Tub on the Run


Post Spin Ramble

I don’t know what is wrong today, but I have spent the entire day struggling to concentrate for longer than about 5 minutes.  I have been sleeping really badly all week too.  I do suffer from anxiety and depression, though lately I’ve been doing really well and haven’t been too affected.  I am wondering if I’m anxious about something, which is causing the sleep deprivation and inability to concentrate.  Unfortunately, it’s not something obvious, so I shall probably have to do some midrift contemplation (though actually, running seems quite good for this too).

My milk intolerance is rearing its head rather spectacularly at the moment (I only had a bit in my tea!), so I’m back to dairy free for a bit longer.  Food wise, I haven’t been meticulous in counting my syns, but I do know that I haven’t been too bad.  I will probably need to complete a food diary next week though, just to make sure I’m not fooling myself.

It was spinning class today.  I have to admit that I was dreading it.  It was my 45 minutes of hell that I would have to endure before dinner.  As usual, I made it out to be far worse in my head than it actually was.  I won’t go so far as to say I had a good time, but it was enjoyable (in so far as the aching leg muscles was quite pleasant).  I know, I’m odd.

Meanwhile, I am thoroughly looking forward to Season 3 of Game of Thrones, and found this trailer for you…


Quit yo’ jibber jabbering Inner Tub…

… I don’t have time to have a debate with you this evening about the virtues of our run.  We are busy.  This means getting in, heading out for a run, then showing our (beetroot coloured) face at Fat Club.  Yes, I know you’re hungry (like all the time!), and the Slimming World meeting is taking forever to get through at the moment, so we’ll do a deal, and if there is no chance that either M or me being Slimmer of the Week (where you win fruit), getting to our Club 10 (10% of body weight off) or indeed hit our 2 stone mark, then we’ll chat to friends for a few minutes and then head home.


Not too impressed that M had to stay at work a bit later, so we got home later than planned, but determined, I went out.  I started walking, got my ipod out for the podcast.  Except in a recent update, for some bizarre reason, my ipod had wiped C25K (Inner Tub, did you sabotage this?!).  Undeterred, I figured I could cope without the podcast, and follow the plan (5mins walk, then 60 secs running, 90 secs walking until I’d done 8 runs, then 5 mins walk).  It was much harder, having to constantly look at the watch.  I was also overtaken by a real runner.  Nevertheless, I completed Week 1, and looked incredibly dedicated at Fat Club.

Appearing somewhat beetroot coloured at weigh in, I dragged my body hopped onto the scales and registered a 4lb loss.  I am pleased with that.  I am not pleased at how long the meeting is taking.  It’s ridiculous.  Not only that but I didn’t even get my chance to talk about my week – too many newcomers asking silly questions (read the book!!!).  This is a follow on from not being a “regular” yesterday (I know it isn’t, but it feels that way).  Hmph.

What I have (re)discovered though, is that I seem to have become lactose, or specifically, milk intolerant again.  I went through a similar phase in 2008 when I moved back down South, where I couldn’t handle milk (pesky Devonian cows clearly produce richer milk than Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire cows).  I’d get excrutiating tummy ache, and I’m getting the same again this time.  I am assuming that it is a milk intolerance, as that is the only real thing that has changed lately (my milk consumption has increased a bit).  I’ve decided to go back to soya milk for the time being.

One more week to go before I can update my spreadsheet, indulge my need for progress stats, and revel in less of me.