Tub on the Run


What a difference a year makes

I haven’t tracked my weight much lately, and I haven’t tracked my measurements for even longer (why hellooooo denial!).  After hunting for my USB stick, I found that the last time I took my measurements was last May.  I looked like this:


With some trepidation, I stepped on the scales.  After fainting and scraping myself off the floor weighing in, I dug out the tape measure and took my measurements.  The verdict?  Over two and a half stone heavier now compared to this time last year (when I got down to my lowest in two years – 15st 13lbs).  I’m currently sporting a mass of 18st 9lbs.

I’m nearly back to square one.  Probably back at square one in some respects.  While my weight is not back to its highest (quite), my measurements are higher than they were in March 2012 when I was at my heaviest.

I took some new photos, and took stock of where I am.  The last few months has seen me spiral out of control, despite not being as stressed as I have been in the past.  I dread to think how much junk food I have munched through since Christmas, stuffing my face while I contemplate why I do this to myself.  I am even beginning to experience some new-to-me symptoms of a poor diet, including flaky skin and facial eczema.  This is what a high fat and high sugar diet is doing to my face…

Bad diet bad skin

Gooooorgeous!  Spots and flakes ahoy!

Strangely, I don’t feel soul destroyingly low as I have in the past.  I’m not entirely sure why.  I just feel like I have got to the point where I have realised that I must treat myself with a bit more respect and have a bit more love, and getting all miserable and down is counter-productive.  Berating myself for the numerous “new leaves” I have attempted doesn’t really add anything positive to my state of mind, so I’m not going to bother.

I haven’t quite worked out where I am going with all of this today, but I thought it was about time I checked in with my weight.

It feels good to get some ramblings off my chest though.