Tub on the Run


Sometimes, Tubs are hardcore

It is a lesser known fact that on occasion, Tubs can be hardcore.  By hardcore, clearly I mean as in a Dime bar kind of hard core…

Yep, I’m soft on the outside.

Why are Tubs hardcore?  Let’s rewind one week to the end of last Thursday’s spinning session.  N and I stopped to chat to Steph, our spin instructor, and we mentioned that we had plans to alternate spinning and kettlebells.  Steph said there was a kettlebells session right after her spin class.  Well that was it.  A seed had been planted.  From the time it took to get from the spin studio to the crossing outside of the gym, our endorphin addled brains thought that was a marvellous idea.  N booked up fairly quickly, but I got to yesterday and realised I hadn’t booked up.

After much gnashing of teeth and snarling at google (which was being rubbish and wouldn’t find me the information immediately… what did we do before google?!), I found the phone number for the gym and booked in.  The man who booked me in even sounded a little… well… “you really want to do that?”, though he didn’t actually say it.

I’d saved part of my breakfast to have later in the afternoon – scan bran and cottage cheese (scan bran being the Slimming World cardboard of choice, made palatable solely by adding something to it).  I even threw a banana down the hatch for good luck.  As M settled down in front of the telly, I made my way over to the gym (also, typically, it is good Tub running weather today – raining and cool – though a run AND spinning AND kettlebells I’m sure is the rotund’s equivalent of hari-kari).

As I set up my bike, I chatted to N, and we agreed to go easy in spin, given we had never done anything so outlandish as combine TWO classes before (yeah, we know how to live!).  In amongst this, with the high octane lifestyles we lead, she invited M and I camping to Cambridgeshire to watch J (N’s husband, M’s best man) compete in a triathlon (though it might be a duathlon).  Actually, it’ll be fun and it’ll be great to support J.  Anyway, I digress.  Someone had left the gears on 14 from the previous session, and I wasn’t finding that too bad, so I told myself that was the lowest I could go in the session.  I think that was where it all got a bit daft.  Throwing caution to the wind (wind generate by the huge fan, caution being my common sense), I started competing with myself.  As a result, spinning was not “easy”, but I PBd in terms of calories (487 in the session, according to the bike, normally I’m around 350) with my average watts hitting 189 (usually in the 150s).  The very definition of not taking it easy.

I felt good.  Tired, sweaty, red faced, but good.  The high lasted until I got to the kettlebells class and realised there were no light weights (2kg I think I usually go with – my upper body strength is dire).  I ended up with a 5kg instead.  As my endorphins made a swift retreat and sweated out, I was left feeling a bit ill in parts, taking a couple more breaks than normal.

I got home and stuffed a cereal bar down my face, as I had started getting shaky hands.  Whether than was weight related (as in kettlebell weight) or low blood sugar, I couldn’t tell you.

So, I’ll be amazed if I can move in the morning, although I’ll probably be worse on Saturday (hmm… parkrun PB is looking questionable possibly).

And that, my friends, is how Tubs are sometimes hardcore.


Tub on the parkrun

The week seems to have run away from me.  Thursday, I went to my first spinning class in a very long time.  It was brutal and my ribs hurt from too much breathing heavily.  I went with N, and we went to her’s for tea afterwards.  She very kindly cooked me a Slimming World meal.  We spent the rest of the evening talking wedding, and colours in particular.  We’ve settled on colours, which are in keeping with the original autumnal theme.  It was midnight before I crawled into bed.

Friday was exercise free.  It was Supper Club though.  This time, we decided to go to Olive in Newton Abbot.  Olive is a tapas restaurant.  We went to Olive about 2 years ago, and didn’t much care for the service.  The first time around, the woman was surly and lacked any real customer service skills.  The food was nice though.  This time, the food was ok and the service much improved.  I’m not sure we’ll be back in a hurry (I personally found the food a little too oily to want to go there regularly, but that’s my personal preference), but we will be back.

When I got home last night, I decided to set my alarm for a decent time this morning, vowing to do my local parkrun.  The alarm went off, and to my joy, there were clouds and drizzle (I’m not being sarcastic – this is perfect for Tub Running).  M very kindly came with me (well, I needed back up/someone to hold my bag/next of kin).  He was also chief photographer (for me, not the parkrun).  While he missed my graceful jaunt over the finish line, I think you’ll agree that he got some nice pictures anyway.

How was it?  It was great!  I really enjoyed it.


As we walked up the hill towards the startline, the Race Director (Run Director?) asked if there were any newbies, so I stuck my hand up and shuffled through to the front for an additional briefing.  After the general briefing, the horn went, and off I toddled.  I probably ran about 20 steps then had to stop to tie my pants, as they kept falling down.  Sadly, I was the last person already (and not something that got much better), but I was kept company by Tim, the sweep.  A couple of things I learned (fairly early on):

  1. I was incredibly glad it wasn’t too warm or sunny.
  2. Trails are HARD.  Like really hard.  I’ve only really ever run on tarmac.  I went from being quite pleased with myself for being able to run, to being a little bit miserable for not being able to run better.
  3. I can (just about) talk and run and breathe at the same time.


