Tub on the Run


My #Whole30 results

Day 30 came and went without too much notice.  I had started to feel a bit anxious about what I was going to eat when the Whole30 was over, and partly for good reason.  Matt and I were due to go to the Silverstone Classic on Thursday 24th July.  We made it there in good time, but hadn’t really catered for a camping trip for the Thursday (our Day 30).  We’d already planned to eat whatever we could rather than try to find compliant food when we were out and about, and I had deliberately started the Whole30 when we did so that camping wouldn’t be a problem.

Thursday morning was a bit of a rush, taking photos and measurements before work, but we got it done, and I am certainly pleased with the results, and I know Matt is pretty chuffed with his too.  At the beginning, in my elevator pitch of Whole30, I wrote about what I wanted out of the 30 days:

  • Making significant inroads into breaking my problem with sugar

  • Learning more about what I truly benefit from and what does me harm

  • I won’t lie, some weight loss would be nice!

  • I’d also like to see if some of the skin problems I have are linked to my diet.  I imagine that they probably are

Looking at it in a bit of detail, I think it was a worthwhile exercise.


I didn’t think I was really one to suffer with mid-afternoon slumps, but one thing that has really made itself known since we came off of Whole30 is that I do.  My concentration is poor and I don’t feel like I am firing on all cylinders for a sustained period of time.  On Whole30, I felt great.  The world was my lobster and I felt ready to take on the challenges.


I’ve never been a bad sleeper.  I’m a fidget and nuisance as I have restless legs and sleep walk and talk sometimes, but it rarely wakes me up.  Poor Matt, on the other hand, can often be the victim of a randomly flung leg or arm.  I wouldn’t feel like I would wake up refreshed and raring though.  Whole30 didn’t change this for me much.  I continued to sleep well, but I woke feeling a little brighter.

Sugar Addiction

This, for me, has to be one of the greatest successes.  I’m not “cured”, but these 30 days have helped me to sit out a craving, or find something else.  It’s proved to me that I don’t need the sugar and that I work better as a human being with less sugar.  I am still getting cravings every now and then, and although we’re not really following paleo or Whole30 right now, I haven’t slipped back in to my old ways of reaching for the first sweet thing I can find.  I feel like I have made a significant inroad on this particular aspect, and one that I am very keen to continue.



My skin has never been great.  Ever since I hit puberty, the dermatology gods decided that I was destined to be plagued with breakouts and problem skin.  This has continued into my late 20s, though thankfully it isn’t as bad as it used to be.  That said, I am still unhappy with it and I find it to be a source of self-consciousness.  The Whole30 website says that improved skin can be one of the benefits of the 30 days, but I didn’t really find this to be the case.  I must make a point of saying that I have stress related breakouts and July was a stressful month, so Whole30 might have saved me a couple of nasty spots, but I’ll never know.


I don’t think there is a huge difference between the photos, but there is a good difference on the scales.  I started the Whole30 at 18 stone 9.5lbs and weighed in on Day 30 at 17 stone 7.5lbs, losing 16lbs and 8 inches.  Is it water weight?  Maybe.  I don’t really know.  I have really tried to make this more than just about losing the weight, but this is one of the best indicators for me. Something you can actually see.

Tub on the Run Side Comparison Whole 30

Tub on the Run Front Comparison Whole 30

Life after Whole30

Since finishing the 30 days, I have not stuck to any semblance of the principles of Whole 30.  This has seen my moods go up and down, my ability to cope with stress is compromised, I’m not feeling as efficient and I’m bloating.  I don’t feel great.  I actually feel sad.

Matt has seen a return to bloating too.

We’ve discussed what our next plans are in terms of diet.  We’ll be returning to a paleo/primal kind of eating soon, working on a 90% rule.  We’ve loved most of the meals that we’ve eaten and definitely want to keep them in the meal plans going forwards.  The issue is that August tends to be quite a social month for us, and eating out on paleo seems quite difficult, though not impossible.  With that in mind, we’ve discussed doing another Whole 30 in September.

I’ve got a few more thoughts on Whole 30 that I will write down at some point soon, but I thought this post was long enough, without getting in to the rest of it.


Sibling Pride

I have wanted to whoop and squee in the run up to this, but I am SO proud of my little sister!  She rocks!

Why does she rock?

