Tub on the Run


Weekend Prep

You’ll be pleased to hear that I feel like I am on the way out from the stupid black hole I ended up in earlier in the week.  I have tried to get some perspective on the issues, and while I will confess to having wedding wobbles (not about getting married to M, but about the event itself), weight wobbles (and the wobbly bits of weight), along with work stresses, ultimately, they are piddling problems in the grand scheme, and perfectly manageable without the use of chocolate.

My morning weight is back down again, properly down.  I know, I am going against the Slimming World/general dieting advice of “don’t weigh every day”, but it works for me sometimes.  It’s working right now, and that’s the most important thing.

I haven’t managed to get a proper run in this week, which is frustrating, as I now have pink splodges on my otherwise green training plan.  Yes, I like to colour in.

training plan

I remember having a couple of off weeks on Couch to 5k, so I’m not too worried, but worried enough to make sure I get my proper long run in at the weekend. 

The weekend is nearly upon us.  This is a good thing, definitely.  M and I are off camping again, and while I am looking forward to a weekend of motorsport (British GTs to be specific), I am not looking forward to the camping conundrum that is food.  I have planned to take Tesco’s Irish Stew, but I am stumped for other foods.  I think I may resort to couscous packets and rice packets that you can just add water too, and take a couple of bags of apples or something.  I don’t mind the idea of eating out on Sunday night, as we won’t be eating too late, and there are plenty of places around to eat at.  It’s an unusual weekend, as we leave Silverstone and come back via Castle Combe for the day, getting home on Monday night. 

I’ve got a busy evening ahead – I need to get the bags packed and start loading the car, as well as go to kettlebells, then make sure that the flat is visitor welcome for when my mum comes to cat sit.  It’s going to be a stressful evening, and probably a late one.

On that note, I will almost definitely not be around to blog until Tuesday now, but it will give me plenty to catch up with when I get back in terms of reading.

Have a wonderful weekend, whatever you’re up to!