Tub on the Run


Coping mechanism musings

So I have been getting to grips with blogging, mainly reading other people’s for inspiration (both of the weight loss, running and blogging variety), and have found some absolute gems.

Firstly, to cope with running, there is The Dory” by Fat Girls Can Run.  This bring an amazing mental image, and who doesn’t love Dory.  So long as I don’t try talking whale when I’m out, I should be fine.  Maybe Inner Tub would like to chant “just keep swimmin’“.  Pfft, yeah right, I’ll do it then.

Secondly, I can cope without an ipod – losing it is not an excuse not to go out.  Similarly, I must remember that, from my very old experiences of running, running in the rain is quite nice (but cold), and wind is far worse, especially down the beach, but remember that the sea looks amazing when it’s stormy.  Ultimately, it is only 30 mins that I’ll be heading out for – get a grip Inner Tub!

On the thought of “it’s only 30 minutes”, I have been reading some great tips from Melanie at Happy Being Healthy, and one of the pictures (as well as the advice) has made an impact – someone busier than you is running right now.  I just have to plan cleverly, maybe rearrange a spinning class or something, but it is possible.

Then, of course, I am just truly inpired – Shauna Reid (DietGirl) and Brave or Foolish, though for different reasons.  I am also inspired by my mother in law, who, in 2012 decided that she’d stop smoking, cut back on her drinking and get out running.  MIL has never been fat, but she is positively radiating health at the moment.  M and I know that her fiance is likely to be the driving force (being a completely mad runner of the truest variety) but who cares – she’s fab!  My own sister is an amazing source of inspiration too.  She’s my best friend, who will listen to me grumble and moan, and would join me on harebrained ventures (like the Race for Life) even when she wasn’t too keen.

Inner Tub is going “yeeeah let’s get knowledge, we like knowledge“.  I know really that this is a procrastination tactic by Inner Tub, so we have made a deal, that when the calendar gets to February, we WILL be going out for our first run, but we can look and acquire knowledge, and feed off of it for a couple of weeks.  That’s two more weigh ins (Tuesday is our day).  Maybe another 3-4lbs off.

Finally, I have a nasty tendency to hold myself to exceptionally high standards, and not meeting them makes me miserable (cue my depression).  So completing the C25K is going to be tough.  I am allowing myself repeat weeks for weeks where maybe I just didn’t get “it” or whatever.  9 weeks (the length of the programme) should see me to Easter.  If I can be running a good length of time (30 mins) by the end of April, this will be a good thing and I will have achieved what I set out.