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Just call me Garfield

*stands up* Hi everyone, my name is Tub, and I think I have a problem.  I think I may be addicted to lasagne.  I think this is probably the fourth time I have blogged that I have eaten lasagne (and eaten it a couple of times that I haven’t blogged about too) and get the distinct feeling that I may need to change my blog name to Garfield On The Run instead.

 garfield lasagna photo: Garfield Lasagna garfield.gif

The thing I love about our lasagne is that it is Slimming World friendly and the portions are incredibly generous.  I needed a generous portion after my beasting courtesy of kettlebells.

For a change, I got to the class quite early, and overheard two other people having a conversation that the lady who usually takes the class was not here, and that it was likely to this muscle bound, long haired man who didn’t believe in breaks after sets.  Prior to this information, I had picked a slightly heavier weight than my normal one.  Upon hearing this information, I decided to wimp out and go back to my normal baby weight (a whopping 2kg).  Decision well made I feel.  True to the conversation, this young man with the most divine arm muscles came in and started getting the class set up (yes, I have a thing for nice arms on men).  If it hadn’t have been for his rather lovely arm muscles, I may have been tempted to lob the weight in his direction as the class was that hard (clearly I also lacked the strength to throw the weight anyway). 

I have come to the conclusion that I don’t appear to have any shoulder strength or abdominal muscles.  Having said that, I’m sure I’ll be suffering even more than I am right now, come Saturday, and I’m definitely looking likely to be reduced to a hobbling wreck by the end of my day today, which may hamper my plan to run.

Yesterday, I finished another day completely on plan, and I’m feeling really good for it.  My food has been clean, and I’m not shovelling copious amounts of sugar down my neck to try and feel better.  My sweet cravings haven’t really subsided all that well, but I have been asking myself whether I am really hungry when someone offers me something (no is usually the answer), and I have been eating yogurt and fruit to try and get a sweet fix.  It’s working so far.

In other news, I am told that my sister has completed her 25 minute run on Couch to 5k, so WOO!  Go Tub’s sister!  I’m very pleased for her.  I am hoping to get out for a run tonight, and praying that the wind is much less gusty and strong than it was yesterday.


Slimming World Friendly Lasagne

I am rubbish, and completely forgot to take a picture of my attempt, but figured I’d post this anyway.

Recently, I have been feeling a bit “meh” and “blah” (yes, mehblah) about the eating side of my diet.  I feel like I have got the exercise pegged at the moment, but I have let my eye stray from the path of healthy eating goodness (read: Extra Easy on Slimming World’s plan).  I sat in group with my friends, and one lady and I have challenged each other to a “no gain” challenge.  That means for 10 weeks, we cannot put weight on, but maintenance is ok.  Helpfully, we’re both around the same height and weight.  Since our catch up on Tuesday, I’ve been feeling pretty good about the whole eating thing.  Ergo, I have been eating properly since.  Last night’s tea (and today’s lunch) was lasagne.

M is, as I have mentioned, the King of Lasagne.  However, owing to us not having all the ingredients last night, we varied the contents a bit.  I prep, he cooks, we both avoid the washing up – we’re a good team.

Into the lasagne went:

  • 1 500g packet of extra lean mince beef
  • 1 red onion (finely sliced/diced/whatever you want)
  • a couple of stick of celery (finely sliced)
  • grated carrots (we used 4)
  • grated butternut squash (roughly half a squash)
  • handful of baby tomatoes
  • 1 500g tub of the free cottage cheese
  • couple of table spoons of fat free natural yogurt
  • 120g grated parmesan
  • lasagne sheets
  • splash of Worcestershire sauce
  • splash of balsamic vinegar
  • 1 carton of passata
  • 1 carton of chopped tomatoes
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 1tbsp paprika

I preheated the oven to 200 degrees C, then got chopping/grating.

  1. Fry off the mince beef (you don’t need to add any oil) and add the onions in (who doesn’t love that smell!)
  2. Once browned, add in the veg (you can add whatever you have, but I recommend grating some of it if you don’t want to munch through whole bits of carrot).  Cook it off for a few minutes.
  3. Add the passata and chopped tomatoes.  Mix well, and add any seasonings (paprika, balsamic vinegar and Worcestershire sauce).  Get the dish ready.
  4. Spoon half the mix into the dish, and layer with lasagne sheets.
  5. Add roughly half the pot of cottage cheese (sounds weird I know, but I think it works!), then layer up again.
  6. Add the remaining tomato/meat mix, layer, then add the rest of the cottage cheese.
  7. Pad out the cottage cheese on top with a couple of dollops of yogurt, before sprinking the parmesan over (try not to accidentally get sprinkle happy and get parmesan on your black cat like I did though, it looks like super bad dandruff).
  8. Bung it in the oven, top shelf, for about half an hour, and hey presto, there’s your lasagne.

We find that makes 4 very large portions – great if you’re ravenous.  Add in any veg that you want – that just happened to be what we had in the fridge and needed using.

Hmm.. Tanks don't like parmesan

Hmm.. Tanks don’t like parmesan

On extra easy, the whole thing is free if you’re using the parmesan as your HE A (we did).

So the 10 week challenge is on, and I am feeling pretty good about it.  I’d desperately like to see my weight get under 16 stone (224lbs) for the first weigh in in April, and be hitting low 15 stone (210lbs) by the end of our 10 week challenge.  Therefore Tub, that means you have to eat properly and exercise well (including behaving on rest days) over the coming days, weeks, months…

We’re off spinning tonight.  Happy days!