Tub on the Run


Scoring a B+ this week

Now, I’m not quite “all over it”, but I’ve done pretty well this week I think.  Headline news is that I am 4lbs down on my weigh in last week, which is really great.  It’s not been the strictest of weeks, but it’s a dramatic improvement on the weeks that have gone before.  Anyway, we have a #TransformationTuesday in the making…

Transformation Tuesday in the making

Ignore the lovely face – it was very bright out on our walk today, and I should have remembered my sunglasses.  I am hoping that in a month or so I will be able to post another picture with some noticeable progress.  Every journey starts somewhere right?!

How has this week been different?

Food wise, we haven’t really planned too much.  Luckily there have still been a couple of frozen meals from a batch cooking marathon I did a couple of weeks ago.  A quick nip to Tesco to get some fresh veggies and milk, and we were away!  One day I was incredibly late home, so we ordered takeaway, but other than that, we’ve been sensible.  Breakfast has consisted of porridge, lunch has been soup or leftovers, and teas have been mostly freezer food.  We’re actually beginning to use up some of the stuff in the cupboard that we’ve had for ages.

Favourite food thing this week: Stur squash.  Beki, who blogs over at Miss Wheezy, wrote a post about Stur this week.  They are doing free samples, so I thought I would give it a go, especially as I saw they have a peach iced tea flavour.  My sample arrived really quickly, and it tastes exactly how I expected it to!  Win!


Ooh.. I lied a bit.  I have two favourite things – the second is Christmas pudding Nakd bars!  They’re… well… Christmas puddingy without the calories of a Christmas pud!


Next up – exercise!  I have a plan, and that plan has worked quite nicely this week.  Of the 7 days, I completed 5, which I think is a good start.  For the runs, I haven’t actually run as I don’t want to kill my knees off, so I’ve walked the distances.  Matt joined me for kettlebells at the start of the week, and also came out on my long “run” today.  I don’t think he’ll be joining me for kettlebells again – he doesn’t quite get that feeling of joy that I get from lobbing weights around.  It’s probably not helped by a muscle twinge that he has been having in his shoulder either.

I’ve struggled a bit with yoga too.  My wrist strength is noticeably poorer than it has been in the past, which makes any poses like downward dog, or even cat/cows intense.  I can’t hold the poses for too long.  I always thought that this was a problem only I really experienced (again, I don’t think the weight helps), but it seems I am not alone, and Ekhart Yoga have even posted a video to help build that strength.

I’m hoping that over the coming weeks and months, completing this video regularly will help me to progress more comfortably in my yoga.

Favourite exercise this week:  My walk with Matt today.  It was nice to get out in the fresh air, and he got to play with his camera too.  Win all round!

Sunday walks

Next week, I’m hoping to have eaten a little more into the cupboards and freezer, and then next weekend batch cook a few more meals and also make some soups.  Exercise wise, I plan to start some gentle (read: super slow) running.

How has your week been?




To parkrun or not to parkrun, that was the question

And the answer was yes.

When the alarm went off, I debated whether to get up, get my running gear on, knowing that it was going to be a hot one.  As I started getting too hot in bed, the decision was made for me and I got up (I have a feeling that getting up for parkrun in the winter will be a much more difficult struggle leaving a warm bed).

The weather today has been beautiful.  As suspected, it was a bit warm for running, but I was really pleased with how I went.  I managed to run nearly all of the shady parts (roughly half of the route), breaking in to walk a couple of times – once when I rolled my ankle, and the second was to catch my breath at the top of one of the hills.  When it got to the more exposed part of the course, I felt baked.  It wasn’t that bad, but I did wish I’d taken a bottle of water around with me.

Given the result from last week, where I thought I’d gone quicker, but had actually gone slower, I wasn’t expecting to be much different from last week.  Well, I’m pleased to confirm that I got a PB today!  I broke 40 minutes!

6th july parkrun resultsI was surprised to see the result given the heat.  I’m not going to place too much pressure on myself in terms of beating that, as I feel I have made some progress this week with regards to getting back on an even keel.

While I parkrunned (parkran?), M snapped some more pictures, and I thought I’d include my concession to summer.  I think this might be the first time this year that I’ve painted my toes.

parkrun 6th july

So now, M and I are just about to settle down to watch J. Edgar on DVD.

Happy Saturday all!




