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Juneathon Week 1 Round Up

I think I may have (slightly) underestimated how busy my first week of June was going to turn out to be, and while I haven’t managed to blog properly, I have stuck to the Juneathon rules of exercising and logging it daily.  As evidence, I would like to submit:



Today is Day 8 (well duuuh… what with it being 8th June and all!).  It is my sister’s birthday this week, so Mum and I decided it might be nice to spring a surprise visit on her.  I think if sweating in a sauna (read: car) counted as a Juneathon activity, I would have aced Juneathon today – the heat today was almost oppressive, but thankfully the good company made the journey pleasant.

We arrived in good time, and after greetings and proffering of gifts, the executive decision made was to go to the pub for lunch.  Ourm ode of transport – our legs!  It was a lovely walk through a park, nattering all the way.  I even recognised some places where my sister and I had run the Race for Life around this time about 5 years ago.

We stopped at a great little pub with a beer garden, ate, continued chatting and headed into the city centre.  I had said that I wanted to go to Montezuma’s.  In my humble opinion, Montezuma’s make the best chocolate.  I was introduced to them by a Foodie Penpal, and I developed a deep love for their chilli lime chocolate.  I haven’t been able to find a stockist for that specific chocolate in Devon, so we went straight to the source today.

It was questionable whether the chocolate would make it home in anything other than a smushy melted mess, but impressively, it survived.

We walked back to my sister’s, had a well deserved drink, wished her a happy birthday and came home.

I’ve had one of those really enjoyable weekends – yesterday at the South West Blog Social (which I will write about at some point when I have collected my thoughts into a coherent string), and today’s trip to Hampshire, it really has been the stuff that good weekends are made of.

My plan for Juneathon next week is to get some cardio and weights in, as a proper plan has been woefully lacking.

Fail to plan



Juneathon Day 3: The Walk

Today I walked.  I’m not sure how far, it but was about 30 minutes of walking.  Absolutely nothing of note happened, and I also can’t find an inspiring quote to put up for today, so my theme is already failing me here.

I will be using the Juneathon cop out of planking tomorrow and Thursday, as I have got an evening appointment tomorrow, and then need to be on the 7am flight to Manchester on Thursday morning, returning on Thursday night at about 10:45pm.  I have higher hopes for Friday.



Juneathon Day 2: Om nom nom

I love a good weekend of marshalling, but I do suffer with a marshal hangover.  Tiredness, lack of concentration and EAT ALL THE THINGS!

Today’s contribution is yoga.  20 minutes of yoga to help ease my sore muscles and help my spine to click.  I really enjoy the Ekhart Yoga videos, they move at the right pace for me and I don’t find them unachievable (damn you SeaWheeze – I cannot do all of your poses!).

I did struggle to do this today.  My motivation is non-existent when I am tired so I had to force any kind of activity today.

It’s only a short one today, as my brain is dribbling out of my ears and I need to go to bed!  Here is hoping for a more awake and more interesting Juneathon tomorrow.

Goodnight all!



Juneathon Day 1: motorsport marshal yoga

“Winning has nothing to do with racing. Most days don’t have races anyway. Winning is about struggle and effort and optimism, and never, ever, ever giving up.” ~ Amby Burfoot

This is never more so than for endurance racing, whether that is running or motorsport.  This weekend, it was all about the motorsport.

Photo Credit: Matt Hunter

Photo Credit: Matt Hunter

For the first time this year I thoroughly enjoyed marshalling. I had a bit of a bad spell with either the marshalling side or the camping side so far this year.  This time at the British GTs at Silverstone, the sun shone, the electricity in the campsite worked and I was posted on a good post with a nice team.  We were even in the presence of athletic royalty as Chris Hoy donned a different kind of race suit and co-piloted the Nissan GT-R.

Today though, for my contribution to Juneathon, I:

  • Yoga’d.  Yes, I may have looked a little weird to my colleagues, but I really needed to stretch out.
  • Those exercises where you walk quickly with weights (no idea what they’re called).  The marshal version is called “taking the bottles out at the end of the day”.
  • A couple of jogs up and down my sector when incidents started happening.
  • Plenty of fidgeting.  Whether it was windmilling my arms or pacing, I was moving for most of the day.
  • Sweeping.  The GT race was quite eventful so with run offs and a couple of collisons, there was a reasonable amount of debris and stones on the track that needed sweeping off, and quickly, before race control released the final grid of cars.
  • Marshal wombling*: 1.5 head light glasses of a Ginetta G20, 1 carbon fibre undertray of an Audi R8, 1 wing of a McLaren MP412C, 1 Toyota GT86’s oil dumped over the run off which required dressing (read: more sweeping).

