Tub on the Run


22nd January Weigh In

Hurrah!  1.5lbs off!  Sneakily, I was hoping to match the 3lbs off like last week but I’m still pleased – it’s all heading in the right direction.  As sad as it sounds, I want the first weigh in of February to come round now – I want to complete my stats and take measurements and revel a little.  I will take small victories – eventually they’ll all add up.

Exercise-wise, I went to Zumba Tone last night.  It wasn’t that good – I wasn’t feeling it.  Our instructor is fab, but for some reason known only to herself, she decided to do two normal Zumba tracks.  I struggle with normal Zumba – it is too quick for me to follow on fast songs.


I kind of end up standing there, flailing my arms around and looking, well, like the fat uncomfortable Tub that I am.  Anyway, I don’t know whether I was tired or what, but I couldn’t have worked that hard as I don’t hurt today.

On the C25K front, I have been reading Runners World (snuggled in front of the fire – not braving the outdoors quite yet).  I’d like to get out next week I think, and see what I can do.  Sod February – it isn’t coming around quick enough!  There’s some interesting meal ideas, and some great articles for beginners.

So it’s onwards and downwards I think.