Tub on the Run


Whole 30 Day 1 Down

I have absolutely no intention of posting daily about this.  I think my recent attempt at Juneathon has proved that I am not really cut out for blogging each day.  However, in the interests of monitoring progress, I think it would be good to share where I am today.  I’ve taken my measurements and my weight and taken a couple of photos of my skin.  And here I am, in all my lycra clad, spotty glory!

Tub on the Run Whole 30 Day 1

My skin actually isn’t too bad at the moment, but I have a couple of bad spots along my jawline that are quite painful.  I also have some residual dandruff from a severe bout of stress a few weeks ago.

Day one didn’t really get off to the best start.  I was a bit unprepared, but managed to cobble something together quickly.  While it was adequate, it wasn’t exactly inspiring.  We stopped at Tesco this evening to pick up a couple of things to tide us over until the weekend when I can cook properly with a bit more thought and inspiration.

In terms of how I have felt, I’ve had a stinking headache most of the day.  I am unsure whether it is a withdrawal from sugar that is the problem, or whether it is tight shoulders that are radiating up my neck.  I’ve spent quite a large part of the week so far hunched over my desk.  It does seem a bit early to be suffering from any sugar withdrawal issues.

Tomorrow looks to be a better day for food.  I have prepared breakfast (kind of), lunch and dinner, and have the following day’s meals planned too.