Not long after I started Couch to 5k, so did P.  She successfully completed it, and, unlike me, stuck with it.  She then ran a sub-30 minute 5k not too long after completing c25K.  I won’t lie – I am completely envious of her speed.

After a bit of an injury where a trail run somewhat damaged her knees (but not her running spirit), once the scabs had healed, she headed back out again.


Then came a suggested post on facebook for Run Highclere in aid of Parkinsons UK.  Highclere Castle, for those (like myself) that don’t know, is where Downton Abbey is filmed.  She had just finished a challenge of doing a month of no snacking, and wanted a new challenge, so she signed up, set up her Just Giving page and got training.

Today was scheduled to be the day, but sadly P was informed that because of the adverse weather conditions, the ground was not suitable to run on.  Very disappointing, but it can’t be helped.  Not to be put off, and not to let down the people who had kindly donated, P went out for her 10k run as planned today, and recorded an amazing 1 hour 11 minute début!  I am so chuffed for her, not only for her time, but also for raising the money that she has (over £100)!  She’s also said that if and when Run Highclere is rescheduled, she’s going to run it and try to beat her time for today!  Fantastic!

So I’m all “beam, beam, beam, proud, proud, proud”!

Now P… PLEASE go and buy some proper running shoes!! 🙂

(And apologies – this feeble post really doesn’t get across just how proud I am!)




After a bit of a rocky start with My Fitness Pal, where my tracking didn’t really happen one week, I managed to put on weight before I lost it (genius!).  I am now pleased to report that I am at a net loss.  Hurrah!  It has been an “okay” kind of week with food.  I have tried to eat more mindfully, as I am horrendous for just wolfing down my meals without really chewing or tasting them.  The queen of mindless eating if you will!

I’ve really been struggling for things to write about on my blog lately.  “Tub” is still tubby, and “on the run” is more “sat on my bum”, so it’s quite hard to think of relevant things to write about.  However, as a brief post, I thought I’d share a couple of things that are inspiring me right now:

  • My sister – She took up running after me, but has beaten me at all running related things.  She’s got a 30 minute 5k under her belt, a few new knee scars from a fall (thankfully, otherwise, mostly injury free), and has now signed up for her first ever 10k in May.  She’s running for Parkinson’s UK at Highclere on 11th May 2014.  I can’t wait to hear how she does!
  • James – Matt’s best man at our wedding is competing in the EC Powerman Duathlon in Holland today.
  • The London Marathon.  I am always amazed by peoples’ ability to run for 26.2 miles, especially as I would struggle to run a full 2.62 miles right now.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading other bloggers’  recaps on the Brighton and Paris marathons, and can’t wait for the London reviews to come up in the next few days.

Oh… and happy birthday to my running shoes.  It has been a year since I bought them.

They don't look quite as clean these days

They don’t look quite as clean these days



Merry Tubmas

Matt made me call this post “Merry Tubmas”.  I was going to go with “Happy Birthday Tub!”.  The sentiment is still the same though – Tub on the Run is one year old today!

Happy birthday Tub

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting back into blogging.  I used to have a blog a long time ago, but I didn’t really understand anything about blogging then (and I’m not always sure I know now!), and after a couple of months I eventually stopped and deleted the old one.  I can’t even remember what it was called now.  I didn’t read blogs at the time. either  Nowadays, I have roughly 60 blogs on my reading list which I try to read regularly, and I have “met” some really nice people along the way (and met one of the bloggers, Sharon, in real life!).

What genuinely surprises me on a daily basis is that people (other than my mum and sister) read this, and some even comment and/or follow me.  I don’t know what it is that brings people this way, but thank you – whether you are a regular reader or not!

I won’t lie, I had hoped that Tub would be less tubby by now, and that “on the run” had been a bit more consistent (and faster, and over longer distances), but importantly, one year on, I am still fighting both battles, and I would never have thought I would have been able to a) complete Couch to 5k, b) run a 10k, or c) be training (quite seriously) for a half marathon.  Yeah, the times are (or are going to be) slow, but that is ok.  I can work on that after Silverstone.

