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Summing up my #Whole30 Round 2

I’m now two weeks out of my second Whole 30.

Thirty days of no sugar, no dairy, no legumes.  I’d completed one round in July last year, and had some really good results.  I was expecting something similar this time round.  It didn’t quite pan out like that though.

In terms of cravings and how I feel in myself, the cravings were really knocked on the head.  Possibly the only thing that I truly missed was a cup of tea, and I’ve since made the decision to reintroduce that into my diet.  Life without tea is not a life I want to live!  Not permanently anyway.

I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t perk up as much as I had during the July 2014 round of Whole 30.  I think it might be partly due to the time of year (roll on lighter evenings!), and also that because our diet was so poor in the run up to the start of this Whole 30, my body took longer to catch on.  Now that I’m a couple of weeks out from finishing, and my eating habits have slipped in the last 3 days, in retrospect, I perked up more than I felt I did at the time.  Right now, I’m moody, lethargic, sleeping poorly, my skin is breaking out, and I’m battling my sweet tooth again.  This is after just three days of poor eating!

Properly mid-grump

Properly mid-grump

I tracked my intake with My Fitness Pal during this round, which I didn’t do in July.  I noticed that every now and then when I thought I needed something sweet in the evening, it tended to be when I had a low calorie day.  I was also able to start identifying what causes bingeing behaviours (le sigh Nakd bars!), and I am more aware of what I need to be mindful of.


We also gained much more control out of our food budget.  I am quite embarrassed to admit how much we had been spending on food, takeaway and sweets before the New Year, and one of the driving factors in doing another Whole 30 was to bring some control back to the budget.  This has been completely successful.  While the Whole 30 isn’t the cheapest way of eating, it is much cheaper than what we had been doing.

In terms of the stats, I lost 12lbs (compared with 16lbs in July 2014).  I haven’t taken my inches measurements since finishing.  Matt lost around the same as me, which he is very pleased with.  I’m pleased, especially as I think I had more than my fair share of fruit juice.  It wasn’t wholly about the weight loss, but having seen such high numbers at the start, it is a relief to be on my way back down.

I know a lot of this has been non-scale victories anyway, but probably the one I am most pleased about is walking.  Specifically, being able to walk.  Just before my sister left to go home after Christmas, we went out for a walk along the beach with my mum.  The intention had been to start a Couch to 5k type walking plan (so quicker walking bits rather than running).  I felt low about it anyway, as I was incredibly conscious of how big I had become, but the actual event was worse than I imagined.  We only managed a short distance before I had to stop.  The pain in my back and hips was excruciating.  Mentally, I was already calling Matt to come and pick me up.  I felt so embarrassed – we have walked for miles and miles in times gone by, down the beach, Exmoor, Dartmoor.  There I was, internally melting down because of what I had been doing to myself.  I cried when I got home.

Janathon Day 2

Fast forward 3 weeks and Mum and I were heading out to go shopping.  She’d parked the car about 10 minutes’ walk away, up a hill.  I was told off for marching ahead so quickly.  Matt and I have been out for walks since the end of our Whole 30 too, and it hasn’t been a struggle at all.


We’re now about two weeks out from finishing the Whole 30, and life has carried on reasonably well.  The first week and a half or so, we kept eating the same as we had been but reintroduced tea and porridge (for me) and cereal (for Matt).  This week hasn’t been as good, and we’ve slipped into old ways a little, which isn’t great.  That said, this evening, I’ve made my own mayo, cooked up a breakfast quiche type thing, and sorted out a proper lunch for tomorrow, so we’re getting straight back to it.  We’ve realised that just 3 days of eating badly is really beginning to take its toll (bad tummies, moodiness, cravings, energy slumps, poor sleep, not to mention financially).

How was January for you?  Well done to the Janathoners and Jantastic people!


Whole 30 Days 1 to 4 round up

For the fear of bombarding the internet with rambly update posts about Whole 30, I have decided to write a little bit about my week each day and post it on the weekends.

Day 1

It wasn’t too bad at all, despite some exceptionally poor planning on my part.  I weighed in, measured myself, and then inflicted the same upon Matt.  Matt is loosely following this with me, but not to the letter.  I made it very clear to him that I am doing this for me, and if he wants to add some pasta/rice/bread/dairy/whatever in, then he is very welcome to.

The food today was dull (see: poor planning), but a quick trip to Tesco sorted us out for the next couple of days.  In myself, I don’t feel any different, but it has only been one day.  I’ve battled a headache for most of the day, but I think it is too early to be blaming it on a sugar withdrawal.

Today’s food was a Nakd bar for breakfast coupled with some nuts (I turfed out the Brazils though… blurgh!).  Lunch was an egg with some leaves and balsamic vinegar, and tea was chilli coated chicken with sweet potato and a side salad.

