Tub on the Run


Running is a stress buster – who knew!?

After a fairly shocking day (hmm… no, week really), and with the weather as cold as it is, I did have to push myself out the door quite hard.

I’m glad I braved the 1°c to go out though.  I started Week 5 today, and the task was a welcome break from some fairly miserable thoughts.  I ran for 15 minutes, which is actually 1 minute less than my run earlier this week, but I ran for 5 full minutes each stint this time.  I’m quite proud of myself actually.

It wasn’t too hard, but my Garmin registered my slowest average pace to date.  I am wondering whether it is because it couldn’t lock onto a satellite when I first went out (as I live in a built up area, I tend to wait on a corner while it locks on, but it was too cold to stand still today).

Anyway, only a short one to let you know I am now officially on to Week 5!