Tub on the Run


Tub’s adventures over the past 5 days

It’s been a funny few days, and this is quite a long post, but I have put pictures in to help break the tedium!

Saturday morning went by extremely quickly (too quickly) and I ended up getting a bit stressed out that I hadn’t sorted everything prior to our departure.  We picked N up, added more stuff in to the car, got fuel and headed on our way – J and N’s sister in the lead car, us in the second.  We made it as far as the next services before the dogs (of J and N) needed letting out.  After a brief stop, we headed to lunch at College Farm in Shrivenham.  That served to make me more annoyed.  I constantly find there that the food is ok (it is great value) but the customer service is absolutely appalling, and this visit was no exception.  I have said to M that we must not eat there again (which is a shame because it is convenient for stopping by on the way home from Silverstone).

After lunch, we continued, only having to go around a roundabout twice once.  On arrival, M and I are like camping ninjas and had our tent up and guyed quicker than you could say Wyton Lakes (where we were staying).  J headed off to pick up his race pack, and we put their tent up.  I have to say, I was really impressed by the camp site – it had everything you could want.  We had deliberately booked a service pitch so we could have the phone chargers running.  The showers were clean and warm, the toilets were good and the owners were friendly.  It is a dog friendly campsite too.  If we’re in the area again, we’d definitely go back.

For tea, we headed into Huntingdon and stopped at the King of the Belgians.  That was a complete contrast in terms of service to our lunchtime meal – service and food were brilliant!

It was an early start in the morning, as J needed to get his bike all set up and sorted, put in transition and then head to the briefing and start line ready for the Nice Tri Duathlon around Grafham Water.  For the first time in weeks, I had to wear my hoodie as it was a bit nippy.  It was perfect for running though.

J on the 10k run, transitioning to bike

J on the 10k run, transitioning to bike

J did really well – he came fourth overall, shaving 13 minutes from his Cambridge time (he used his Cambridge time as the qualifier to join the GB time in Canada).  For some reason, they hadn’t done age categories, but if they had, he’d have won his age group.  He was the second GB competitor through.  We were all chuffed for him – bearing in mind, he’s only been doing this for about 8 months, he is doing really well!  The three guys before him were all quite a bit older and have been competing for a while, so give J a few years, and he’ll be well away!

Top four finishers

Top four finishers

After a little bit of milling around, we headed to Ikea.  That was an experience and involved a lot of rearranging of luggage, but we got there.  We arrived home around 6:00pm and I started the mad dash to get ready for Monday morning.

Early Monday, off I toddled to the airport to go to Manchester for work.  Two days up there nearly wrecked my sanity.  I managed to lose my passport, and I wasn’t carrying my driving licence – thankfully, our PA got it all sorted and I was allowed on the plane to come home.  How she wangled it, I don’t know.  The cost to me?  A bottle of whiskey as a thank you (and a new passport of course!).

As for weigh in – well, let me tell you, that was the real poop cherry on my vommy cupcake – 4lbs on.  I’d like to say “oh well”, but I am annoyed, fed up, tired of bobbing around this weight.  I had an “I don’t want to do this anymore” outburst, at which point, my friend H dragged me to the Nominations for Slimmer of the Year 2012 board and said I needed to look how far I’d come.  She’s right, though I admit, I see a much greater difference in her photo to mine.

Weigh in has made me a sad panda

I’ve dusted myself off, gnoshed two Hifi Lights (the new blueberry cheesecakes – yum!), a bagel with cashew butter (my syns for the day), a jacket spud with cheese and beans, and a melon pot.  Dinner is to be confirmed – it’ll need to be syn free.


We’re off camping!

I have a busy few weekends coming up, as I mentioned in my last post.  This is the first of them – we’re off to Grafham Water in Cambridgeshire for the Nice Tri Duathlon.  M’s best man, J, is competing.  J is insanely fit and very good at these kinds of competitions.  He’s been training hard and this is his last event before he and N (my bridesmaid) head off to Canada for the 2013 ITU World Duathlon where he is one of the age qualifying athletes (I am finding it hard to stop blurting out “I know an athlete!!” in random conversations).  M and I are both very excited for J and N, and we’re really touched that they asked us to come along to Grafham to spend some time with them and support J.


