Tub on the Run


Removing choice

I nearly gave in to Inner Tub today.  We had a conversation along the lines of “we don’t want to go to Zumba Tone tonight, we’re hungry, tired, sore, have a bit of a sore knee, aren’t feeling it…“. I almost gave in.

Off I toddled to the bedroom to get changed.  Once dressed in relatively sporty attire, I waddled off to meet my friend to go to Zumba Tone.

Close to the centre, we hear nothing.  An almost silence (save for the beach and wind).  Something’s amiss?  No, probably not, we’re running a little later than normal, and it could be class change over.  We walk into the centre.  No music, no throng of people, nothing.  The receptionist was surprised to see us – apparently they had called the “regulars”.  In fairness, I hadn’t checked the home phone.  Apparently our instructor is poorly.

I am actually quite annoyed.  I had mentally had to prepare myself for this.  Inner Tub had nearly won!  In fact, Inner Tub did kind of win.  I could have gone to the gym (which in tiny and packed at the time we’d have been there, and I can’t stand queuing for equipment).  Instead, I parked my arse on the sofa.  In fact, while I am ranting, I checked my answering machine and mobile phone, neither of which had a message!  Does this mean I am not a regular?  What on earth qualifies being a “regular”?!  Does my commitment to Monday evening Zumba Tone count for NOTHING?!

The final conversation with my friend was “Do you remember what month it is next month Tub?“.  This is a game I can play, so answered (correctly).  “And what does that mean?”  Hmmm… PANCAKE DAY!!!  My colleague’s birthday?  Oh no, wait.  It means that I vowed a return to spinning.  “Exactly“.  Yes, the New Year’s Resolutionists will have burnt themselves out during January and will now be swearing off the sweatbox dungeon known as the Spinning Studio.  I, however, shall be returning.

I did request a slight change to our previous Tuesday spinning schedule.  I have decided that my three days running will happen on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.  Therefore, Spinning Tuesdays would interupt my running, so we have agreed on Spinning Thursday.  But not until next week.