Tub on the Run


Off to a cracking start

Weight loss is back off to a cracking start! 7 lbs in one week, which also sees me into the next stone bracket below.

It isn’t a method I would recommend though.  I picked up the lurgy via Matt earlier in the week, and it floored me from Monday night onwards.  Not much keeps me off work, and fewer things still put me off of food, but this did.

The timing was pretty rotten too – it has meant I had to miss a friend’s wedding this weekend.

Never mind, at least I’m on the mend.  These things happen, and it has served to remind me to be grateful that I am very, very rarely properly sick.

We had some good news though – the full survey has come back on the house we’ve put an offer on, and there are no major issues that have been found.

The plan for this week is to keep the water up, finish the antibiotics and eat sensibly (i.e. the stuff that I batch cooked the other weekend).