We’re camping, but only for one night.  This will probably be the first time since August last year that we’ll have put the tent up a) in daylight and b) in sunshine.  I’m also confident that I won’t need to take our usual 5 blankets and heater to stay warm overnight!  Hurrah!  The only thing I’m slightly worried about is being eaten alive by mozzies.  I’m hoping I’m not as tasty to mozzies as I am to fleas…  We’ll be travelling up on Saturday, chilling out and enjoying the time away, then Sunday will be “the day”.  I think J will be finished within two and a half hours including cool down time, and then we’re off to Ikea.  N and I have an undying love for the Swedish company – what’s not to love about a Daim Cake (ok, maybe my waistline doesn’t love it so much). 

Clearly this means that I am foregoing parkrun at Killerton again.  I’ve not done a lot in the way of running at all lately.  I have been procrastinating mainly because of the heat, but I need to just deal with it and get on – accept that I am going to be super sweaty (as opposed to my normal “very sweaty”) and maybe look for new places to run to minimise the sweaty pain. 

Making the right food choices is going to be key for me while we’re away and while I’m galavanting with work on Monday and Tuesday.  Thankfully, salads are always a relatively safe bet at this time of year.  I want to be back in the 15 stone range when I weigh in on Tuesday.

So – TTFN – enjoy the sunshine, slap on the sun cream and drink plenty!


My successful camping trip

You know those weekends where they’re really good and you collapse into bed exhausted?  Yep?  I’ve had one of them.  I have split this post out, as I can appreciate not everyone will want to read my camping/marshalling ramblings.


For the first time in the four years I have worked where I do, I left for a week off before 9pm.  I get really paranoid that I will have left something huge and it’ll stitch up my team in my absence.  Inevitably, I never do, the company doesn’t cease to trade in my absence, and no commercial incidents happen.  Anyway, M and I left work on Friday (ok, a little bit late) and headed up to Silverstone.  We encountered all manner of weather on our way up, from gale force winds, hail, rain, sunshine, the lot.  As we got closer to Silverstone, the wind didn’t seem to be dying down.  I hate/loathe/despise putting a tent up in the dark and in the wind.  I swear that as soon as we arrived, the wind died.  Putting up the tent was actually easy.  We didn’t do too bad a job of it either.


A weekend of marshalling the British GTs ensued.  I love sports cars.  You can keep your silly F1 cars (though I don’t dislike single seaters as a general rule).  For me, it’s all about the wishlist cars.  I love the sound, the look, the smell (yes, the smell – nothing quite like an early morning pit walk to indulge the petrol sniffer side of me).  I won’t bore you with the details (if you really are that fussed, you can read an excellent report here).

Saturday, I collapsed into bed at 9pm, and slept until 5.30am.  I hadn’t realised quite how sunny it would be, and had neglected to put on sunscreen on Saturday (ouch).  That was soothed though, by a shot of icy cold water, courtesy of the shower that didn’t have an aimable head and spurted out cold water at such velocity as to make me scream (I’m sure the other marshals in the campsite wondered if I was having a When Harry Met Sally moment).  Another day, avec sunscreen and thankfully less wind saw the 3 hour endurance race for the GTs.

At the end of the day, the leader of the post (a “post chief”) had upgraded me, so I have now officially gone from Trainee Marshal to Track Marshal.  That doesn’t actually mean much, except I can now be left to look after Trainees and can apply to do the F1 (which I probably will do, as M wants to do it one day) and Goodwood Revival and Festival of Speed (which I am much more interested in doing).  Otherwise, it will probably be business as usual, with a little bit more responsibility.

Originally, we had planned to camp at Castle Combe on the Sunday night, ready for a day of racing at Combe on the Monday, but we made the decision to stay at the local Travelodge because of a lack of electric hook up at Combe (and therefore, a lack of airbed).  Another great day marshalling.