I don’t obsess over page views or the like, but I do like to see what goes on in the WordPress Stats, and here are some of them:

Top post (Food) – Slimming World Friendly Lasagne

Top post (Running) – Janathon Day 5: 0 dry runs this year

Countries – People from 45 different countries have visited Tub on the Run, with the highest coming from the UK, USA, Canada and Australia

And now, for some of my favourite search terms (I hope you found what you were looking for people, though I suspect you may not have found it here!):

  1. “shoe woo in little rock”
  2. “can i use catnip spray on my skin”
  3. “alpaca tub”
  4. “i am the greatest sister”
  5. “i had deodrant on when i had my spray tan now my armpits are green”

Anyway, thank you for your support and guidance over the last year, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Tub’s second birthday looks like!


It is easier to keep going

I’ve had a lovely chilled out day today.  I didn’t get out of bed until mid morning, and slept straight through, so I figured I needed it.  When I finally dragged myself out of bed, I started looking at the 10k plan, where I am meant to be on Week 5, and I am meant to have increased my mileage, week on week, at a steady pace.  With the wedding and all, I grossly overestimated how busy (and tired) I would be, and it is safe to say that I am quite a few weeks behind.  Having already completed Week 4 in a previous attempt (before the summer hit), I thought the scheduled 4.5 miles of Week 5 might be doable.

It turned out to be a bittersweet run.  I was really pleased with myself, I managed to keep on the motion of running for approximately 2.8 miles.  That is substantially further than I have run continuously for some time.  That was a win, a real confidence boost.  In addition, when I first started running, I’d lurk on the Runners World forum for beginners, and the more experienced runners would say that you’d feel better after the first 10 minutes, or the first mile.  I never believed it before, but today, after probably 13 minutes (that’s just under a mile for me), I felt myself settle into a rhythm.  The rhythm isn’t exactly mirrored by the Garmin download, but that will come in time I guess.

Week 5 Run

The need to stop didn’t really materialise.  Well, that was until I was forced to stop.  As I got to a set of traffic lights, I wasn’t quite quick enough to catch the green man, so I had to wait my turn.  I’d stopped.  I tried to restart, quite unsuccessfully.  I just couldn’t find my “spot” again.  It had stopped feeling ok.  My foot had started to hurt, and a little further along, I had a really sore chest pain that felt like stitch, but was too high to have been stitch.  That was at 3.2 miles.  I am annoyed that I didn’t make it to at least 4 miles, but with my reasonable head on, I acknowledge that I haven’t run properly for a long time, 4 miles is a long distance for me, I’m also a stone heavier than some of my more recent performances and I have a disgusting cold at the moment.  My sore foot owed to a blister from rubbishy Marks and Spencers sports socks.  I’ll need to find my Nikes again for my next run.

Anyway, the point of this post is that it occurred to me, as I was struggling to get going after the traffic lights, that it is much easier to just keep going.  I’ve spent a period of time this year building a very small platform of basic fitness, which has allowed me to run nearly three miles without stopping, to the point where it was easier to keep going than to stop.  If I hadn’t been forced to stop at the lights, I like to think that I would have achieved 4 miles.

I expanded that thought further – each time I stop running, I find it harder to start again.  I find it hard to write about restarting on here.  With my diet, it is so much easier to keep on the wagon than fall off, dust myself off and sort myself out.  I’m quite sure it can’t be doing my body any good, and it certainly isn’t good for me mentally.

I need to keep going.  The alternative is too hard.

I need to remember this.


My line in the sand

This week is flying by!  I had a reasonable weigh in – it was a line in the sand for me.  I weighed in at 16st 3lbs.  It was a 3lb gain.

Today, I weigh exactly the same as I did in the summer of 2008.  A real turning point for me was my little sister’s 21st birthday party.

tubontherun.wordpress.com 2008 16.3

I don’t remember now what exactly made me feel that I had to change, but there had been a few photos that I really began to notice how much weight I’d piled on.  The top that I was wearing in the picture didn’t fit nicely when it once had, but I couldn’t face going to buy a new top.  I probably knew I wouldn’t be able to find many nice clothes in a size it fit me.

It was at a time when I wasn’t too happy either.  I’d split up from my first proper boyfriend the year before, and had piled the weight on throughout 2007 – comfort food fed the emotion and did its best to mask how empty, worthless and lonely I felt.  I was living up north, with hardly any friends (most of my uni friends moved back home or went travelling), and I had cripplingly poor, exceptionally low self esteem.  I did have a job I loved though.  So, in June 2008, I vowed to make a concerted effort to blitz the blub.

