot and regretted on Saturday morning after the first outing on Friday).

For my inner statistician, this run was 31:55, for 3.31km with an average pace of 09:38/km. Not quite on par with our local running superstar Jo Pavey. Ah well! Maybe next time!