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#Whole30 Days 5 to 8 – From ‘Kill all the things’ to ‘Eat all the things’

On reflection from my weekend post, I decided that updating this once a week would make it too big a post, so I think I am going to update in 3 or 4 days chunks.  The quick part is that I am really enjoying the food so far – it’s forced me to think a bit more creatively instead of something and pasta/rice.  Yes, there is life beyond pasta, who knew!

Day 5

I woke up tired.  I felt that, despite 7 hours of sound sleep, I hadn’t actually slept.  I decided to sleep in and got up at 9am feeling marginally more refreshed.  I oscillated between grumpy, tired and motivated quite regularly until about mid-morning, at which point, the motivation took over and I just got on with it.

Whole30 Cottage Pie Ingredients

I had a really good day actually.  I cooked up all of my supplies that I bought yesterday, and froze the meals for our evening dinners for work nights for the next two weeks.  It was great to have them stacked up and cooling on the side.  I had a real sense of achievement.  It sounds silly I know, but it was time well spent.  And feedback in the meat ball tests was very much a thumbs up affair!

Generally though, as the day progressed, I felt good, I felt productive.  The only other thing I am feeling is blocked up (so to speak).

Day 6

I slept terribly.  I may have slept for about 3 hours.  I doubt it is Whole 30 related, as there was a task this morning that I was dreading.  As a result, I was grumping like a teenager in a full blown adolescent strop for the first part of the morning.  One thing I have noticed though is that while my fuse is short, the recovery period afterwards isn’t quite so bad.  Ordinarily I would blow up and it would fester for a bit.  Not so at the moment.

I also feel like I have been starting to notice the difference between emotional “hungry” and proper food hungry.  I know this is a small drop in the ocean in tackling this particular problem, but it is a good place to start learning this.

I feel like I have a bit more energy, despite waking up in a zombified state, but I was getting tired around 9:30pm.

Today was my favourite meal so far – slow cooked pork with sweet potato wedges with a tomato, mushroom and onion sauce.  It was amazing!  The pork was in the slow cooker for about 18 hours (the slow cooker of which was kindly turned off by my dad as we forgot to turn it off in the morning).  The food is really tasty!  Thanks Nom Nom Paleo for the recipe!


Day 7

Urgh, I can’t shake this zombified state in the monring.  I’m not what you would call a morning person anyway, but it’s worse at the moment.

My food didn’t get off to the best start.  Matt kindly nipped to Tesco to get me a Nakd bar, and came back bearing a Nakd Coco Crunch bar.  I popped it in my handbag, ready to eat at work and thought nothing more of it.  Once at my desk, I opened the bar, and as I took the first bite, I happened to look at the ingredients list.  Soya crunchy bits.  Nooooo 😦 Soya isn’t allowed on the Whole30, so I turned in to “one of those people” and spit my bite back out and sadly put the (very tasty) bar in the bin.  On one hand, I’m impressed that I had the willpower to do it.  On the other, I mourned the loss of a tasty breakfast.

It was another salad for lunch (prawn this time), and another incredibly delicious meal from Nom Nom Paleo for tea.  I prepped “Fiona’s Green Chicken” last night, and popped it in the oven today.  It was so aromatic and tasted as good as it smelt.

A realised that a week has passed, and I have felt good and eaten well.  I haven’t experienced the sugar withdrawal symptoms as badly as I thought I would, and I don’t really feel like I’m on a diet.  It’s not like Slimming World where I have to be mindful of what I am eating and counting the “syns” in my food.  I’m eating good, clean (i.e. unprocessed) food that is pleasurable.  That said, I could have slipped up today.  I’d become a bit bored and passed some sweets, and ordinarily I would indulge, and for a short synapse firing period of time, it crossed my mind to just pick one up.  Then I remembered that I wasn’t hungry and didn’t need anything.

Day 8

Most of the day I have been fine, food wise.  I didn’t have lunch until 3pm, and I didn’t feel too bad for it.  However, this evening, I finished my tea and suddenly wanted ALL THE SWEET THINGS!  A handful of nuts helped, but it took probably about 15 minutes to subside.  Tea was Paleo Shepherd’s Pie (which as all good English people know, was actually cottage pie, as it was beef mince).

Paleo Cottage Pie

I am going to have to find something else other than sweet potatoes to have with my meals though, otherwise there is a strong risk of me turning orange!

I suppose my final observation is that my skin isn’t getting much better.  The spots are breaking out quite a bit (as I was advised they might do) and my dandruff has become a little worse.  It’s not all rainbows and unicorns 🙂