Now my feet are sore, my brain is full, my face is a little sunburnt, and I am a content little bunny.

This weekend was Silverstone at its best.

*Wombling being the act of collecting rubbish.  See:  The Wombles.  See also: Traffic Wombles.


#Juneathon is nearly here!

One of my New Year’s resolutions had been to complete Janathon.  I didn’t quite make it, but I had made a significant improvement on last year’s (somewhat pitiful attempt at) Juneathon.  Third time’s a charm right?!

For the uninitiated, I promise I am not making up words.  The ‘athons (Janathon and Juneathon) are all about exercising every day and blogging within 24 hours of completing said exercise.

So it turns out that June has come around pretty quickly, and yet, at the same time, I seem to have spent an inordinate amount of time sat on my bum.  Another half year of relative inactivity passed.  But there will be progress. When it come to my Q2 review of the New Year’s Resolutions (the modified version), I will be ticking Juneathon off as complete!

The hardest part of Juneathon (and/or Janathon)?  The writing.  Oh, and the daily exercise :-).  My poor old body and brain will be completely perplexed by what is happening by days 3 or 4, but I have a plan.

Now, looking at my diary for June, aside from South West Blog Social, my sister’s birthday and Father’s Day, I think I have a quiet month.  The only thing I haven’t quite sussed out is a work trip up to Yorkshire and back in the same day.  I may have to do a lunchbreak plank or something.  Hmm… Anyway, a quiet month is a good thing as I find that the -athons can be all consuming with the actual participation and reading other peoples’ adventures (though that is one of the best bits!).

Back to my plan…  A much greater and wiser man than I wrote some key tips on how to survive Janathon.  I think I have pegged the whole reading and commenting on other blogs.  I’ve added as many people as I could on Twitter the other day, and also created a reading list on Bloglovin’.  That is the reading sorted!  I’ve been debating on a theme and have decided to go with a quote of the day kind of thing.

One thing I have definitely decided on though is that, being the positively conditioned animal that I am, there will be a reward for completing Juneathon.  I quite fancy these:

Snazzy yoga pants seem like a suitable reward!

Are you a Juneathoner?



Jacking in Juneathon

Following the Slimming World magazine meal planner seems to be doing me a whole lot of good at the moment.  I feel like I have a little bit more energy, and I’m not getting the peaks and troughs, though my concentration is woefully poor right now.  I’m not sure what I owe that to, but never mind.

I’ve enjoyed eating some different foods, and have found that lately, I think we’ve been stuck in a food rut – a Scooby Doo running scene of chilli, lasagne, pasta, carbonara.  I attempted to make houmous for lunch today.  It didn’t go so well – a smidge too runny, so I think it either needed more chickpeas or slightly less yogurt.  Despite my determination to stay on plan, it would appear to have been “bring Tub cookies/chocolates” day.  I’ve had meetings with two suppliers today, and they have (very kindly) brought gifts in.  One set (the Milk Tray) has been left in our office for us, and I gave the production guys the cookies.  I have resisted though, with the exception of two tiny squares of a homemade birthday cake.  I’ve worked that out to be about 5 syns.

The foot is a little bit better.  One of the ladies at group suggested wearing orthotics as she’d suffered with Achilles tendonitis, and that had helped her.  I’ve worn mine all day, and I haven’t limped as much.  I’m definitely not 100% but I do think I might be on the mend.  I have decided to jack Juneathon in.  I just mucked it up from the very get go really.  I don’t have enough interesting information to keep blogging about my exploits every day, and I don’t much want to blog just for the sake of it.  However, I am enjoying reading the other Juneathoners, so I’ll keep reading.


Weigh in result

I’ve just had my tea, having come back from Slimming World this evening.


Tea was delicious!  It was a lot of veg, with meat and pasta.  It was also incredibly filling, and I risk slipping into a food coma right this very moment.

The day has been pretty good, food wise.  I had prepared lunch last night, breakfast was quickly thrown together (and the worst part of my food day), and I haven’t felt too hungry for the most part.  Breakfast was, what I thought, a healthy option.  A Dorset Cereals Honey Granola pot.  Yep, 18 syns.  That was 3 syns over my daily allowance in 75g.  Argh!  I haven’t eaten anything else in terms of syns today though, so while it’s not ideal, I am not beating myself up about it.

The foot is no better at all.  I had hoped that it might be getting a little better, but 4 days in and I’m still hobbling.  A couple of people have mentioned wearing insoles though, and I do have a pair somewhere (I’m just not entirely sure where).  I have failed in my Juneathon attempt today.  I have done little exercise other than walking to and from various offices, and I’m pretty sure that doesn’t count at all.  I am trying to summon up the courage to go swimming though, just in case I don’t get anywhere with the foot.

