Tub on the Run


Janathon Days 16 to 18

Janathon Day 16 consisted of the very exciting:

Janathon Day 16

Janathon Day 17 was slightly more eventful:

Janathon Day 17

That is what you get for pratting around in the car park.  Matt has just pulled up, so I attempted some sort of skip, hop or jump and rolled my ankle on a seam in the tarmac.  And no, my husband did not come to my aid.  As I scraped myself off the floor, he actually asked where I had gone.  The floor.  One rolled ankle, a slightly bruised heel of my hand and a cut on my knee.  Thankfully, I did not put a hole in my work trousers.

Janathon Day 18…

This morning, the swelling in my ankle had gone, it didn’t hurt and so I thought that perhaps I would be ok to run.  I delayed the run by half an hour, waiting for a rain shower to pass through, but once it was dry, I changed and headed out.  I started at a nice pace, and the first half mile felt pretty good.  I then had to stop to negotiate my way past a family (you DO NOT need to walk 8 abreast, people!), and carried on.  I made it up the first hill and my ankle started twinging.  I considered whether it was pain or a niggle and decided on a niggle.  I kept going, passed two ladies and then broke to a walk as my ankle started to hurt.  I tried walking it out for a bit, but no joy.  I attempted another run a little while later that resulted in some limping.  I could feel that my shoe felt a little bit tighter than it had at the beginning, so I imagined that the swelling might have come back.  On the plus side, the two ladies that I passed on my way back smiled and said I was doing really well, which made me smile, so thank you ladies!

I was right about the swelling.  So here I sit, post-shower, with my exercise ball on two yoga blocks with my feet up and a tubi grip on the offending ankle.  Ibuprofen duly taken to help with the swelling and stop the shooting pains.

I had the choice of 3 or 4 miles today, and completing the other tomorrow.  I am going to have to use a joker for Jantastic for this week.  I won’t be running again now until Tuesday, which will hopefully be enough time for my ankle to heal.

Now it is time for a cuppa, catching up on some blogs and reading A Storm of Swords now, while trying to take my mind off the fact that I really doubt whether I’ll be able to complete a half marathon.  It seems an impossible distance – I haven’t run beyond 6 miles yet.  Anyway…  Tyrion has just come back round from his injuries, Davos has just been rescued and Daenerys has just been proposed to.


Janathon Day 12: The Long Run

In the middle of my funk last night, I posted to Twitter that I am struggling.


I can feel self-sabotage brewing.  I have never run as much as I am now, and while I really do feel like I am beginning to make some progress (my heart rate average is lowering, though my average pace is staying relatively stable), I am beginning to wonder whether I can really do 13.1 miles.  Thirteen point one miles is a very long distance for me (and for most people I would imagine).  I don’t want to fail, but I almost feel that it is inevitable.  I’ve tried getting into running so many times, and my consistency requires more work.

I genuinely hadn’t intended the tweet to be seeking pity or anything, but I was genuinely touched by the response I had.  It was reassuring to know that most people will feel the same at one point or another.

So this morning, I scoffed some porridge, waited an hour, faffed around a bit, tried to find some clean workout clothes, eventually found them, stepped outside and faffed a bit more whilst waiting for my Garmin to sync.

A couple of minutes later, off I toddled.  6 miles on the plan, but I needed to do just over to get my 10k recorded for my Virtual Runner race.  I chose to go from home to Darts Farm, which turns out to be around 6 miles.  It was a mildly undulating route.  Unfortunately I didn’t break my 10k record, but it was relatively close.  I probably would have done it, but for getting stuck behind some walkers and their dogs.

One thing I am beginning to find is that my heart rate is coming down, but the perceived effort seems to be getting harder.  I don’t know why that is, but I really flag in how I feel towards the end, though this isn’t entirely represented by my pace.

Anyway, I arrived at Darts Farm.

Darts Farm

I took £2 with me so I could get a drink, which I desperately needed by then.  Matt was meant to meet me there, but had got a bit sidetracked.  I busied myself by shopping for my Foodie Penpal (new matches came through!).  We also bought lunch to bring home.  Matt picked me up and home we came.  I plan to spend the rest of the afternoon doing laundry, catching up on the Janathon and Jantastic blogs, and pottering.

Janathon exercise, done.  Jantastic Week 1, done.  10k for Virtual Runner, logged!