Day 2

Right now, I am thinking “what’s the fuss about?”.  Breakfast was a hard boiled egg and some cherry tomatoes, lunch was chicken salad, and tea was homemade burgers (possibly the best I have ever made) with sweet potato chips and a side salad.  I have had another headache today, but then the weather has changed quite a bit and I occasionally get pressure headaches.  I slept amazingly last night, but again, it could be because it was cooler.

One thing that I have found irritating today has been the response of someone at work.  They don’t approve of the Whole 30, despite never having heard about it before.  It is doomed.  Plus, don’t I know that it takes 66 days to form a new habit?  I had to bite my tongue if I am honest.  Ultimately, this is my choice, an informed choice at that, and I want to do something positive for my body.  If this helps, even just a little, I will have achieved what I wanted.

On a happier note, Nom Nom Paleo arrived in the post today, so I am about to sit down and work out what next week’s food is going to be.  Goodness knows I need the inspiration!

Nom Nom Paleo Tub on the Run

Day 3

Something delightful to report…  My dandruff that I thought was clearing nicely is back.  I am not the happiest bunny in the world.  I am also feeling tired today despite sleeping well last night.  Yes, it is Friday, but this hasn’t been a particularly difficult or stressful week, so I think it is more “blurgh” feeling.  I’m tres articulate, I know.  I am feeling a bit cranky and hungry.  Food has been uninspiring – egg, more salad, chicken kebabs with sweet potato.  Roll on tomorrow when I can get out shopping and get something interesting together!  I haven’t had a headache today though, so small mercies 🙂

Day 4

I woke up really tired and promptly decided I was going to go back to sleep again.  I slept soundly both times though.  When I dragged my carcass out of bed it’s probably a good thing that Matt had already escaped to the living room, as I felt grumpy.  Proper got out of the wrong side of the bed grumps.  According to the Whole 30 founders, it seems that days 4 and 5 are “kill all the things” kind of days.

I am pleased to say that the bad mood wore off relatively quickly, probably around the same time that I smelt breakfast cooking.  Matt had nipped to the butchers and got some of their sausages and bacon.  Bacon seems a bit of a controversial meat on the Whole 30, but I think our local butchers sell compliant bacon.  The sausages are 100% meat, no crap.  It was a great breakfast!

Matt went to see his mum today, so I was left to potter around to my heart’s content.  There were some chores that I never look forward to, like changing the cat litter.  Usually I procrastinate (oh look… Tank wants fussing, let’s amuse the cat), but this time, I just got on with it.  I can’t tell you how unusual that is for me, I normally have to nag myself into doing something.  I feel like it has just been a little bit easier to get on with the mundane today.

I took a few minutes to compose a shopping list and then headed out to our local whole food/natural shop.  I picked up most of my produce in one, but needed coconut flour from another.  My mind blows a little bit in these shops with all the weird and wonderful products that they sell.  In the second shop, I had a lovely neck and shoulder massage – gotta love a little bit of random!  I left feeling like I was walking on fluffy clouds, but quickly realised that, alas, the fluffy clouds were raining quite heavily outside.

A trip to the butcher and the greengrocers followed, and approximately 10kgs of weight was then hauled back up the three flights of stairs to our flat.  We’re all set for a cook off tomorrow!

I crashed a little bit at about 5pm and almost snoozed off, but I fed the cats instead, then cracked on with tea.

All in all, I don’t feel too bad, though I would like a hot chocolate, some chewing gum or Coke Zero/Diet Coke.  I’m not really craving anything except for those three things.



My Elevator Pitch – Whole 30 here I come!

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I have been thinking about my diet lately, both in terms of what I eat, and weight loss strategy.  I have to admit, I miss Slimming World a little bit.  But… I like going weekly, but I don’t want to weigh in weekly at the moment.  I am also acutely aware that I get fed up of people asking each week about how to make “Slimming World Chips”, or “Rice Pudding” or “Scan Bran Cakes”, and that they aren’t motivated/too busy/can’t find anything to eat, and all I want to do is shout “haven’t you tried googling it?! or even looking in your book!?”.  But then I am that person (though I don’t ask about how to make proper chips or another Slimming Worldified foods). There are always plenty of excuses.

What I have come to realise quite recently, is that I am almost certainly addicted to sugar, and this has got out of hand lately.  I’m actually surprised it has taken me this long to work it out.  Sweet stuff totally derails me.  I’ve experimented at work a little bit – if I can’t see it (i.e. cakes or sweets are in the cupboard), I don’t want it.  But as soon as I have got a taste for it… well…  Did you ever watch Gremlins?  While I can be fed after midnight, exposed to sunlight and water (thank goodness!), I really think I might need to stay away from sugar.