Weigh in?  I put on a pound.  I’d love to say that I don’t know why, but that would be a fib.  We ate too much last week.  I’m not losing sleep over it though, as I am on Day 1 of the 7 day plan in the magazine, and I know next week will yield a loss, despite a potential lack of exercise.  Interestingly, quite a few of us in group have been putting on and losing the same pound or two for a number of weeks, and we’ve all had a bit of a light bulb moment over the last couple of days.


Bad foot and an action plan

My foot is not much better.  Google diagnosis aside, I think I may have a lesser spotted (on a Tub anyway) overuse injury going on.  The solution?  Rest.  Hmm… Easier said than done when you work in a rather large factory.  I have tried not to spend too much time on it.  Exercise for Juneathon was shopping.  I’m hoping that counts – it got my heart rate up, as hobbling is surprisingly hard work.  I suspect it won’t count, and in that case, I am unable to offer anything in lieu.

As we all know, my eating habits have gone completely to pot (or rather, to the various takeaway outlets in my town).  In a bid to address this, I buried my nose in the latest Slimming World magazine.  I’d bought it at group last week, but I hadn’t actually got to the point of reading it.  I’m still not finished with it – I read a couple of the stories, and got as far as the meal planner.  I decided that probably one of the best things I could do would be to follow a meal plan for the week.


Each month, the Slimming World magazine puts a weekly plan in, sometimes based on green or red days, but this one has been based on the extra easy plan.  Helpfully, they also put the recipes in along with a shopping list.

This is a good thing – I haven’t had to think about what to cook at all.  Things also won’t get stale this week, as we’re eating different things every day.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s cost a reasonable amount in Tesco to get to this point, and that is motivating me not to waste the food we bought.

I have also decided, pending recovery of my foot, to go back to Week 1 of the Hal Higdon 10k novice plan this week and build up some running confidence again.  Tonight should have been a strength and stretch night, but there is little chance of that happening now (especially seeing as Game of Thrones has returned to our screens).

I’m hoping to report a happier foot tomorrow!


The first Juneathon injury?

My left foot is currently telling me that walking for 10 miles on a hot summer afternoon is not the done thing.  It wasn’t too bad when I got up this morning, and walked around slowly but not too limpy.  As the morning progressed, my foot got worse so I decided to dig out a trusty old tubi grip.



Now that the afternoon is nearly over, I am unable to put weight on it for any long period (and by long period I mean about 2 minutes).  Obviously, the google diagnosis is that my foot is about to fall off, but I suspect it is either a little mild bruising to the outer edge of my foot or something similar.  Either way, it will go.

The challenge has been to find a non-leg exercise and so I have managed a few sit ups instead.

In other news, I am dreading my return to work tomorrow.  The Sunday blues have hit, and hit hard.  I guess that’s what comes of having a week off.  Roll on September!!


Juneathon – Day 1

The most original title to date!  I had a look at Juneathon after Never2late4 mentioned it, and I decided that I could probably do this.  Now, I am flexing the “rules” a little bit, in that I won’t be running every day.  I don’t think I could to be honest, and I definitely wouldn’t want to – forcing the issue will suck the joy out of running.  I will exercise every day though, and the majority of it will be running.

Today, M suggested that we go for a walk along the coastal path of the Jurassic Coast.  After a spot of lunch, off we headed to Orcombe Point to pick up the path.  I haven’t been along that path for many years.  I forget how pretty it is (especially on a day like today).


Now, originally, M had mentioned that he’d like to go to Otterton.  He has absolutely no idea of how far that would have been.  It was really nice to be outside, chattering on, panting and nearly dying up the cliffs, but rewarded with some beautiful sights.

In the distance, where we were heading - Budleigh Salterton

In the distance, where we were heading – Budleigh Salterton

Along the route, we kept seeing signs for how far away the villages or towns were.  Having now mapped the route on mapometer, it would appear that the signs were in fact measured in country or Welsh miles.  Upon arrival into Budleigh, it was time for a drink, so we nipped into the Spar to get some water, before continuing our journey home.

Rather than go back the way we came, we decided to go along the old railway line, which meant trekking out of Budleigh and picking up a woodland path, crossing a field, and then walking down the old railway line.  As we arrived back into town, we decided tea would be salad and cold meats.

My feet hurt now.  I can’t remember the last time I walked so far.  Given the country mile markers, I really wasn’t sure how far we’d walked.  Mapometer says 10.27 miles.

Walk 1st June

It is now time to put my feet up, mentally prepare myself for getting up and going to the park tomorrow with my friend to do our urban gym thang.