Tub on the parkrun

The week seems to have run away from me.  Thursday, I went to my first spinning class in a very long time.  It was brutal and my ribs hurt from too much breathing heavily.  I went with N, and we went to her’s for tea afterwards.  She very kindly cooked me a Slimming World meal.  We spent the rest of the evening talking wedding, and colours in particular.  We’ve settled on colours, which are in keeping with the original autumnal theme.  It was midnight before I crawled into bed.

Friday was exercise free.  It was Supper Club though.  This time, we decided to go to Olive in Newton Abbot.  Olive is a tapas restaurant.  We went to Olive about 2 years ago, and didn’t much care for the service.  The first time around, the woman was surly and lacked any real customer service skills.  The food was nice though.  This time, the food was ok and the service much improved.  I’m not sure we’ll be back in a hurry (I personally found the food a little too oily to want to go there regularly, but that’s my personal preference), but we will be back.

When I got home last night, I decided to set my alarm for a decent time this morning, vowing to do my local parkrun.  The alarm went off, and to my joy, there were clouds and drizzle (I’m not being sarcastic – this is perfect for Tub Running).  M very kindly came with me (well, I needed back up/someone to hold my bag/next of kin).  He was also chief photographer (for me, not the parkrun).  While he missed my graceful jaunt over the finish line, I think you’ll agree that he got some nice pictures anyway.

How was it?  It was great!  I really enjoyed it.


As we walked up the hill towards the startline, the Race Director (Run Director?) asked if there were any newbies, so I stuck my hand up and shuffled through to the front for an additional briefing.  After the general briefing, the horn went, and off I toddled.  I probably ran about 20 steps then had to stop to tie my pants, as they kept falling down.  Sadly, I was the last person already (and not something that got much better), but I was kept company by Tim, the sweep.  A couple of things I learned (fairly early on):

  1. I was incredibly glad it wasn’t too warm or sunny.
  2. Trails are HARD.  Like really hard.  I’ve only really ever run on tarmac.  I went from being quite pleased with myself for being able to run, to being a little bit miserable for not being able to run better.
  3. I can (just about) talk and run and breathe at the same time.


Tim was really nice, and very interesting to talk to.  He told me about how he got into running (cheering people on at the London Marathon, then vowing to do it himself – which he has done, multiple times), and is now, this year, running 13 half marathons (number 8 is tomorrow).  He was telling me about the charity he runs for and his time at parkrun.

So, good company and beautiful scenery took the sting out of being at the back for the majority of the run.

IMAG0180 IMAG0181 IMAG0188

Unfortunately, M didn’t get a photo of me actually running, so you’ll have to make do with my time instead:

Parkrun 22.6.13

Yep, I was last, but I had fun.  I hope to do it all again next week (to beat the 40 minute mark), and try hard not to be beaten by a power walker (though he was amazingly consistent in his speed) and a child who had suffered an ankle problem.  I will also try to remember to bring a little bit of loose change with me too so that M and I can have a coffee (or hot choc) in the tearooms next time.


A good weigh in

I am really pleased to report a good loss of 3.5lbs this week.  I even updated my photos page.  I am now the lightest I have been for probably over three and a half years.

I think what really helped was having a good variety to my meals.  It was getting all a bit samey – chilli con carne, lasagne, carbonara etc, and it made a nice change to have a lot of salads and some new meals (and some variations on a theme).  When I feel myself getting into a rut, I think it will do me some good to follow a 7 day plan from the magazine.  The only thing I would say is that having such a variety in my diet does make for an expensive shopping trip.  However, if it kick starts my weight loss again, then it is worth it.

I have found it easier to resist the office snacks too, which I think has been down to the more grazing approach which the 7 day plan seemed to encourage.  I’m not saying I have been 100% saintly (there was that trifle sundae on Sunday after all), but I’ve been trying to pay more attention to how I feel.  Also, I am a scan bran convert – it takes me nearly all morning to eat the prescribed 5 for my Healthy Extra B with cottage cheese.

I’m pleased with how things are shaping up, literally, too:

January 2013 253.5lbs

January 2013 253.5lbs

So January 2013, I felt and looked like a blob.  My face was all podgy and I just didn’t feel good in my own skin.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not exactly wasting away now, but I can see a difference, and I can definitely feel a difference.