Michaelangelo had pizza, Garfield had lasagne, Monterey Jack had cheese.  I have sugar. (Yes.  I am an 80’s baby, in case you were wondering).

So as I have been pondering on my diet options lately, I have realised that I need to kick this issue that I have with sugar.  It’s a crutch that I use to pick me up from an energy slump mid-afternoon, to comfort me when I am low, feed my depression and my boredom.  Offer me a choice between starters and desserts, desserts win every time.  Demolishing multiple bags of Haribo in front of the TV?  No problem!  I’m your girl! (And let’s not limit it to Haribo.  Let’s not forget chocolate, marshmallows, biscuits, wine gums, flumps, sports mix, fruit pastilles…. You get the idea!)

My focus has been on trying to find a way of eating that helps reconstruct myself.  A nutritional reset, if you will.  Something to help get me started back on the right track.  My reading has lead me towards the Whole 30 programme.  From what I can understand, it is a paleo diet – no grains or processed foods.  It is stricter than the standard paleo framework – no paleo pancakes etc, just whole, unprocessed, natural food.

Tub on the Run | Whole 30

It is just for 30 days, but the idea is to take out all of the unprocessed crap and reintroduce it slowly at the end of 30 days to see how your body responds.  Details about the programme are freely available online, though you can buy the book if you want to know more.  I’ve read a lot of the testimonials on their site, and also have a good hunt through the world of Google.  Bloggers that I follow have also documented their experiences, which have always been positive and have helped me make my decision.

What am I hoping to gain from this all?  A couple of things:

  • Making significant inroads into breaking my problem with sugar
  • Learning more about what I truly benefit from and what does me harm.  I know that milk is not my friend, and that I have to be careful about how much dairy I eat, but I don’t know about gluten
  • I won’t lie, some weight loss would be nice!
  • I’d also like to see if some of the skin problems I have are linked to my diet.  I imagine that they probably are

I am not expecting this to work miracles, though I am fully expecting it to be a difficult couple of weeks to start off with.  Nearly everything I have read indicates that the first two weeks are the hardest, with headaches, mood swings and EAT ALL THE THINGS.  With that in mind, I am trying to plan as much as possible.  I am even planning to spend my day in the kitchen on Sunday, batching cooking things for the week ahead – our food bill is going to be higher than normal, so waste not, want not!

I’ve created a Pinterest board of recipes, inspiration and resources which I will be adding to, and trying to keep on track.

I have a clear 30 days coming up, which I am setting aside to complete the Whole 30.

I’ve never gone grainless before – wish me luck!

Have you completed a Whole 30 before?  Any tips or favourite recipes?


Excuses, excuses.

This is a post I haven’t really wanted to write, and I will warn you now, this is not exactly my cheeriest of posts.

I have pulled out of Silverstone.  I tried to see if I could get a deferral, but unfortunately they don’t allow you to.

Why have I pulled out?

I could definitely blame the weather.  I’d love to blame the weather!  As I type, the winds are swirling around and the rain is beating against the windows, as we brace for the next storm.  No.  The weather hasn’t helped, but that isn’t the reason for my failure.  If only it was just the weather!  I’ve made a silly error with a couple of things really.

Firstly, I completely underestimated how far 13.1 miles is.  I know that sounds a bit daft, but I am used to driving that, not running it, and my concepts of time and distance are shocking.  I haven’t stuck closely enough to the plan to do the distance the justice that it deserves.  I’ve had a bad couple of runs since I twisted my ankle a few weeks back which hasn’t helped my confidence at all.  I get so frustrated that I cannot run solidly for longer than about 8 minutes at a time, and it all turns inwards and becomes a big negative poop storm.

Kind of linked in with that is my second point.  I am my own worst critic and I feel like I have failed at some things, and I am failing at others.  I have overfilled my plate and I desperately need to scale back some of this pressure I have (admittedly, by my own doing) dumped on my plate.  Wah wah… I know “people busier than you are running right now”.  Good for them I say!  I do feel a bit stupid saying this when I have it easy compared to others.  I don’t have children, physical health issues, family problems or anything else like that.  I work a full time job, have two cats, and a loving family.  What I also have is my black dog…

beans and buggle

Though I am not referring to Beany (she is the attempt at an anti-black dog).  When I am doing well, I take on longer term projects thinking that I won’t feel as low as I currently do again.  Inevitably, it always comes as a surprise when I get a bit of a bottle neck of projects all coming together at once and my depression and/or anxiety reappears with gusto, and my little world disintegrates somewhat.

What does this actually mean?

