Tub on the Run


Mexican, Wedding, Birthday, Gain

Friday night, we headed out after work for out monthly Supper Club.  Supper Club originated nearly two years ago after a mutual friend and work colleague was unceremoniously let go, and to say good bye, we all headed out for an Indian.   From there, we have tried to get out once a month to meet up and eat good food in our own eclectic company.  We hadn’t managed to get out properly since the Olympics’ opening ceremony last July for one reason and another, but we made it out this month.  My food choices weren’t exactly Slimming World friendly – I shared a starter of nachos, followed by a BBQ pulled pork tortilla salad.  It was beautiful, though I ended up feeling very full.  Not as full as a friend though, who took on the Hank Starvin’ challenge – two 6oz beef burgers, bacon, a chicken breast in a bun, 3 corn on the cobs, a load of chips and slaw.  It took him over two hours to eat it, but he managed.  If anyone is ever in the Newton Abbot area and is looking for a good Mexican, I really do recommend the Rio Grande.

Saturday I’ve already covered (here), and part of Sunday.  I managed my long run, relatively easily, though it never fails to amaze me the amount of people who just refuse to walk single file (if they’re already 2/3 abreast) and force me on to the road.  I am going to have to rethink the time of my long runs.  I really don’t want to endure the traffic.  Sunday afternoon, we headed up to Maunsel House for M’s cousin’s wedding.  The bride looked stunning, the venue was gorgeous, the weather was perfect.  The vows seemed entirely perfunctory, and I didn’t much like the registrar man – he was uncharismatic.  There was, of course, the obligatory family bicker (though not in earshot of the married couple thankfully), and BLOODY PEACOCKS!  Blasted things.  I wasn’t even protected by ducks this time.

Spring 2013 020

Originally, we were meant to be staying in this quaint little cottage, but I am a creature of home comforts and like my own bed too much.  As it turned out, we wouldn’t have been able to have a lie in anyway due to the departure time.

Spring 2013 040

Never (recently) have I eaten so much bread!  It was high tea for the main reception breakfast bit, with a hog roast later in the evening.  We left the happy couple at around 10:15pm when the army friends of M’s cousin started getting a bit rowdy, and picking up the guns displayed on the walls. 

Monday morning broke, and I suddenly became unable to get out of bed.  The workout on Saturday had the unfortunate side effect of working abdominal muscles that had laid dormant since my first kettlebells session.  It’s surprising how much you use your tummy muscles.

It was Mummy Tub’s birthday, and given the weather was so gorgeous…

Spring 2013 066

… we had a BBQ in my parents’ back garden.  It was lovely, as my sister was also home for a bit.  The dog enjoyed having the whole pack around, and enjoyed scouting for dropped food even more so. 

Spring 2013 072

Even the cat graced us with her presence, lolling around in the grass, attempting to catch the occasional butterfly (or just staring at the strange person trying to take a photo of her).

Spring 2013 075

Lunch was great, more bread, but Mum had very kindly bought some special Slimming World friendly sausages, and made burgers for us.  Very tasty!  All accompanied with a salad – there’s something about eating salad in the garden on a lovely sunny day.

Spring 2013 062

After mooching around Go Outdoors with the family and then a bite of tea, we headed home, ready to start the working week. 

Tuesday rolled around too quickly, and with it, my run and weigh in.  I ran the same route as last week, just over 2.5miles in 32 minutes, I thought that was quite good for me, as the route is the hilly route.  I had a small calf twinge about half way through, which I think was more hill based than running.   I was late for my Slimming World group, and it turned out I had put on 1.5lbs, so I’m back up to the 16 stone bracket.  Ah well!  It’s not every week that you go out with friends, go to a wedding and celebrate a birthday!


Celebrating 3 stone gone

After a tough day at work, M and I headed out for a run before Slimming World.  M decided to do week 1 of Couch to 5k again.  I decided not to run with him, but just try to get a 20 minute run in.  I failed.  Frustratingly, I don’t know why I seem to be unable to maintain a good running pace and breathe when I go out with M.  I’m not blaming him, as it isn’t anything to do with him really.  I think it is more that there is a larger amount of pavement traffic around when we go out together.  Instead of being able to focus on the actual act of running, I’m busy dodging people, checking that I can dodge people without inadvertently knocking a cyclist down by trespassing on their cycle lane, and attempting not to sound like a horrendous wheezy steam train on my way past.  I am going to find a different route to try instead of getting all blah about it.

