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Rose tinted glasses? Rejoining the gym

I have a horrible feeling that I am hurtling towards becoming one of the people I used to get really frustrated with – the New Year’s Resolutionist at the gym.  You know, the people who join shortly after New Year, pack out the gym at all times of the day, and you can forget trying to get to your regular class schedule.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all up for improvement (and I do love a Game of Thrones meme).  I’m not one to judge, I know, but I do remember the frustration at not being able to get into my normal classes in times gone by.  However, I know that I am not going to get the chance to do anything in November or December because of other existing commitments, which means that I am going to be one of those people who joins in January.

I’ve got to thinking about the gym a bit lately.  I know that weight loss is more about what you put in compared with what you do, but there are other benefits that I have come to miss.  I miss structured classes with other people.  Kettlebells at home is all well and good, but I miss an instructor kicking my bum to make sure I finish, the peer pressure, the “turn up and follow” mentality.  I miss the silent competition of spinning.  The satisfaction of hardly being able to walk after a hard spinning or kettlebell class, of getting into a pose easier in yoga.  Some reflection time has really shown me that mentally, I was in a better place when I was going to the gym (okay, I was also going to Slimming World at the same time, but I don’t feel I need to go back yet).  My ability to cope with stress was much better without doubt.

I have a feeling I might be looking at this all with rose-tinted glasses, but I’ve tried to be objective.  I even looked back at my post last year on giving up the gym.  The minimum sign up is 6 months.  If I can’t make it stick in 6 months, then I’ll break away again.

So brace yourselves Gym Goers… this New Year’s Resolutionist has plans!

Are you gym lover or gym hater?


Janathon Day 4: I have little to no core strength

Today’s Janathon was brought to you by a bad form pyjama plank:

Bad Form Plank

19 whole seconds on a bad form pyjama plank.  I really am woeful at things like planking, and I have never successfully done a side plank without crumpling in a heap literally one second in.  As with all things though – practice makes perfect.  Core strength is one of those funny things for me.  When I first started at a gym, back in my first year at university, the focus was entirely on cardio.  There was very little focus on weight training and virtually none on core strength.  The only memorable exception was when I dabbled in a little bit of kickboxing where there was a focus on sit ups.  Even at the gym I go to now, there is a token nod towards floor work but the main exercises are predominantly done on the machines, whether they be weights or cardio.  Sure, there are classes like Tums, Bums and Thighs, the myriad of Les Mills classes and Zumba, but I have typically felt intimidated by joining anything dedicated to core work, as mine really is poor.  Yes, I know, going would make it less so.  I feel like a bit of a latecomer to core work really.

Anyway, the alternative to a pyjama plank would have been parkrun.  I didn’t get up in time for it though.  It’s probably a good thing and a welcome respite for my trainers, as it has got progressively muddier each time I have been lately.  I am looking forward to the spring when the course has had a bit of a chance to dry out a bit.

I have no run planned for today, as tomorrow is my long run (5 whole miles, undoubtedly in the rain!).  I am meant to cross train for 40 minutes, but I am struggling to think of anything to do other than go for a walk.  I need to get some things from town, so that may not be the worst option.

Sadly today really does mark the end of the holidays.  My sister is going back home, I am cracking on with the washing like a trojan and that means that all the work clothes will need ironing, all of the holiday stuff has been put away, and my work-related anxiety is beginning to set back in.  Well, it was a lovely couple of weeks off, and M and I now need to sit down to work out what we’re going to do for time off in 2014.