I am not giving up running.  Far from it.  For the most part I am proud of how far I have come, but I haven’t respected the distance I wanted to achieve, or in all honesty, myself.  I am going right back to basics for food and exercise.  All the way back to Couch to 5k.  Three runs a week, increasing in running each week until I can get back to 30 minutes solid running again.  A focus on time over mileage might be a helpful mental aid.  I am travelling in the middle of the week next week, so I will be starting that in week following.  I desperately want to enjoy running again without pressuring myself so hard.  Running helps (when I don’t feel pressured), as does yoga, so I do need to keep it up for my mental health as much as anything.

For food, I am not entirely sure what I want to do with that yet.  I have read a lot of good things about Whole 30 and 21 Day Sugar Detox recently, but I am not sure if my brain can handle getting the hang of the rules of paleo-esque diets right now.  While I am figuring all of this side out, I will just resolve to eat better food and try to get back into a proper routine of eating, which includes reintroducing breakfast into my life.  And sweet potatoes.  I have a real hankering for sweet potatoes.

Sorry it’ s been a bit of a doom and gloomer.  Normal service will resume at some point!


What a way to celebrate my 100th post…

I have debated whether to post this later on today or not, and I’ve decided to post now (surely my 100th post should be about nice things and fluffy bunnies and unicorns.  This is not one of those posts). 

Weigh in will go completely as I expect it to.  By that, I mean that I will have gained weight.  I can feel it without the scales telling me.  I sit here, getting increasingly frustrated at myself, feeling like a failure.  Hmm… failure’s probably not quite the right word.  Fraud is probably closer.  Here I am, on my weight loss and running blog, not really doing either.  What’s worse is that even I am beginning to notice that there is a yoyo tone to the blog, which is very much a reflection of how I feel, and I don’t like it. 

Why am I scratching my head?  Mainly because I seem to be embroiled in a battle between my good and bad weeks.  I have a great week, like last week.  I feel motivated, really focused, on plan, in control, and I just feel like I am winning at this weight loss thing.  Skip forwards a week, and my meals are completely out of whack, high calorie, high fat, high sugar snacks and meals.  My motivation has skipped off to a happy place elsewhere, and I am left here feeling empty and tired. 

Yet, ironically, I am far from empty.  I have overindulged, binged, feasted and stuffed myself.  I have stonking headaches (probably all sugar rush related), I am tired and sluggish and miserable.  Despite my best efforts to fill the void with food, it hasn’t worked.  Something else is missing, but I don’t know what.  I am bored of trying to work out what “it” is. I cannot put a finger on what happened.  On what went wrong.  Anything I come up with just feels like an excuse.

There is much moping to be done, a few frustrated tears to be shed, but something needs to change.  On reflection, I need to emulate some of the good habits I had formed when I was on my 10 week loss streak at the beginning of the year.  Between the throbs of my latest headache, I remember that some of the good habits that I’d held included:

  • Posting on my blog frequently.  I think I am currently averaging one to two posts a week.  During “the streak”, I was posting more like 4 times a week.  I think it helped to maintain my focus.
  • Food diaries.  These are always a bit hit and miss, but I was completing a diary more regularly then than I am now.  I find food diaries to be a bit of a chore sometimes, so I am thinking that perhaps the odd food diary on the blog isn’t too bad an idea – a bit of a thermometer reading of how I’m doing.
  • Running.  I was running, and I was following Couch to 5k.  I had a structure.  There were no real quibbles about what I was going to do or when I was going to go out, or even which route to run.  I was told that I had to go out (by the podcast), so out I went.  I missed the structure after C25K ended, and things all started going a bit, well, unstructured.  Tubs need a structure to work within.  Back to C25K I go (but I will keep parkrun in there).
  • Workouts.  I went to Zumba Tone.  I went spinning.  I enjoyed them both.  I am not doing either currently.  It’s time to stop wasting my gym membership and get my bum back to classes.  Three runs a week, plus one or two classes should keep my nose out of the biscuit tin.
  • Shopping.  We were so much better at shopping, making sure that we went on a certain day.  That day used to be Sunday.  We’re both so tired now, that weekends are for slobbing around.  The occasional slob-end is fine.  But this is every single weekend, and we’re in a rut.  Also, I dread to think of the amount we’ve spent on food lately – takeaways are not meant to be a lifestyle choice.

I am going to find the first couple of weeks frustrating.  I know that.  I know that this is going to be when I am more vulnerable to sliding off the wagon in a gelatinous blob, then there will be a period where it feels like second nature, and then there will be a period where it won’t take much for me to jump from the wagon voluntarily, just for “something different to do”.

 I have a few things coming up over the next few months – a weekend marshalling, my dress fitting, going to Cyprus, then two wedding celebrations one after the other, my hen weekend and a couple of weeks later, my wedding.  All are potential derailments, and things I wouldn’t have needed to consider during “the streak”.  They will be challenges, and I need to plan for them.  They’ll disrupt my exercise plans and my food, but they cannot throw me off kilter.