Logged for Virtual Runner


Janathon Day 10: argh! mile 4!

This week my mileage sees one of the larger increases, and my two mid-length runs are 4 milers.

Originally I was meant to go out yesterday but a serious crash on the motorway meant I was three hours late for work and I ended up having a relatively stressful day trying to catch up with myself. I postponed in favour of prawns and Spartacus.

Mum had invited me around for tea tonight. Dad was out and Matt was on his way back from Birmingham so we thought we would have a nice evening chatting away. I said I would need to go out for a run, so after a quick pit stop home to get changed into my running clothes, I headed up to Mum’s where I also got the chance to run a different route (a very welcome change!).

My run looked something like this:

Mile 1: aaaaaarrrggghhhhhhhh….. Stitch!! I should not have eaten that yogurt before I came out…. Urge the paaaaaain (melodrama? Moi?)

Mile 2: cough…. Wheeze…. Cough… Thanks Mr 2 Stroke Moped for leaving a stink trail for half a mile. Hmm…. Stitch… Hmm left knee isn’t happy…

Mile 3: woo I am feeling good! Ok, with the exception of breathing out my backside when I reach the top of a rather brutal hill (but importantly, I made it to the top of the hill in a semblance of a run)

Mile 4: oh God. I am dying. Who put this hill here? I am sure this is meant to be flat. How much further? 0.75 of a mile? Ok… Huff… Puff… Walk… Now? 0.64? You have got to be kidding me. A watched kettle never boils? A watched Garmin doesn’t change either!

Mile 4.08: woo! Home!

And so I returned to my parents’ house, beetroot in colour, shining and a bit soggy with sweat, probably smelling as pretty as I looked.

My run was rewarded with a lovely hot shower and chilli con carne.


Janathon Day 7: WOO! A dry run!!

Cause for celebration – a dry run!  I cannot tell you how good it felt to be able to look up without my eyes stinging from the rain.  I have to admit, I hadn’t held high hopes for a dry run.  When M and I got up for work this morning, a few lightening flashes were sparking across the sky, followed quite some time later by a rolling thunder.  Perhaps 5 minutes later, driving rain and a howling gale swept across the town and it looked like someone had taken a jet wash to our windows.  Thankfully, it didn’t persist into the evening.

A lovely dry run!

I had been gearing myself up to try running a bit faster today and attempt to turn my shortest run of the week into a fast (for me) run, having been buoyed by my fastest pace on my long run.  I am quite pleased to say that I managed to get to 12:32 for mile 1, and 14:12 for mile 2.  For me, the time of my first mile is quick, and I can tell you know, I breathing out my bum for a lot of mile 2 (having puffed out on mile 1).

Today's contribution

Today’s contribution

That counts as one run towards my three per week that I have pledged as part of Jantastic.  I’ve joined Team Run Blog Bake .  We have a facebook group running, and they’re a great bunch – some really inspiring stories from the team!  I think I am going to enjoy getting to know everyone over the next couple of months.

I made my way straight to Slimming World to weigh in after my run.  I am chuffed to be recording a 3.5lb loss for this week.  I haven’t followed the plan fully, but I’ve not done too badly either.  One thing I really do need to work on is making sure I get enough to drink.  I’ve taken a 3 mint tea in to work to help stave off the munchies, which has worked so far (thank you Maria at Running Cupcake for the tip!).  I plan to up my veggies and protein this week, though I must get to Tesco tomorrow, otherwise my plans will fall flat on their face.

I didn’t stay to group.  I have absolutely nothing against newbies (we all were a newbie once), but the sheer amount of people means that group takes much longer, despite our consultant’s best efforts to keep it moving.  When I have been for a run, then sit down for perhaps up to an hour and a half, not only am I ravenous (and bad tempered in my hunger), but I also start to get stiff (and grumpy).  I’ll start going back to group towards the end of January when the New Year’s Resolutionists have gone.

As I dropped my weary carcass onto the sofa, I flicked through the TV programme planner thingy, and there is NOTHING on TV.  Come on Game of Thrones!  It is high time that you were back on my telly box!!  If I am going to be putting these miles in, I demand something good to watch for my efforts!

"Winter is coming" (Not quick enough HBO!)

“Winter is coming”
(Not quick enough HBO!)

Anyway, my Week 1 totals for Janathon are:

Miles run = 12.81

Plank = 19 seconds

Yoga = 50 minutes