Food, Exercise and Weigh in

I was quite pleased with myself this weekend, as normally camping is a bad food time for me.  It is definitely much easier to eat complete rubbish when you camp.  However, with a bit of thought and willpower, I made better choices.  M and I found the Tesco at Towcester, so managed a quick trip on Saturday night for supplies on Sunday.  I used my food vouchers at Silverstone for salads.  Now, while the salads weren’t exactly brilliant in their Slimming World values, they were a much better option than others available.

Eating properly last week and over the weekend saw me lose 1.5lbs at Slimming World today.  I had been on track for a better loss, but I’ll definitely accept that.  Especially seeing as my exercise over the weekend was negligible.  I am going to redo last week of my 10k plan, as I didn’t hit the runs at all.  One thing that is bothering me is that I don’t seem to be able to run for 30 minutes like I could at the end of Couch to 5k.  I am sure it’s a mental problem, and I know I have mentioned this problem before.  I definitely seemed to do better with no music on my long run last time out, so I might try podcasts or audiobooks.  I’ve also done a couple of runs on the dreadmill, and I think that’s killing a bit of the joy of running, so I’ll head back outdoors again.

I have the week off, and I am thoroughly looking forward to doing nada (well… kind of nada).


Away… to Silverstone!

This is the last post I will probably be able to get in before Monday/Tuesday next week, because I’m nothing if not a social butterfly… Ok.  That’s a lie.  I’m just not near a laptop/computer for a few days, as M and I are off to Silverstone this weekend for the World Endurance Championship (woo!  GT cars… and prototypes… but mainly GT cars!).

Source - fiawec.com

Source – fiawec.com

So my quick recap of the last couple of days is:

  • Spinning

Oh my life that was hard work yesterday.  I go red very quickly, but don’t often drip sweat.  Last night I dripped.  Twice!  Delightful.  I upped my average watts though, and managed to burn more calories than normal (according to the possibly inaccurate spin bike).  Safe to say that I worked and I worked hard.  Maybe too hard.  My ankles are a bit sore around my Achilles tendon today, but it’s not bad enough to stop doing anything.

  • A busy evening

Following my spin session, we had a load of things to get done in preparation for our trip this weekend.  Cue washing, packing, cleaning, cooking and car loading, all the while, trying not to allow the big cat (Tank) eat Timo’s (the little cat’s) food.  The sneaky ex-alley cat is ninja-like in his quest for food.  I wouldn’t mind if he wasn’t about twice the size of Timo.  Obese feline aside, jobs accomplished, the car is packed, ready for the best ever getaway planned tonight.

  • Foodie Penpal

I’m all sorted now for my Foodie Penpal, and will be sending my package out next week.  I’ve successfully got the local produce from a local business in, so I’m pretty pleased with myself.  My penpal doesn’t have a blog, so I will make sure I include what I sent on my post when I get to do the write up.  I can’t wait to get my parcel from the lovely (and incredibly brilliant baker and recipe poster) What-a-Peach.

  • Food

I have been horrendous on the food front again.  My sweet tooth is playing up as it always does at a certain time of the calendar.  I seem unable to resist it, which is going to be interesting this weekend, as I am not planning to take any sweet stuff or any money to buy food with.  Poor M…


My weekend plans?  Well, in preparation for the weekend, the car is loaded.  We’ve never managed to be so organised before.  We still have a couple of things left to gather when we get home, but overall, we’ll looking for a speedy getaway.  We’re camping (our usual mode during the summer months, not that it’s summer…), and now have electricity for the tent, courtesy of a hook up.  Does electricity mean that we are now “glamping”?  I’m just hoping that we have access to an electric point and that they’re not all taken, otherwise we won’t be able to survive very well.  My mum is very  kindly looking after the cats for us, and the cats are being deployed into guard cat mode and protecting our house.

 I’ve just done a route plan for Silverstone, for my planned run on Saturday evening, and conveniently the outer perimeter is measuring just over 5km.  I feel a time trial coming on.  I have all of my running gear packed, ready to go, and I’m just praying for a dry day.

 I hope you all have a fabulous weekend too!  See you on Monday or Tuesday!