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Killerton Classic Car Show 2016

The alternative title for this post was “A risk of getting a tan this year”. When we lived in the flat, I used to get so miserable that going outdoors was just not going to happen. Between not feeling comfortable in my own body, the humidity of living in the middle of a seaside town to the ridiculous amount of tourists lazily dawdling through the town, I didn’t enjoy summers there. This year though, with the bonus of a garden, I’m really enjoying getting out and about more (and surprise, surprise, my mood is better for it!).


I got home really late (for me) from my friend’s leaving do, flopping in to bed at around 1:30am. I’d had a great night out though, despite not drinking at all. After sleeping in a bit, I put a couple of loads of washing on, cleaned the kitchen thoroughly and had a coffee. I’d bought a couple of jars of Little’s instant coffee a couple of months ago, and also got a packet of ground chocolate caramel infused coffee. I don’t own a cafetière, but I wanted a proper coffee so improvised and used my tea pot and strainer. It worked!


Happy days! As I was sorting myself out, Matt popped down to Cullompton Farmer’s Market and bought some sausages from Moonbeams Farm for breakfast. I then popped out to get some bacon (also Moonbeams), picked up some wild garlic bread for Matt from Bread of Devon and some venison for a casserole from Garlandhayes Farm. I haven’t cooked with venison before, so I am going to the oracle that is Pinterest later to work out what I can make.

For the rest of the day, we popped up to Matt’s family as we had some stuff to drop off for him mum. While we were there, we picked up some gardening tools which had been offered to us. A nice evening in followed, and we watched The Hateful Eight (very bizarre – a typical Tarantino film).


Hasn’t it been glorious today! Matt had spotted that Killerton House was hosting a classic car show this weekend, so we thought we’d pop on over (make the most of our National Trust membership!). After I’d hung the washing out, made another coffee and pottered, we jumped in the car and headed to Killerton.

Killerton House - Classic - London Transport Bus

I wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest. Often, we find these types of events quite underwhelming, but actually this was really good!

Killerton Classic Car Show 2016

We wandered around the fields with hundred of classics, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at various cars. For us, classics have always been old cars, things from the 1940s until the 1970s. Classic car owners are also “classics” themselves if you catch my drift. As we were walking along, we came across a Maestro.

Killerton Classic Car Show Rally Maestro

I’d be lying if there wasn’t a bit of a horrifying realisation that Matt and I grew up with some cars that are now considered classics. How on earth has that happened?! I remember the red Maestro that we had as a family when I was little (though it wasn’t in as good nick as this one). Then we came across a Rover Metro. Dad had a Metro in the mid-90s which was his driving school car. I’ve turned into one of those people who says “I remember when MG Fs were cool”.

Killerton Classic MG Bear

There were some really great cars on display, and it was interesting to read about various exhibit’s restoration processes and owner history. What really struck me was how loved these cars all were – the amount of time, money and love that goes into them is so evident.

Killerton Classic 2016

I really enjoyed wandering around. There was a craft section too, but I wasn’t too interested as it was mostly jewellery or things for children.

When we got home, we nipped into the garden to discuss the next steps that we need to make to reclaim the borders, get things tidy and start planting things and making it our own. We agreed the grass desperately needs mowing (mower to be bought next week) and the borders rotivating and neatening. Then we can work out what can go where.

I suspect I have some sunburn now, despite slapping on the sunscreen. It’s been a really nice, relaxed weekend though.

Have you had a nice weekend? What did you get up to?


Ultimate Coffee Date – May 2016

It’s that time again! I would say let’s have a coffee, but it’s getting a bit late now, so caffeine probably isn’t the best idea! I have just got in from my day out, so I have a glass of water by my side.

If we were having a drink, I would probably have said that motorsport season is now upon us. So far, Matt and I have managed to get out to Brands Hatch for the British Touring Car Championship, and to Silverstone for the World Endurance Championship. Matt won tickets to Brands, which isn’t a circuit we had been to before, so that was quite nice. The weather was absolutely gorgeous on the Saturday, but a bit nippy on the Sunday.

Ginetta GT4 Supercup Brands Hatch April 2016

Silverstone was very similar. It is the first time that I haven’t marshalled that particular meeting in about 6 years, and it felt quite nice to just be a spectator and walk around. I definitely got my steps in on the first day that we were there, but then I discovered the beanbag lounge (or wife crèche as I like to call it). The Sunday brought quite a cold wind, so as I opted to stay inside a bit more, I ended up taking less steps. The highlight of Matt’s weekend was meeting Mark Webber while he was having a meeting in one of the media suites. I was sat on the free bus, taking a ride around the circuit. Typical!