June 2013 - 221lbs

June 2013 – 221lbs

It’s only about a dress size worth of difference so far, but it is pleasing (for me) to know that I am slimming, as there are times when I just don’t feel like I am.

It’s another 3lbs to my next half stone award, and I am hoping that with some sensible eating, taking away some of the learning points from last week, and keeping up a food diary for this week, I will be close to achieving (or actually achieving) this next milestone in my weight loss.

Exercise wise, I haven’t really been doing anything.  While my foot is on the mend, I wore my running shoes around the house, and my feet weren’t happy, so I have postponed running by another week.  As it turns out, I don’t have the opportunity to go to spinning tomorrow night, as I am meeting my dad for tea as we need a catch up.  I have decided that, when I am getting back into running, I will do a week of 1 milers so that I don’t aggravate my foot too much.  From there, I will get back to my Hal Higdon 10k plan, starting at Week 1 again.


When does it get easier?

Another two miles pegged last night.  I ran round the local park and along the path next to the railway line.  I’ve finally worked out how to use the alarms on my Garmin, so it buzzed loudly when I got to my two mile marker.  I have not been so relieved to hear an alarm for a long time.  As I was walking home, I got thinking – when does this get easier?

I know this is all relative.  I can run for a lot longer, a lot faster than when I first started out.  My very first run was 1.94 miles, at a 16:23 minute mile.  Ok I’m hardly up to Mo Farah standards of quick, but I ran 2 miles today at a 12:01 minute mile.  That was with walk break in both runs.  Frustratingly, I seem to be struggling to run for 30 minutes straight.  I’m heading out too quickly and tiring myself.  Also, I’m now running on pavements where I have to stop to cross the road, and have started incorporating hills.  Unsurprisingly I am able to run downhill for much longer than run up.  That’s to be expected I guess.  Bulk is gravity’s friend and vice versa.

I remember going out for the first time on 25th January and being so pleased with myself for being able to complete Week 1 Run 1.  I also remember it feeling pretty difficult (though the weather didn’t help).  I couldn’t have run at the speed I run at now for longer than 30 seconds.  When I take walk breaks now, I am able to recover within a minute and get going again. 

However, it isn’t easy.  Please, someone, tell me it does get easier?!

I’m mostly back on plan today, with my syns much closer to where they should be (still 21, so not amazing, but comparatively much better than they were).  For some strange reason, I have had a mad craving for cereal bars today.  This can be a difficult thing for me to handle, as I do love cereal bars.  I had also a moment with a Mr Kipling Lemon Slice.  I am feeling better for it already though, so I’ll be saying goodbye to the 1.5lbs I put on this week.

Tonight’s cross training consists of spinning.  I’m hoping for Pendulum – Slam to be one of the tracks (high resistance with short sprints).  I’m also looking forward to seeing N, as I haven’t seen her for a week and a half or so, and we’ve both been busy so it’ll be nice to have a natter.


New Stone Zone

I completed the Tuesday of my Hal Higdon 10k plan.  Well.  Sort of.  I was meant to run for 2.5 miles, but I managed 2.34 miles.  I was out for just longer than 2.5 miles, but I had to take a couple of walk breaks and stopped the Garmin accordingly.  This was the wrong day to introduce hills.  I struggled quite a bit with the hills, managing to run up them roughly halfway, before my heart threatened to break my ribs from pounding too hard.  Don’t get me wrong, I hardly live in the midst of some hilly place like Wales, but nearly all of my running so far has been done on the flat.  However, I’m bored of the flat (as well as the pesky people who think it’s great to be moving obstacles).  I did enjoy the run though, especially the downhill bits!  It has made me realise that my first few “long” runs will need to be on the flat, maybe a couple of laps of the old route.

Steph Loop

My “hilly” run
(Sorry about the rubbish pic)

Today is a run and strength day.  I’m not entirely sure what I will a) be using for the strength or b) what exercises I should be doing.  I don’t have free weights at home.  M has some, but they’re at his nan’s house.  Maybe I should look to bring them down at some point.  I suspect using one of the cats as a kettlebell (despite the bigger one weighing more than my normal kettlebell) is unacceptable, and I don’t think we have many tins of food.  Hmm… I shall have to think.  Route-wise, I am going to be mixing it up and trying an out and back route, rather than my usual loops.