On to the good news…  Post-run, I headed to my Slimming World group for my weigh in.  I hit my 3 stone award exactly.  I am really pleased, and just wanted to take some time to have a quick reflection on where I am and how I feel:

  • I can walk places and hold a conversation very easily, walking at a decent pace too.
  • I can run.  I never thought I’d be able to say that.
  • I have met some lovely people and made new friends through my Slimming World group.
  • I eat plenty of food.  Nothing is banned, and I’m still learning about moderation.
  • My clothes are getting too big.
  • My mood is pretty good most of the time, and my depression seems to be lying low a lot of the time.
  • I’m probably the fittest I have ever been (in terms of cardiovascular fitness).

Another 3 stone, and I’ll be back to the weight I was when I first started going out with M back in late 2008.  Here’s hoping the next 3 stone disappear quickly (but not too quickly).

In other news, I tried to give blood today, but got turned away as they were running behind, so I will make a proper appointment for the next session.


Run, Walk, Scoff (and a “no change” on the scale)

What a busy few days! It really didn’t feel like we’d achieved that much over the weekend, but actually we did. A lot of the long put off household chores got ticked off the (seemingly neverending) list, I had a really nice natter with my sister before she headed back to where she lives, and we finally cleaned and aired the big tent, ready for this weekend.

I also took the time to put a plan into place for this week. I knew at the weekend that time was not going to be available in great quantity to me this week, and didn’t want to reap the motto “those who fail to plan, plan to fail”. Last week was not a good week. I felt quite low. I suffer with depression, and have been managing it quite well lately – I think the exercise has helped a lot. I think that could be part of the reason why I have felt so down over the last week – I didn’t get all that much exercise in last week.

This is a new week though, and I’m feeling much more confident and happy with things. Sadly, my laptop does not share this sentiment and has decided to stop charging. I need to take it to the computer doctor people, as it is beyond my powers to fix. My posting over the next week or so may be a little intermittent (unless I can jump onto M’s super-duper-all-singing-all-dancing laptop).

My planning efforts have gone well – we have the meals planned for the week, timings planned, and everything is set and ready to roll! We’re camping this weekend, and so I face the usual challenges of camping (free breakfast, snacks and treats etc, plus inclement weather conditions), but I have been introduced to the tin of Irish Stew, syn free Irish Stew. I can’t attest to its taste yet, but I’m impressed anyway – it’s a great, no waste, easy camping food stuff that doesn’t need temperature regulating (we’re fans of some of the other tinned foods for camping). Anyway, it was recommended by a man who lost 14 stone through Slimming World who came to our group recently. Tres inspiring (though sadly that was one group I wasn’t able to stay for).

Food planning… Tick!

Exercise wise, for some reason Zumba Tone wasn’t on last night, so rather than sloth about (like I desperately wanted to do), I agreed to go spinning instead. Hurrah for spinning… It was ok, though my ankle is a bit sore today (tried too hard). Tonight was a run – my first run for a week. I took my new shoes out for a spin.


I got on really well with them – they gave me a slightly numb toe in my right foot, but it was very mild and I’m sure it will disappear as the shoes become more broken in.  On the thought of my run tonight, it really didn’t go very well.  I appear to have lost the ability to run for 30 minutes.  Or even 20 minutes.  I think I will probably go back to Couch to 5k for a bit and redo a couple of weeks.  I am planning to run on Saturday though, so I might see if it’s just a change of scenery that is required.  Hopefully I’ll be able to go for my run on Saturday on my own (M will probably meet up with his friends).

Wednesday is a day of rest, followed by a Thursday spin. Friday will involve tent erections (as in putting the tent up… dirty minds!!), and Saturday willinclude a run in a different county.

In other news, M has decided to quit Slimming World. I think it’s the right decision for him. He doesn’t go for the social side (like I do – I like the people I’m shrinking with) and so effectively he pays just to get weighed in. We’ve decided that so long as one of us is going and can get tips, then the other doesn’t need to, I’ll just weigh him in on our scales at home. We’ll end up doing the plan together anyway. It was weigh in day today.

Let me temper the result with this – I had a 3 course meal for Friday, then Juice Gnome came out (Juice Gnome is my mum and sister’s nick name for me, as I am like a homing device for fruit juices), then we went to Darts Farm and picked up some nice munches.

