Tub on the Run


Weigh in and on to Week 5

I am beginning to notice a bit of a trend with my weigh ins – I have a really good week (like last week), and then I have a less good week, like today.  I put 1lb on this week.  To be honest, with all the upheaval and the (seemingly temporary) reappearance of that black dog, I haven’t really been too focused on my food.  1lb on isn’t going to “break the bank”, and I’m confident that within a couple of weeks, I’ll be down to my new stone zone (well, it’s not technically brand new, but it’ll be new on this side of summer).

In other news, I disappear off out on my run after work this evening, and “explored” another new route.  It isn’t really new, to be honest, as I used to ride the horse around there (she is stabled there still), but I’ve never run it before.  I am pleased with myself actually, because it isn’t the flattest route in the world:

Exe View Lane

See!  Look how steep that is!  Now, don’t get me wrong, I was hardly Mo Farah in terms of speed.  In fact, I may even have been able to walk faster, but importantly, I kept a semblance of running going.  That is now Week 5, Run 1 completed and ticked off my list.  Now, I think I may have to juggle the diary a little bit this week, as I would have planned to parkrun on Saturday morning, but that isn’t possible this week.  Instead, I think I may run on Sunday morning in Cyprus.  Who knows.

On a slight tangent, I was sat in one of our director’s offices this afternoon, and I was looking around his office, I spied a quote on one of his whiteboards that really struck a chord with me, and I shall leave you on that thought:

Don’t be surprised at the results you didn’t get for the work you didn’t do


Day Trips – Exeter and Dartmoor

I am thoroughly enjoying my week off so far.  My only concern is that it seems to be galloping by far too quickly for my liking.  I’m trying very hard not to think of the fact that I have no holiday time booked between the end of this week and when mother-in-law gets married in September.  Fourteen weeks between now and then.  Scary!  I do have a couple of things to look forward to though, so it’s not all doom and gloom.

Yesterday, M and I headed in to Exeter.  My car needed its MOT test and a major service, so we dropped the car off and walked into the city.  It was a pleasant day, and we stopped off at the cathedral green to work out our plan of attack.

Exeter Cathedral

Exeter Cathedral

Memorial on the green for Lee Rigby

Memorial on the green for Lee Rigby

The plan was to wander about, window shopping until lunchtime.  We headed into our usual haunts, with me half heartedly looking for a nice dress for mother-in-law’s wedding (no success).  Lunchtime came, and we made our way to Yo! Sushi.  I have wanted to try sushi for a long time, and have said to M about eating at a Yo! Sushi when we’ve been in Cribbs Causway in Bristol.  He’s never been too keen, but somehow his arm was twisted this time.  It was a great experience – lean principles in action.  I had no plan of what to eat, and just picked anything I liked the look of.  It was great!  I didn’t have lots of fish, as I am not the biggest fish fan, but I enjoyed the bits of fish I did have.   Safe to say, I am a Yo! Sushi convert.  I’m not sure I’d chose that over Wagamama, but it could be a tough call.

This year, the Royal Albert Memorial Museum reopened, after a long period of refurbishment.  I hadn’t been in since my final year in sixth form, when we were studying William Blake in English Literature, and conveniently there was an exhibition for Songs of Innocence and of Experience.  That would have been [groan] 11 years ago.

A cultural Tub

A cultural Tub

As children, Mum used to take my sister and I there on a regular(ish) basis.  There were things that I was keen to make sure were still there, like Gerald the Giraffe, and the Egyptian mummy.  They were there!

Elephant next to Gerald

Elephant next to Gerald

Sadly, news came in whilst M and I were wandering around, that I was likely to have to sell a kidney to pay for my car’s repairs.  Oh well, it’s only money – you only life once (thank goodness – it would be too expensive to do so multiple times!)!  After a really enjoyable day out, M and I settled down to watch the latest series of True Blood (my love, next to Spartacus).

Today rolled around too quickly.  My sister, Mum and I were going to spend the day together, but Mum had overexerted herself yesterday (they had gone out for a bike ride for the first time this year) and stayed at home.  My sister, P, picked me up, and off we headed to Dartmoor.  P is a slave driver great support in my battle with the bulge and beat me encouraged me up two sizeable hills.


I jest, it wasn’t that bad, and I did actually mutter that the masochistic side of me thought it would be great to walk up this hill.  Me and my big mouth…

We walked all the way to the top

We walked all the way to the top

Now, I didn’t truly appreciate how steep that hill was (the picture doesn’t do it justice!), and had to take several rest breaks on the way up, but the view from the peak was amazing.

I thought the rocks in the middle ground were at the  top of a big hill...