Last night’s weigh in was a roaring success.  I have broken into the next stone bracket down.  WOO!!!  There is nothing better than seeing a new front number.  I am really pleased with that.  It was a 2.5lb loss, which is great.  I will be taking my measurements at the weekend for my monthly round up at the weekend.  I don’t know how much will have changed on the inches front, but it was a better month weight loss wise.  Oh yeah, and I should take a progress picture (groan…).


Tub’s Random Saturday

I’ve had to sit down.  Physically, standing and moving is increasingly painful.  Yep, that would be me suffering, still, after kettlebells on Thursday.  I actually had to get M to try and massage the muscles with his elbow to try and break down the knots.  Who’d have thought you could have knots in your bum muscles…  Well, I can assure you that you definitely can, and it hurts!  I saw N (who I exercise with, and who is my bridesmaid), and thankfully she is hurting too (thankfully in so far as I can at least know that it’s not just me!).

Breakfast was a bowl of porridge, with a tbsp of peanut butter and a tsp of honey.  Tasty!  Prior to my breakfast, I hopped on the scales to see if my morning weight had changed much (I know, you shouldn’t weigh more than once a week, and it should be at the same time of day, but I’m nosy!).  I’ve been lingering close to the 15 stone bracket for a few days, but I haven’t quite managed to get there.  This morning I did it!  I broke into the next stone, and clocked in at 15st 12.6lbs!  Scale win!

When we got to Exeter, we were welcomed by an orchestra of bells.  M and I are wondering what on earth was going on – there seemed to be hundreds of Morris dancers in the city.  Wherever there was a flat space, they were there.  It makes me smile, Exeter’s got such weird and random (but good) things sometimes.  While we waited for N and J (J is M’s best man), I enjoyed the different dances and took a couple of photos:

IMG-20130420-00146 IMG-20130420-00148

We met my dad, J and N, as we had an appointment for a suit fitting for our wedding.  It went really well, the boys looked awesome, and bless my dad, I couldn’t help but smile because he looked really good (my dad tends to live in well worn jeans and jumpers because of his work, so it’s rare that we see him all dressed up).  M, J and Dad rocked it.  I took a couple of pictures and sent them to M’s family so they could see.  We’ve picked some great colours, and I really am impressed.  I also thought the suit hire was quite reasonable too.

Following the suit shopping, we headed to Marks and Spencers and went on the hunt for shoes.  Another win – all three managed to agree on shoes, and all their sizes were available.  I got a funny look from the cashier, having presented him with three different sized pairs of the same style shoes, then he smiled and asked if it was wedding shopping.  I couldn’t help but beam – our wedding has seemed so far off, then suddenly it all seems to be hitting home.

N and I headed to a department store (passing a man doing the limbo on the way – quite impressed by how low he got!), and tried on random hats (I don’t know why, I’m oddly drawn to hats, even though I rarely wear them).  I also tried a wedding dress on while the boys went to get coffee.  I looked pretty awful, which has spurred me on to make sure I fit into the dress I bought last year.  However, it’s good to know there are back up options out there, just in case.

We parted company and headed home.  We headed back too late really, as I was meant to drop my mum home, but time just ran away and I let Mum down (sorry Mum, if you’re reading!).  After wolfing down my salad for lunch, I headed up to my parents’ house so I could dog sit.  Floss, the dog, likes company, and Mum was off out with a friend.  Upon letting myself in, I was greeted by a bald hindquartered dog…  See how impressed she is…

IMG-20130420-00154Poor Floss.  I thought Mum had taken the trimming scissors to her (Floss has been getting itchy, and Mum likes to “help” by cutting fur… the cats, or the dog, no matter!  It did used to be mine and my sister’s fringes at one point, so when we left home, there really was little hope for the animals).  Needless to say, it’s a bit of a running family joke.  Anyway, upon closer inspection, I decided that Mum must have asked the dog wash people to trim Floss’s rear, as it was far too tidy for Mum’s attempt.

Floss mooched around after me for a bit, before settling when I loaded the computer up to blog.

So yes, it’s been a random day of wedding suits, a wedding dress, Morris dancers, limboers (not sure what to call people that limbo), a shaved dog, and now for a chilled out afternoon.  Am I exercising today?  No, I can barely walk, but I am going up to Dartmoor with friends tomorrow (weather permitting), and have agreed with myself that I shall run tomorrow evening come hell or high water.



