Tub on the Run


Gromits, Birthdays and Hangovers

I have had a lot to smile about this week.  Admittedly, it isn’t much to smile about in terms of weight loss, but life isn’t just about that is it.

It’s been a hard few weeks at work again, for one reason and another, but days are always made a little easier by some good post.  Combine post with my birthday, and we’re on to a winner!  While the week hasn’t been amazing for weight loss (since when are birthdays ever good for weight loss?!), it has been a good week for running (albeit, I haven’t actually run this week…).

Birthday presents

I have seen a couple of good reviews about Yurbuds, but couldn’t justify spending £25 plus on earphones, so my sister very kindly bought me a pair for my birthday.  I have yet to try them out with music, but I am very much looking forward to doing so.  M and his family bought me a new Garmin Forerunner 210 with a heart rate monitor.  It’s a lot more fancy than my old Forerunner 101, and it definitely looks less “criminal ankle bracelet”.  I’m looking forward to being able to head out for a run and see how it compares.

It’s been a busy weekend so far, and I’m not posting from my normal abode.  On Friday, we headed up to Silverstone for the 750MC meeting yesterday.  I’ve burnt off some of the birthday cake by being the flag marshal for Saturday, but blimey my arms are feeling it today!  Anyone who thinks that waving a coloured cloth at racing drivers is easy has clearly not battled with English winds or smacked themselves in the face with aforementioned cloth (I cannot confirm or deny that this may have happened yesterday…).

Normally, we don’t do anything (other than recover) on the evening of a day’s marshalling, but I had arranged to meet a friend in Weston-Super-Mare for dinner.  N left where I work about 5 months ago and relocated to this part of the world for her new work.  She’s really enjoying it and I’m so pleased for her – she’s definitely fallen on her feet!  We met at Frankie and Benny’s for food, and quickly ascertained that a 4 person pitcher of cocktails made more financial sense than getting separate ones.  At least, that’s how we justified it to ourselves!  To be honest, I’m truly amazed I didn’t have a hangover this morning.  I very rarely drink, and we had a good few pitchers between us.

Today, sans hangover, M and I headed to Cribbs Causeway for a spot of retail therapy.  Except, as is usually the case, when you have money to spend, you can never find anything you like!  I had a couple of things in mind – a pair of Birkenstocks (having had them recommended by a fat fighting friend), some sandals for mother-in-law’s wedding (gah! we’re heading into Autumn/Winter season, and I appear to have blinked and missed the sales!), and a pashmina/scarf type thing for mother-in-law’s wedding.  I came away empty handed and a bit annoyed that I probably would have found everything I wanted in Exeter.  Ah well – that’s next week’s plan sorted!

Whilst we were out, we also spotted two more Gromits (as part of the Gromit Unleashed project), taking my Gromit total to 3:

Gromit Unleashed Watermarked


I’m a little bit sad that we haven’t made it around the Gromit trail, but we seem to be ticking off weekends at a rate of knots!  However, we did get to go around the Gromit exhibition at Cribbs:

Space storeroom

Wallace Rocket

Moon Robot

Margaret Aged 42



I’ve had a good week for a couple of other points too:

  • I have had breakfast most days this week.  I don’t usually have a proper breakfast, opting to eat at about 10am when I am more settled into my day at work.  I recently realised that I don’t have much of a routine, and I am quite envious of my mother and sister for having a well established routine to their day to day lives.  With a couple of small tweaks in the evening, I now have the time at the first part of the day to actually have breakfast and mentally go over the day ahead.  This means that I feel more organised, less rushed and a bit more in control.  I have also tried to get to bed at a decent hour (I’m horrendous for not getting enough sleep – a trick I think I must have learnt from my dad!).
  • Weigh in.  I did actually lose weight this week.  Let’s not dwell on it though, because a birthday, Frankie and Benny’s, Silverstone “cuisine” (i.e. burgers) and grandmother-in-law’s cooking does not bode well for the scales this week.  Good for the soul, yes, but not for my waistline.
  • I’ve ordered my wedding veil.  I am a member of a wedding planning forum, and they had all recommended a lady who trades on ebay.  Several emails later, and I’m confident that she has recommended me the perfect veil based on my dress.  It should take 6-8 weeks to be delivered.
  • I’ve realised that you can have food hangovers.  While I have come away from an alcohol hangover unscathed, I learnt a valuable lesson this week.  You can have a sugar hangover.  My birthday was fuelled by sugar.  Lots and lots of refined sugar.  I thoroughly enjoyed it at the time.  The day after?  I could barely function.  My head was screaming, my stomach was unsettled, I couldn’t concentrate, I felt awful.  I felt hungover.  I’m glad, in that respect, that this week is nearly over and normal business must be resumed quickly.