Dane Train 95 AMR World Endurance Championship Silverstone Aprl 2016

If we were catching up, you’d probably notice I am not much thinner than when we last met! Weight loss has not been my strong suit this month – with three busy weekends and manic working weeks, I’m not beating myself up about it. I think I’m actually about half a pound up from my Ultimate Coffee Date in April. I’m not too worried though – I’m about to start my Whole 100 (a Whole 30, but 100 days instead of 30… Eek!).

If we were having a drink, you would probably know that the stress that I have from work is about to ramp up quite a bit as my friend and colleague resigned. She leaves in a week (where has the time gone!?). I’m still not ready for her to go, but I’m actually doing quite well on what I promised myself I would do. I took some time out last weekend to do a huge amount of batch cooking, partly in preparation for my Whole 100, but also to prepare myself for work demanding a bit more from me.

Whole 100 meal prep

I also took some time off to have a good run through the house in terms of housework which felt good. I’m never sure quite how we manage to generate so much laundry between the two of us, but I was definitely glad of the nice weather when I had my day off so that I could put my washing out to dry (with help – this lovely little cat always comes over to say hi when I put the washing out.  I’m sure the neighbours think I’m mad for talking to her).

Washing Line Help

I’m also trying to get a bit more fresh air while I’m at work, though this, along with getting to bed by 10:30pm are proving to be areas for improvement. Overall though, I’m feeling quietly confident that I won’t emerge in July as a complete nervous wreck.

If we were having a catch up, what would you tell me?

Thank you as always to Lynda, Coco and Deborah for hosting Ultimate Coffee Date.  Thanks as always to Deborah, Lynda and Coco for hosting Ultimate Coffee Date each month! I think it’s a lovely way to catch up with and discover new blogs.


Weigh in Wednesday 7: Achieving

Weigh in Wednesday 7

Hello hello! Time is flying for me right now – things are busy and I feel really energised at the moment, and…

Christmas is coming


I am actually really looking forward to Christmas this year. I’ve made the decision not to blow the budget (though this will be tested when I go Christmas shopping this weekend), and to enjoy the decorating. Normally Matt will put up the tree, and when we were in the flat, that was pretty much the sum of our Christmas decoration effort. Oh no. Not this year! We need to get a new tree, as we’re a bit tight on space in the living room, but we’ll definitely be making up for lacklustre Christmas decorations over the last few years. Anyway, more on that later (maybe).

After last week’s wonky floor issues, I made sure to take a best of three. The result? Another 2lb loss. Chuffed, chuffed, chuffed. That takes me to 8lbs I think, properly into my new stone. It’s been a pretty good week generally, and I definitely think I’m reaping the benefits of it.

I’d set myself three challenges last week – go for a good walk, get some yoga in, and accept and complete all my Smart Coach challenges on my UP.

On Saturday, Matt and I were focused on the housework and getting more boxes shifted. It was really good to have a clean through, as we don’t have quite as many obstacles to negotiate now. Mum popped over in the afternoon. It was nice to have a catch up as I hadn’t spoken to her much in the week. I think Saturday was the first day that is has felt really wintery here. I hung the washing out (I know, optimistic!), and the wind had a real bite to it. Sunday wasn’t quite so chilly as the wind had dropped off quite nicely. The sun was shining, we didn’t have much left to do at home, so Matt and I headed out for a bimble. I opted for a bridleway that I wanted to know where it went. It’s just around the corner from us, and goes off in a steep and relatively long hill. We were “labradored” about half way up by this lunatic yellow Labrador who was just so pleased with life and thought everything was marvellous. We made a fuss and chatted to her owner, who then apologised profusely when the dog jumped up with muddy feet. I didn’t mind – our old dog did worse I’m sure!

Sunday autumn walk

We stopped a couple more times as Matt found some things to photograph. It really was such a gorgeous day. Eventually the bridleway came out at a farm with a stable yard. The track was quite muddy so we didn’t carry on exploring north, and so with a big inhale of the lovely smell of haylage (one of my favourite smells, which reminds me of pottering around the yard when I used to ride), we headed back towards the town. We found the road, town cemetery and primary school, which were previously unknown to us.  It wasn’t a long walk, probably two miles maximum, but it was so nice to be out in the fresh air.

I managed to fit in a very short yoga session, which felt great for my shoulders after being hunched over my desk all week.  I accepted all my UP challenges too, and I’m pleased to report that I aced most of them too. I think I am getting into a good bedtime habit now, and I’m conscious of keeping my steps up during the day.

My plans for this week are:

  • Survive the Christmas shop on Exeter high street. Good luck to me!  I’ve done a little bit of online shopping, but not much. A plan of attack is being formulated and may involve breakfast in the city.
  • Explore a different part of where I live.  So much to explore!

Do you go all out on the Christmas decorations? When does your tree get put up?