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Juneathon Day 1: motorsport marshal yoga

“Winning has nothing to do with racing. Most days don’t have races anyway. Winning is about struggle and effort and optimism, and never, ever, ever giving up.” ~ Amby Burfoot

This is never more so than for endurance racing, whether that is running or motorsport.  This weekend, it was all about the motorsport.

Photo Credit: Matt Hunter

Photo Credit: Matt Hunter

For the first time this year I thoroughly enjoyed marshalling. I had a bit of a bad spell with either the marshalling side or the camping side so far this year.  This time at the British GTs at Silverstone, the sun shone, the electricity in the campsite worked and I was posted on a good post with a nice team.  We were even in the presence of athletic royalty as Chris Hoy donned a different kind of race suit and co-piloted the Nissan GT-R.

Today though, for my contribution to Juneathon, I:

  • Yoga’d.  Yes, I may have looked a little weird to my colleagues, but I really needed to stretch out.
  • Those exercises where you walk quickly with weights (no idea what they’re called).  The marshal version is called “taking the bottles out at the end of the day”.
  • A couple of jogs up and down my sector when incidents started happening.
  • Plenty of fidgeting.  Whether it was windmilling my arms or pacing, I was moving for most of the day.
  • Sweeping.  The GT race was quite eventful so with run offs and a couple of collisons, there was a reasonable amount of debris and stones on the track that needed sweeping off, and quickly, before race control released the final grid of cars.
  • Marshal wombling*: 1.5 head light glasses of a Ginetta G20, 1 carbon fibre undertray of an Audi R8, 1 wing of a McLaren MP412C, 1 Toyota GT86’s oil dumped over the run off which required dressing (read: more sweeping).

Now my feet are sore, my brain is full, my face is a little sunburnt, and I am a content little bunny.

This weekend was Silverstone at its best.

*Wombling being the act of collecting rubbish.  See:  The Wombles.  See also: Traffic Wombles.