We’re marshalling at Castle Combe tomorrow, and then back to work as normal on Tuesday.


No PB, but a good weekend with added Gromits

After my monster workout on Thursday, I was suffering already on Friday.  My back hurt the most, but as the day progressed, my shoulders and arms started aching too.  As I crawled into bed on Friday night, I wondered whether I’d actually be able to go to parkrun on Saturday morning.  I hurt.  I wasn’t just sore, I was hurting (yeah yeah, overdramatic I know).

I confess, I didn’t exactly spring out of bed on Saturday morning, but I did make it to Killerton.  I started off much better than the week before, and I felt good.  I thought I was running for more than I was walking (side note: Gah!  Why can’t I run continuously any more?!), and I felt my pace was more consistent as a result.  Not only that, but I wasn’t at the back.  M actually caught a couple of pictures of me:

parkrun 29.6.13

I felt good, better in fact that last week, despite my sore muscles.  The result?  4 seconds slower.  Oh well!  I wasn’t last though.  I am wondering what the result will be next week.  Apologies too for the selfie – but it had a purpose.  I decided, having spoken to one of the guys at work about muscle soreness to try a protein shake (hence the picture).  I spent quite a lot of time of Friday night researching whether protein shakes should be avoided by those trying to lose weight (general consensus: research the protein v carb content, and factor it in to your calorie allowance).  After my run, we stopped by our local smoothie bar, and I ordered a protein shake.  It was quite tasty.  I will, however, see if I can find a couple of sample powders to try and make my own at home, as buying shakes could prove to be expensive.

I don’t know whether it was the shake itself, or maybe a placebo effect, but I am not feeling anywhere near as sore as I think I probably would have been.  I’ve decided, therefore, that when I double up spinning and kettlebells, my tea will be a shake when I get in (I don’t want to eat that late in the evening, but I can’t deal with the muscle soreness).

The rest of the day was spent with M’s family.  Mother-in-law is getting married again in September, and a shopping trip had been planned so that M and I could be kitted out in appropriate wedding attire.  A trip to Bristol it was.  All over Bristol were lots of Gromits (from Wallace and Gromit, not grommets for ear problems).  It is part of Gromit Unleashed, an art exhibition of 80 5ft Gromits and is in Bristol for 10 weeks from 1st July, raising money for The Grand Appeal (Bristol’s Children’s Hospital).  I snapped this one is Cabot Circus.

Gromit - Simons Cat

We did see a couple more, but annoyingly I didn’t have my camera on me, and my phone camera is very poor (stupid Blackberry!).  That said, for my phone, this came out rather well.  I sent this to my sister tout suite, because it’s a Simon’s Cat Gromit (she got me in to Simon’s Cat a couple of years ago).  Simon Torfield, creator of Simon’s Cat, makes sketches and video clips of cat behaviour that will resonate deeply with cat owners.  A favourite of mine being:

I really want to go back to Bristol and go on a Gromit Hunt.  We have quite a quiet month in August, so I may pester M into having a weekend there to track them down.

Notwithstanding Gromit spotting, we had a really nice afternoon out and about, and I came away with a gorgeous purple maxi dress from Hobbs (in the sale too – what’s not to love!) and M got a new suit.  Frustratingly, my foot has started playing up again.  It is sore in exactly the same area as it was when I injured it last time.  I’ve decided to try and take it easy today to help it heal, and I may decide to back off the running (not that I have actually done any between parkruns… Oops) if a day with it resting doesn’t help.

Hope everyone’s had a great weekend too!