The thought of going to a weight loss group did not inspire me (though ironically, it probably would have done me the world of good).  Instead, I researched Tesco Diets – their GI plan specifically.  I loved it – the food was great, I felt like I was always eating, I didn’t have the spikes and troughs in my energy levels, and my mood improved a lot.  The pounds also started to melt away.  To start off with, it was really easy.  I lived on my own, Tesco Diets provided a shopping list, I had no social life so I could spend my evenings cooking a huge variety of food.  When the company I worked for sadly went into administration, my job sank with it and I made the move back to my home – Devon.  Back in with my parents I moved, and within the month I had a new job to go to.  I got more active and started horse riding again.  I kept up with the diet and hit Christmas 2008 at 13 stone dead.  I’d lost 3 stone 3lbs.  I really began to feel attractive again.

Bruges 13 stone

I hated my job, but everything else was going really well.  I was enjoying being back home – somewhere where I was loved.  However, over the next 4 years, I added over a stone on to each year.  In those years, M and I got together (and I was welcomed into an additional family of perpetual fat fighters), I changed my role, I hit rock bottom in my job and mental state, I moved out of my parent’s house into our first flat (which was, and still is horrid), I lost my confidence with horse riding following a couple of bad incidents, and all manner of other things changed and I reverted back to being a binging comfort eater.

Two weeks before M proposed in March last year, I joined Slimming World.  I joined at 19st 1.5lbs.  My size 22 trousers were getting too tight, and I didn’t feel right in my own skin.  I felt and looked hideous, and my weight had started to affect all that I tried to do.  When my weight blinked on the screen,  I could have fallen off the scales (but for the fear of damaging myself and/or someone or something else).  My journey with Slimming World started off ok.  Then spent the next 9 months bimbling around and not really losing the weight.  I started 2013 on a high, with 10 consecutive weeks of losses.  Then I started bimbling again.

This is my line in the sand.  I can do the next three stone.  I did it before, and I can do it again.

From fatter to thinner

I’m in a much better place than I was then, so… Where did I put my running plan and food diary?!

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New Stone Zone

I completed the Tuesday of my Hal Higdon 10k plan.  Well.  Sort of.  I was meant to run for 2.5 miles, but I managed 2.34 miles.  I was out for just longer than 2.5 miles, but I had to take a couple of walk breaks and stopped the Garmin accordingly.  This was the wrong day to introduce hills.  I struggled quite a bit with the hills, managing to run up them roughly halfway, before my heart threatened to break my ribs from pounding too hard.  Don’t get me wrong, I hardly live in the midst of some hilly place like Wales, but nearly all of my running so far has been done on the flat.  However, I’m bored of the flat (as well as the pesky people who think it’s great to be moving obstacles).  I did enjoy the run though, especially the downhill bits!  It has made me realise that my first few “long” runs will need to be on the flat, maybe a couple of laps of the old route.

Steph Loop

My “hilly” run
(Sorry about the rubbish pic)

Today is a run and strength day.  I’m not entirely sure what I will a) be using for the strength or b) what exercises I should be doing.  I don’t have free weights at home.  M has some, but they’re at his nan’s house.  Maybe I should look to bring them down at some point.  I suspect using one of the cats as a kettlebell (despite the bigger one weighing more than my normal kettlebell) is unacceptable, and I don’t think we have many tins of food.  Hmm… I shall have to think.  Route-wise, I am going to be mixing it up and trying an out and back route, rather than my usual loops.

Last night’s weigh in was a roaring success.  I have broken into the next stone bracket down.  WOO!!!  There is nothing better than seeing a new front number.  I am really pleased with that.  It was a 2.5lb loss, which is great.  I will be taking my measurements at the weekend for my monthly round up at the weekend.  I don’t know how much will have changed on the inches front, but it was a better month weight loss wise.  Oh yeah, and I should take a progress picture (groan…).


Tub’s Random Saturday

I’ve had to sit down.  Physically, standing and moving is increasingly painful.  Yep, that would be me suffering, still, after kettlebells on Thursday.  I actually had to get M to try and massage the muscles with his elbow to try and break down the knots.  Who’d have thought you could have knots in your bum muscles…  Well, I can assure you that you definitely can, and it hurts!  I saw N (who I exercise with, and who is my bridesmaid), and thankfully she is hurting too (thankfully in so far as I can at least know that it’s not just me!).