I thought the rocks in the middle ground were at the top of a big hill…

What was also very nice was the Dartmoor foals.  Everything seems late this year (maybe due to the weather), and the foals don’t seem to be an exception, though these guys aren’t brand new.

101 110

In our attempts to get a little bit closer to the ponies, we ended up in blanket bog, and I sunk my foot quite deep into one puddle.  Thankfully, P did the same (misery wet feet love company).

Bog bodies!

Bog bodies!

I really enjoyed my day out today, even if I am now so windswept…

windswept and out of puff

windswept and out of puff

… that I am dreading brushing my hair later.  I feel it will be a conditioner and comb in the shower jobbie.


Tub’s Brilliant Sunday (now with added hills)

I had one of those really great weekends this weekend.  I won’t repeat my Saturday adventures, instead I shall regale you with my adventures on Sunday.

May last year I met two people at my new Slimming World group (I didn’t get my first group all that well, so I moved to a different one), and Gareth and Helen joined at roughly the same time.  Helen is my friend that I have mentioned before who has lost 5 stone (and I take a great amount of inspiration from).  Gareth and Helen are a couple, and we hit it off straight away.  We decided to do something out and away from group one day, and decided on this weekend to doing something active.  It fell in quite well with a free entry day for National Trust properties.  We decided on Castle Drogo in the Teign Valley. 

It’s an amazing house (well, castle), built in the early 1900s.  It’s got a fairly sad story with it, but the family still live in apartments at the very top of the castle apparently.  Anyway, it was built deliberately where it is, because of this:

Drogo 2013 007 Drogo 2013 009 

The views around the castle are amazing.  We went on a slightly overcast day, so you can probably imagine how beautiful it would look on a bright sunny day. 

Unfortunately the house has a leaking roof, so there is a major conservation project to put the roof to rights and do a lot of works on the window.  That means that a lot of the internal rooms have had a lot of plywood to protect the internals whilst the work is carried out.  The castle is still open and they’ve thought up some great ways to show a different story, including a tea chest replica of the castle, large replicas of postcards that one of the sons used to collect, which you could interact with.  Cue prop-wearing…

Drogo 2013 005

It’s full of great gadgets – stuff that you wouldn’t have thought was about in the 1920s – a proper shower (with a rain head and side jets), connection points for lamps (just put the lamp on a connection point and it lights), plus its own generator, using the river for electricity.  I was amazed!

After we had wandered around the house and stopped for a cup of tea (Helen and I shared a flapjack, while the boys had scones), we headed back the car to don our walking boots.  You can’t go to somewhere like that and not go for a walk.  It was a 2 mile steep descent.  I was astounded to see hoof prints on the way down – I wouldn’t ride a horse down such narrow steep paths with a nigh on sheer drop.  They were ridden horses too, as they were shod prints.  Madness! 

Drogo 2013 017

At the very bottom of the valley was a hidden gem – Fingle Bridge Inn.  Set next to the Teign, it used to be a mill that also had tea rooms, and now a delightful pub with excellent food.  Helen and I chose ploughmans, M had gammon and Gareth had whitebait.  I always think the sign of a good pub is the ability to take dogs in.  The food was excellent, and definitely worth the walk.

Drogo 2013 019

After finishing lunch, we started the climb back up the valley.  Climb being the operative word.  It was two miles back up hill, steep hills interspersed with the occasional flat bit.  The scenery though was breathtaking (again, quite literally – conversation was difficult on the way back up!).

However, the hill walking seems to have done something good for my bum muscles, as they’re much less tight now.  I even managed to get out for a run.  I knew that if I sat down for too long and didn’t look to move, I’d have stayed on the sofa all night.  I didn’t give myself the option, just put my running stuff on and headed out.  I bargained with myself that I would run for 25 minutes this time, as I knew I could do that.  I actually managed to run my normal route quicker, covering 3.47km in 25:01, which gives me a 5k time of about 38 minutes I think.  I was really pleased.  I felt good coming back, though my calves are really stiff and tight.  I wore flat shoes to work yesterday to try and help, but it’s not really worked.

I was thinking I was in for a successful weigh in (as in, my evening weight would follow suit of the morning results and be in the 15 stone range), but given the flapjack and then my dad’s birthday meal last night, my hopes are somewhat less now.  I’m pretty sure I’m on for a loss, but not sure if I’ll break through the barrier.  I doubt I’ll be staying for group though, as our normal consultant is poorly, and I’m not sure I like the stand ins all that much.

I’m really hoping that my laptop gets fixed soon so that I can get back to blogging properly, rather than writing on my old (non-internetable) laptop then having to post at lunchtime at work.