Some non-scale victories

Having just finished off my Slimming World friendly, sweet tooth satisfying pudding, I have had the chance to marry up healthy eating and satisfying my craving for something sweet.  I’ve even managed to get a bit of chocolate in (hurrah for Curly Wurlys!).

New Image

Lately, I have been feeling like I have failed on the weight loss front.  Failed may be a bit strong, perhaps it’s more of a stalling than a failing.  Following my disappointing March round up result I have felt a bit deflated (whilst still being very much inflated).  Over the weekend, I had a good chat to myself.  Rather than my usual self-depreciating, self-esteem bashing talking to, I tried to think hard about how far I have come.  I took the week off from my Slimming World meeting this week.  I had stuff to do anyway (like food shopping for one), and it always turns into a rush on Tuesdays to get everything done.  It feels kind of strange not weighing in.  Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t a chore going, and I enjoy catching up with the friends I have made there, and getting new ideas, but I just wasn’t feeling it this week.

Despite my lack of weigh in, I have had some non-scale successes this week. 

  • Firstly, I can now get into my smaller work trousers.  They are from Long Tall Sally (which my mum always come up a bit small on the sizes), and a size 20.  I have been trying to get into them for what feels like months.  I actually wore them to work yesterday.  It feels a bit strange though, wearing a pair of trousers that don’t hang off of me. 
  • The second of my non-scale successes is that I can fit into a pair of size 18 Dorothy Perkins jeans.  I have a slight muffin top in them, but they are low-rise.  They’re a little tight, and I probably wouldn’t wear them outside of the house right now, but it’s definite progress and I’m sure that it won’t be too long before they fit properly. 
  • The third of the successes is only one that I really gave proper thought to yesterday.  I was walking from the reception at work up to our boardroom with a group of interviewees, and I walked up the slight hill, up the stairs and maintained a conversation.  A few months ago, I would have tried to appear deep in thought as I shuffled up, trying desperately hard not to seem as out of breath as I was.  Not now – I wasn’t out of puff at all.  It is one of those silly but important things. 
  • The final thing was people.  Two people at work have mentioned that I have lost weight.  Surprisingly, both men.  I say surprisingly, as I work in a factory, and normally the men don’t much pay attention to that kind of thing.  One of the managers saw me hoiking my trousers up as I walked back towards my office and asked if I was losing weight and said I looked well on it.  The second was one of the warehouse guys.  He’s ever so lovely, and wasn’t quite sure how to word it best so as not to cause offence.  Apparently, I look “well… umm… healthy… um…. “.  I smiled and said thank you and that it was ok to say I was looking thinner.

I have also tried to give some thought to the mental block I seem to have developed for running.  My last couple of attempts haven’t been successful, and I have lost some confidence.  I have been making poor excuses as I realised when I read Peanut Butter Fingers’ post on hurdles to exercise.  I seem so focused on the problem that I can’t find a solution.  I have made a decision to go back to Week 5 of Couch to 5k, and see if I can work up to Week 9 again.  If I am able to get through the weeks quicker, great, but I need to get back to it.  No more excuses – I have the time, I do feel better for exercising, and I lose weight in doing it.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that I feel much more positive that I have done in quite some time.  I feel in control of my eating, and am promising myself a good week of being on plan.


Woo! New Shoes!

Pay Day

That’s the story of my life!  Too much month in my money.

Anyway, as a treat for completing the Couch to 5k, I decided to reward myself with some new kit.  This kit included new shoes, as I have started wearing a hole in the toe box of my current pair.  As a small aside, is it wrong to love a pair of trainers because they hold some significance for you?  I love my old pair, and I’m loathe to throw them out – I started running in them!  `I decided it isn’t silly, and they’re now my “any other workout” trainers.  Anyway.  Last month, I realised that the little independent shop I used last time doesn’t actually do gait analysis.  As my knees aren’t in the world’s best condition, I am obviously quite keen to look after them.  After a quick google, I found a Runners Need shop, not too far from where I live.  Ok, it wasn’t really “found” as I knew it was there, but I forgot about it.  Following a quick look around their website, it appears they do gait analysis for free.  Being new to this whole thing, I emailed and asked if you needed to book – no, just turn up with your old shoes and in something you can run in (work trousers are out for me).  I admit, I was sceptical about going in.  I’m still fat and don’t obviously look like a runner type.  I was sure they’d think that I’d accidentally stumbled into their shop having missed the turning for McD’s.