Breakfast was a bowl of porridge, with a tbsp of peanut butter and a tsp of honey.  Tasty!  Prior to my breakfast, I hopped on the scales to see if my morning weight had changed much (I know, you shouldn’t weigh more than once a week, and it should be at the same time of day, but I’m nosy!).  I’ve been lingering close to the 15 stone bracket for a few days, but I haven’t quite managed to get there.  This morning I did it!  I broke into the next stone, and clocked in at 15st 12.6lbs!  Scale win!

When we got to Exeter, we were welcomed by an orchestra of bells.  M and I are wondering what on earth was going on – there seemed to be hundreds of Morris dancers in the city.  Wherever there was a flat space, they were there.  It makes me smile, Exeter’s got such weird and random (but good) things sometimes.  While we waited for N and J (J is M’s best man), I enjoyed the different dances and took a couple of photos:

IMG-20130420-00146 IMG-20130420-00148

We met my dad, J and N, as we had an appointment for a suit fitting for our wedding.  It went really well, the boys looked awesome, and bless my dad, I couldn’t help but smile because he looked really good (my dad tends to live in well worn jeans and jumpers because of his work, so it’s rare that we see him all dressed up).  M, J and Dad rocked it.  I took a couple of pictures and sent them to M’s family so they could see.  We’ve picked some great colours, and I really am impressed.  I also thought the suit hire was quite reasonable too.

Following the suit shopping, we headed to Marks and Spencers and went on the hunt for shoes.  Another win – all three managed to agree on shoes, and all their sizes were available.  I got a funny look from the cashier, having presented him with three different sized pairs of the same style shoes, then he smiled and asked if it was wedding shopping.  I couldn’t help but beam – our wedding has seemed so far off, then suddenly it all seems to be hitting home.

N and I headed to a department store (passing a man doing the limbo on the way – quite impressed by how low he got!), and tried on random hats (I don’t know why, I’m oddly drawn to hats, even though I rarely wear them).  I also tried a wedding dress on while the boys went to get coffee.  I looked pretty awful, which has spurred me on to make sure I fit into the dress I bought last year.  However, it’s good to know there are back up options out there, just in case.

We parted company and headed home.  We headed back too late really, as I was meant to drop my mum home, but time just ran away and I let Mum down (sorry Mum, if you’re reading!).  After wolfing down my salad for lunch, I headed up to my parents’ house so I could dog sit.  Floss, the dog, likes company, and Mum was off out with a friend.  Upon letting myself in, I was greeted by a bald hindquartered dog…  See how impressed she is…

IMG-20130420-00154Poor Floss.  I thought Mum had taken the trimming scissors to her (Floss has been getting itchy, and Mum likes to “help” by cutting fur… the cats, or the dog, no matter!  It did used to be mine and my sister’s fringes at one point, so when we left home, there really was little hope for the animals).  Needless to say, it’s a bit of a running family joke.  Anyway, upon closer inspection, I decided that Mum must have asked the dog wash people to trim Floss’s rear, as it was far too tidy for Mum’s attempt.

Floss mooched around after me for a bit, before settling when I loaded the computer up to blog.

So yes, it’s been a random day of wedding suits, a wedding dress, Morris dancers, limboers (not sure what to call people that limbo), a shaved dog, and now for a chilled out afternoon.  Am I exercising today?  No, I can barely walk, but I am going up to Dartmoor with friends tomorrow (weather permitting), and have agreed with myself that I shall run tomorrow evening come hell or high water.



Mixed bag of running, weigh ins and wedding

The marvellous Never2late4 has convinced me to join her in Fab Ab Feb (which is amusing to my little brain in that it is FAF for short, but undoubtedly, having already done so, I will most likely end up calling in Ab Fab Feb).  But Tub, it’s already 13th Feb.  I know!  It may run into Mad Abs March.  In fact, it will have to, as I have no current hope of completing 10 push ups AND a 35s plank.

Back to the “usual” rambling about running.  I completed Week 3 yesterday.  That’s 9 runs – I’ll be in double figures this week (baby milestones).  It felt ok.  I’m not saying I was fast, or that I could have gone on much further, but I’m pretty pleased with myself to be honest.  I need to have a look at what Week 4 has in store at some point.

