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My single New Year’s resolution

For a change, instead of setting several New Year’s resolutions for 2015, I have decided to set only one.  That one is to learn to cope with stress better.

I don’t know what has changed so much this year, but my ability to cope with stress has been poor at best, and destructive at worst.  I’ve ballooned to my heaviest weight, and my go-to coping mechanism has been to eat sugary foods in excess.

This is going to be a little bit of trial and error while I try to work out what works and what doesn’t, but exercise, working my contracted hours and keeping a journal will be good starting points, and are all things that have helped in the past.

My theory is that getting the stress under control and back to a healthy level will help everything else fall in to place.  Or at least won’t make it seem as daunting!

Do you set New Year’s resolutions?  What do you do to manage stress?


New Year’s Resolutions

Right now, I don’t actually mind the term “New Year’s Resolutions”.  Ultimately, I see it is something to work on in the longer term, call it a goal, an aim, a resolution.  I haven’t always felt so, but I think some goal setting would be helpful for me.  Having had the last week off work has done wonders for reducing my stress levels and clearing my mind of some of the incessant chatter and clutter.

So what and why?

  • First thing’s first, complete Janathon

I attempted Juneathon (unsurprisingly back in June) and gave up because of a foot problem (excuses, excuses).  Janathon is “the colder brother of Juneathon”.  Want to know more?  Visit the website – http://www.janathon.com/.  This also helps work towards blogging more regularly.  When I first started blogging, I was quite good at posting regularly, but things tailed off a bit.  I’m not entirely sure why, as I enjoy writing and blogging.


  • Improve my Slimming World consistency

I have hardly been consistent this year.  In fact, I have managed to start seeing my weight increase steadily since the wedding – something that I need to nip in the bud quickly.

Weight Chart 2013

Part and parcel of this is managing stress better.  I promised myself that I would be significantly slimmer by the time my birthday came around, and I must work on that now.  I’d also like to break my 10 week weight loss streak.  I’ve tried enlisting the help of others by way of challenges, but this hasn’t really worked, so I need to remember that this is my battle.

  • Get my 5k PB down to 35 minutes, and my 10k time down to 75 minutes

I am pleased with my efforts so far this year, but I would like to get my times down.  I have no idea how achievable any of that is for me, and the numbers are plucked out of thin air.



(Thank you photo-fit.net for letting me use the photo)

  • Complete Silverstone Half Marathon

I don’t think I have yet mentioned this on the blog, and I’ve hardly mentioned it to anyone outside of the blog, but I have signed up for the Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon.  I want to see if I can do it.  I don’t know if I can, but I am going to try.  It seemed a good half for me to try, as I know Silverstone very well, so I know what to expect (strong, cold winds, some hills that don’t look that steep, but can be).  I’ve started the Hal Higdon Half Marathon Novice 1 plan, and I need to get better at sticking to the plan.

Half Mara Logo

  • Keep up regular yoga practice

Yoga keeps my mind from whizzing around at a rate of knots, and I always feel better for having spent even just 15 minutes doing some stretching in the quiet.

  • Declutter!

Declutter is for lots of things.  Whether that is the flat, some unhealthy relationships, work, whatever – it needs decluttering.

  • Celebrate progress!

Whatever progress looks like, whether it is a running win, a weight loss success, work-related or just something else.  I spend a lot of time in 2013 feeding the demons and not looking for the silver linings, so in 2014, I will be trying to turn the tables on this.

Well that’s me set for 2014, what are you looking for this year?