Bearing all of that in mind, I actually stayed the same weight.  It’s far more than I deserve really – it’s been only by the virtue of exercise that I have managed a maintain.

I’m sure my weight loss efforts have got off to a mediocre start – it was taster day at group.  I sampled key lime pie, 4 types of quiche, mini meringues, scotch eggs, sausages, houmous, scan bran cake….  It was all gorgeous!  I have to admit I didn’t take any home baked offerings, given my last attempt was most definitely not a success, and there was a good chance I may have killed someone off (well… they didn’t come back the following week!).

On that note, it’s tea time!


A Challenged Tub

I am aching a lot after Zumba Tone last night.  My upper body is fine, but my lower body is stiff.  Pesky squats and lunges!  I thought I would suffer, as I couldn’t balance in the lunges, which is usually a sign I’m either super tired or have falling levels of fitness (muscular fitness, cardio wise, I’ve probably never been so healthy).

Fast forward through my rather miserable day at work, and I went out for a run.  I got through the first 5 minutes, struggling, telling myself that I would feel better and settle into it in the next 5 minutes.  10 minutes came and went, and I felt worse.  My legs were screaming out to stop.  I’d slowed down so much it wasn’t even a walk.  By the 12th minute I broke into a walk and just couldn’t recover.  My thighs and bum just couldn’t do it.

I’ve learnt a couple of things, amidst the excuses for not completing the run:

  1. I was too hot.  I wore my Nike baselayer thinking it was cold outside, when really I should have worn a t-shirt under my jacket.  I was boiling within minutes.
  2. I need to eat properly before a run.  An apple 2.5 hours before the run is not sufficient.  At best, it makes it mentally difficult when my stomach is growling, but when you add it in with everything else, it makes it worse.
  3. I probably need to listen to my body when it’s crying out for a rest day more, rather than just putting my unwillingness to go out down to a mental thing.  Sometimes it is physical.

I  am beginning to feel a bit daunted by coming to the end of Couch to 5k.  People who know I am following it are beginning to ask what I will do at the end of the podcasts.  Honestly, I don’t know.  I find the idea of losing Laura a bit scary.  I will download the speed and stamina podcasts too, but I will have to have a think about the future plans (music wise).

My exercise is definitely doing some good though, as the scales showed a 1lb loss this week, so that’s the 1lb on from last week gone.  Additionally, I have decided to get involved in a personal challenge with one of the other girls at group.  There is 1lb between us, and we’ve pledged to go on a 10 week “no gain” challenge.  I managed a 10 week consecutive loss, which finished 2 weeks ago.  Now, we’re challenging each other.  This is going to be good for me.  M has gone off the boil on the weight loss front lately and I don’t feel like I am getting the support I need from him, so doing this with a friend will help.

I feel a bit “blah” about the loss, mainly because I feel “blah” having not completed the run, but it is a good thing to have lost.  I need to regain my focus on the food front, and combine it with a good exercise plan.


A gain has occurred

Weigh in tonight saw me gain by 1lb.  It’s broken my 10 week losing streak.

How do I feel about it?  Not too bad actually – surprisingly chilled out about it.  I am the first to admit that I haven’t been very good at the food thing this week – eating in excess (though not binging), eating the wrong things.  I’d also like to blame the arrival of lady week, but that would be a poor excuse.  It’s mostly down to the food.

Why have I struggled this week with the food?  I think it’s quite simply that I have taken a brief rest from the constant thought stream of food planning.  It takes quite a bit of effort to constantly remember your syn values (yeah, I know, I could write them down), and how much fruit and veg you’re getting, etc etc.  That sounds bad that I have taken “a rest” from dieting, but actually, I am trying to see it as a good thing.  There will be weeks where I won’t be able to stick steadfastly to a particular way of eating.  Importantly, I think I am seeing a change in my “natural” choices.  6 months ago, a blow out week would have seen me hit the scales with a 4lb+ gain.  One bad week in 10, with a 1lb gain – I can live with that!

I feel like I have got that week out of my system now, and I’m good to be back on track.  Even today has been good – porridge for breakfast, fruit, yogurts as my snacks, couscous and chicken with roast veg for lunch, then a veg packed chilli for tea.  Add in a curly wurly, and the world is happy again.

Here’s to my next 10 week losing streak!