Weigh in went well – another 2lbs down.  It’s strange, because I really didn’t think I was going to lose anything.  My weight all week had stayed the same as last week’s weigh in, so the 2lbs was a pleasant surprise.  I think that means I’m only 3lbs away from my next half stone now – another milestone hit.  That also means I’m only half a stone from one of my “interim” targets (the interim target being significant, as that is the weight I was when I first decided that enough was enough in 2008).  I have now probably eaten enough pancakes to see a reversal on the scales next week, but it’s back to being super healthy and not indulging (a fine balance to strike between indulging and restricting).  As I stepped off the scales, the lady on the desk said she wished she could pinch my motivation (or come to my house for tea).  I thought it was a strange comment, as I don’t feel massively motivated right now.  I think I have hit the point where I have realised that whatever excuses I throw at this project, ultimately it’s all down to me, and the only person I fail is me.  Katie at Runs for Cookies wrote an amazing post about motivation/determination, and I have to admit, it’s totally 100% bang on the mark for me. 

Our church

Our church

In other news, wedding news specifically, Father Stephen has been in touch about a marriage preparation course.  M and I are attending on 23rd February.  I’m not really sure what to expect – maybe things like what are our thoughts on having children?  How would you resolve any issues?  He also sent us some information about the church service and what our options are.  He would like to see us to discuss this at some point.  We’re quite set in what we both want (M isn’t too fussed about the readings and would like to pick the hymns more), and I think I know what I want for the processional.  It will be handy to know when Father Stephen needs all this information though.  And lastly, on the wedding news front, my best friend who emigrated to Montana (and got married last week), has confirmed that she’ll be coming back for my wedding.  I’m so pleased – I had been telling myself she wouldn’t be able to make it, as I know Americans don’t get as much vacation time as we do, but that news made my week.  I have told her to keep an eye out for potential bridesmaid’s dresses and email me pictures of ones she likes.


Coping mechanism musings

So I have been getting to grips with blogging, mainly reading other people’s for inspiration (both of the weight loss, running and blogging variety), and have found some absolute gems.

Firstly, to cope with running, there is The Dory” by Fat Girls Can Run.  This bring an amazing mental image, and who doesn’t love Dory.  So long as I don’t try talking whale when I’m out, I should be fine.  Maybe Inner Tub would like to chant “just keep swimmin’“.  Pfft, yeah right, I’ll do it then.

Secondly, I can cope without an ipod – losing it is not an excuse not to go out.  Similarly, I must remember that, from my very old experiences of running, running in the rain is quite nice (but cold), and wind is far worse, especially down the beach, but remember that the sea looks amazing when it’s stormy.  Ultimately, it is only 30 mins that I’ll be heading out for – get a grip Inner Tub!

On the thought of “it’s only 30 minutes”, I have been reading some great tips from Melanie at Happy Being Healthy, and one of the pictures (as well as the advice) has made an impact – someone busier than you is running right now.  I just have to plan cleverly, maybe rearrange a spinning class or something, but it is possible.

Then, of course, I am just truly inpired – Shauna Reid (DietGirl) and Brave or Foolish, though for different reasons.  I am also inspired by my mother in law, who, in 2012 decided that she’d stop smoking, cut back on her drinking and get out running.  MIL has never been fat, but she is positively radiating health at the moment.  M and I know that her fiance is likely to be the driving force (being a completely mad runner of the truest variety) but who cares – she’s fab!  My own sister is an amazing source of inspiration too.  She’s my best friend, who will listen to me grumble and moan, and would join me on harebrained ventures (like the Race for Life) even when she wasn’t too keen.

Inner Tub is going “yeeeah let’s get knowledge, we like knowledge“.  I know really that this is a procrastination tactic by Inner Tub, so we have made a deal, that when the calendar gets to February, we WILL be going out for our first run, but we can look and acquire knowledge, and feed off of it for a couple of weeks.  That’s two more weigh ins (Tuesday is our day).  Maybe another 3-4lbs off.

Finally, I have a nasty tendency to hold myself to exceptionally high standards, and not meeting them makes me miserable (cue my depression).  So completing the C25K is going to be tough.  I am allowing myself repeat weeks for weeks where maybe I just didn’t get “it” or whatever.  9 weeks (the length of the programme) should see me to Easter.  If I can be running a good length of time (30 mins) by the end of April, this will be a good thing and I will have achieved what I set out.