Tub on the Run


Some non-scale victories

Having just finished off my Slimming World friendly, sweet tooth satisfying pudding, I have had the chance to marry up healthy eating and satisfying my craving for something sweet.  I’ve even managed to get a bit of chocolate in (hurrah for Curly Wurlys!).

New Image

Lately, I have been feeling like I have failed on the weight loss front.  Failed may be a bit strong, perhaps it’s more of a stalling than a failing.  Following my disappointing March round up result I have felt a bit deflated (whilst still being very much inflated).  Over the weekend, I had a good chat to myself.  Rather than my usual self-depreciating, self-esteem bashing talking to, I tried to think hard about how far I have come.  I took the week off from my Slimming World meeting this week.  I had stuff to do anyway (like food shopping for one), and it always turns into a rush on Tuesdays to get everything done.  It feels kind of strange not weighing in.  Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t a chore going, and I enjoy catching up with the friends I have made there, and getting new ideas, but I just wasn’t feeling it this week.

Despite my lack of weigh in, I have had some non-scale successes this week. 

  • Firstly, I can now get into my smaller work trousers.  They are from Long Tall Sally (which my mum always come up a bit small on the sizes), and a size 20.  I have been trying to get into them for what feels like months.  I actually wore them to work yesterday.  It feels a bit strange though, wearing a pair of trousers that don’t hang off of me. 
  • The second of my non-scale successes is that I can fit into a pair of size 18 Dorothy Perkins jeans.  I have a slight muffin top in them, but they are low-rise.  They’re a little tight, and I probably wouldn’t wear them outside of the house right now, but it’s definite progress and I’m sure that it won’t be too long before they fit properly. 
  • The third of the successes is only one that I really gave proper thought to yesterday.  I was walking from the reception at work up to our boardroom with a group of interviewees, and I walked up the slight hill, up the stairs and maintained a conversation.  A few months ago, I would have tried to appear deep in thought as I shuffled up, trying desperately hard not to seem as out of breath as I was.  Not now – I wasn’t out of puff at all.  It is one of those silly but important things. 
  • The final thing was people.  Two people at work have mentioned that I have lost weight.  Surprisingly, both men.  I say surprisingly, as I work in a factory, and normally the men don’t much pay attention to that kind of thing.  One of the managers saw me hoiking my trousers up as I walked back towards my office and asked if I was losing weight and said I looked well on it.  The second was one of the warehouse guys.  He’s ever so lovely, and wasn’t quite sure how to word it best so as not to cause offence.  Apparently, I look “well… umm… healthy… um…. “.  I smiled and said thank you and that it was ok to say I was looking thinner.

I have also tried to give some thought to the mental block I seem to have developed for running.  My last couple of attempts haven’t been successful, and I have lost some confidence.  I have been making poor excuses as I realised when I read Peanut Butter Fingers’ post on hurdles to exercise.  I seem so focused on the problem that I can’t find a solution.  I have made a decision to go back to Week 5 of Couch to 5k, and see if I can work up to Week 9 again.  If I am able to get through the weeks quicker, great, but I need to get back to it.  No more excuses – I have the time, I do feel better for exercising, and I lose weight in doing it.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that I feel much more positive that I have done in quite some time.  I feel in control of my eating, and am promising myself a good week of being on plan.


Woo! New Shoes!

Pay Day

That’s the story of my life!  Too much month in my money.

Anyway, as a treat for completing the Couch to 5k, I decided to reward myself with some new kit.  This kit included new shoes, as I have started wearing a hole in the toe box of my current pair.  As a small aside, is it wrong to love a pair of trainers because they hold some significance for you?  I love my old pair, and I’m loathe to throw them out – I started running in them!  `I decided it isn’t silly, and they’re now my “any other workout” trainers.  Anyway.  Last month, I realised that the little independent shop I used last time doesn’t actually do gait analysis.  As my knees aren’t in the world’s best condition, I am obviously quite keen to look after them.  After a quick google, I found a Runners Need shop, not too far from where I live.  Ok, it wasn’t really “found” as I knew it was there, but I forgot about it.  Following a quick look around their website, it appears they do gait analysis for free.  Being new to this whole thing, I emailed and asked if you needed to book – no, just turn up with your old shoes and in something you can run in (work trousers are out for me).  I admit, I was sceptical about going in.  I’m still fat and don’t obviously look like a runner type.  I was sure they’d think that I’d accidentally stumbled into their shop having missed the turning for McD’s.

The Runners Need in Exeter isn’t that big – it takes up a small corner of the Snow & Rock store.  After a few minutes, the lady came over and asked if we were ok (M came with me).  After bumbling about how I have just started running, and completed couch to 5k, I asked her about new shoes.  I was asked to run on a treadmill for a minute in some different trainers while I was filmed.  After a minute or so of running, I got off the treadmill and looked at my slow motion film.  It’s strange seeing yourself run.  The lady was really good, and explained it all to me, then picked me out some shoes.  I am an overpronator it appears.  I looked at Saucony Omni 11s, and Asics GT-2000s.   I then had to run in both pairs for another minute.  Both pairs were really comfortable, and I struggled to choose between the two.  In the end, I picked the Asics, just because of the colour really.  I will keep my eyes peeled for a cheap pair of Omni 11s though, as they were great too.


Overall, I liked the experience, though do think that the prices were quite high, so I’ll shop around more for the next pair.

In other news, I went to a kettlebells class for the first time last night.  I am dying today.  Actually dying.  My muscles are screaming at me to stop, don’t do anything, just sit down (yes, the treadmill was hard work for the gait analysis).  I would do it again though, which is probably a good job, as I am booked in to do it alternate weeks to spinning.

I can’t stop eating at the moment.  It’s ridiculous – I feel like I have lost all control.  I’d like to blame the hot cross buns.  It’s me though.  Just me.  I shall bury my nose in weight loss blogs and my latest Slimming World magazine to see if that helps.  I suspect it is because I am tired, sore, a bit low, and just struggling to work out whether it’s emotional food or genuine food cravings.  It’s unlikely to be genuine I’d have thought.  If my neck muscles weren’t so sore, then I would navel gaze a bit further.