The Runners Need in Exeter isn’t that big – it takes up a small corner of the Snow & Rock store.  After a few minutes, the lady came over and asked if we were ok (M came with me).  After bumbling about how I have just started running, and completed couch to 5k, I asked her about new shoes.  I was asked to run on a treadmill for a minute in some different trainers while I was filmed.  After a minute or so of running, I got off the treadmill and looked at my slow motion film.  It’s strange seeing yourself run.  The lady was really good, and explained it all to me, then picked me out some shoes.  I am an overpronator it appears.  I looked at Saucony Omni 11s, and Asics GT-2000s.   I then had to run in both pairs for another minute.  Both pairs were really comfortable, and I struggled to choose between the two.  In the end, I picked the Asics, just because of the colour really.  I will keep my eyes peeled for a cheap pair of Omni 11s though, as they were great too.


Overall, I liked the experience, though do think that the prices were quite high, so I’ll shop around more for the next pair.

In other news, I went to a kettlebells class for the first time last night.  I am dying today.  Actually dying.  My muscles are screaming at me to stop, don’t do anything, just sit down (yes, the treadmill was hard work for the gait analysis).  I would do it again though, which is probably a good job, as I am booked in to do it alternate weeks to spinning.

I can’t stop eating at the moment.  It’s ridiculous – I feel like I have lost all control.  I’d like to blame the hot cross buns.  It’s me though.  Just me.  I shall bury my nose in weight loss blogs and my latest Slimming World magazine to see if that helps.  I suspect it is because I am tired, sore, a bit low, and just struggling to work out whether it’s emotional food or genuine food cravings.  It’s unlikely to be genuine I’d have thought.  If my neck muscles weren’t so sore, then I would navel gaze a bit further.


Profound wisdom and a 30 minute run

While reading blogs (again) on my lunch break yesterday, I came across this quote from Run and Jump – “You don’t have to like it; you only have to deal with it.”  That is completely it.  While I didn’t go out yesterday – it was hammering down with rain and blowing a gale, and despite my first run being in those conditions, it was even worse last night, I thought I’d head out to the gym first thing this morning, and get my first run of Week 9 in.

It’s been a long week, so inevitably my lie in barred me from a gym session.  I don’t do gyms when it’s busy.  I find them intimidating when they’re busy.  Instead, I decided I’d go at about 5pm.  The gym shuts at 7pm on Saturdays, and what sort of sad person would be in the gym at 5pm (yes… me).

I always look forward to breakfast at the weekend.  Today was a “fry” up (more grilled, but it doesn’t sound the same).  We were supervised, of course.

The Foreman supervises from up top

The Foreman supervises from up top

While the ground support ensures no spillages

While the ground support ensures no spillages

After a chat with my mum, then a wander in town, I decided to play around with the wedding invitations.  I am quite pleased with the results so far.  They’re not quite finished, so no picture yet.  I text a picture of it to my mum and sister, and they liked it so far which is good.

After much mess making in the living room, it was time to go out and do run 1 of week 9.  The 30 minute run.  As the weather still isn’t lovely, I opted for the treadmill.  It was my first treadmill run.  It was an experience.

Things I learnt:

  • It is incredibly hot in the gym, and the treadmill is sweaty work.
  • It is dull.  There is nothing to look at.  There are screens built into the treadmills, but you have to look down to watch them.  Who runs looking down all the time?  Not me.  Kung Fu Panda was on though.
  • My playlist is amazing.  I went without Laura, figuring I could set the  treadmill to a certain time, thereby avoiding the rubbish music on the podcast.
  • I turned a genuinely scary shade of red.  You may liken it to burgundy.  M thought I was about to die when I walked through the door.
  • Sustaining a pace is actually quite hard work.  When I go out, outside, I vary my pace a lot, but the treadmill forced me to keep consistent.  I think that’s a good thing.

Anyway, I didn’t much like it, but I dealt with it, and the upshot was that I completed my 30 minute run.  At the end of it, I was breathing out of my bottom, to coin Nev‘s phrase.  But…


From I ❤ to run (facebook)

It’s been a successful day.