Tim was really nice, and very interesting to talk to.  He told me about how he got into running (cheering people on at the London Marathon, then vowing to do it himself – which he has done, multiple times), and is now, this year, running 13 half marathons (number 8 is tomorrow).  He was telling me about the charity he runs for and his time at parkrun.

So, good company and beautiful scenery took the sting out of being at the back for the majority of the run.

IMAG0180 IMAG0181 IMAG0188

Unfortunately, M didn’t get a photo of me actually running, so you’ll have to make do with my time instead:

Parkrun 22.6.13

Yep, I was last, but I had fun.  I hope to do it all again next week (to beat the 40 minute mark), and try hard not to be beaten by a power walker (though he was amazingly consistent in his speed) and a child who had suffered an ankle problem.  I will also try to remember to bring a little bit of loose change with me too so that M and I can have a coffee (or hot choc) in the tearooms next time.


Away… to Silverstone!

This is the last post I will probably be able to get in before Monday/Tuesday next week, because I’m nothing if not a social butterfly… Ok.  That’s a lie.  I’m just not near a laptop/computer for a few days, as M and I are off to Silverstone this weekend for the World Endurance Championship (woo!  GT cars… and prototypes… but mainly GT cars!).

Source - fiawec.com

Source – fiawec.com

So my quick recap of the last couple of days is:

  • Spinning

Oh my life that was hard work yesterday.  I go red very quickly, but don’t often drip sweat.  Last night I dripped.  Twice!  Delightful.  I upped my average watts though, and managed to burn more calories than normal (according to the possibly inaccurate spin bike).  Safe to say that I worked and I worked hard.  Maybe too hard.  My ankles are a bit sore around my Achilles tendon today, but it’s not bad enough to stop doing anything.

  • A busy evening

Following my spin session, we had a load of things to get done in preparation for our trip this weekend.  Cue washing, packing, cleaning, cooking and car loading, all the while, trying not to allow the big cat (Tank) eat Timo’s (the little cat’s) food.  The sneaky ex-alley cat is ninja-like in his quest for food.  I wouldn’t mind if he wasn’t about twice the size of Timo.  Obese feline aside, jobs accomplished, the car is packed, ready for the best ever getaway planned tonight.

  • Foodie Penpal

I’m all sorted now for my Foodie Penpal, and will be sending my package out next week.  I’ve successfully got the local produce from a local business in, so I’m pretty pleased with myself.  My penpal doesn’t have a blog, so I will make sure I include what I sent on my post when I get to do the write up.  I can’t wait to get my parcel from the lovely (and incredibly brilliant baker and recipe poster) What-a-Peach.

  • Food

I have been horrendous on the food front again.  My sweet tooth is playing up as it always does at a certain time of the calendar.  I seem unable to resist it, which is going to be interesting this weekend, as I am not planning to take any sweet stuff or any money to buy food with.  Poor M…


My weekend plans?  Well, in preparation for the weekend, the car is loaded.  We’ve never managed to be so organised before.  We still have a couple of things left to gather when we get home, but overall, we’ll looking for a speedy getaway.  We’re camping (our usual mode during the summer months, not that it’s summer…), and now have electricity for the tent, courtesy of a hook up.  Does electricity mean that we are now “glamping”?  I’m just hoping that we have access to an electric point and that they’re not all taken, otherwise we won’t be able to survive very well.  My mum is very  kindly looking after the cats for us, and the cats are being deployed into guard cat mode and protecting our house.

 I’ve just done a route plan for Silverstone, for my planned run on Saturday evening, and conveniently the outer perimeter is measuring just over 5km.  I feel a time trial coming on.  I have all of my running gear packed, ready to go, and I’m just praying for a dry day.

 I hope you all have a fabulous weekend too!  See you on Monday or Tuesday!

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My name is Tub, and I’m an addict…

The bloody chocolate biscuits!!  They snuck out of the cupboard, scaled my desk, unwrapped themselves, and stuffed themselves in my mouth.  It was completely mindless.  I couldn’t even tell you how many I ate.  Ridiculous.

English: Peanut butter cookie with a chocolate...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That means that I worked extra hard at spinning tonight.  I really pushed myself, and I felt good for it.  Next week, for Comic Relief, we are meant to turn up in “tight and bright”.  I’m not sure if I want to wear any tighter than I already do, and I have to admit, the thought of crotch or butt crack sweat puts me off wearing anything but my normal black leggings.  I shall see if I can source a bright headband, t-shirt and other stuff so that I am at least bright (ish).

During my lunch break, I like to read other people’s blogs, and I have stumbled upon two recipes that I really want to try at some point soon.  The first is from Hayley at howtomakelifebetter (recipe is here).  I can’t express my love of cheese scones enough.  My gran is an excellent baker, and makes the most divine cheese scones – just the right amount of pepper, cheese and stodge.  If I can make a syn free version, I will definitely be a happy loser.

I also have a strong fondness for porridge, peanut butter, and grated apple.  My second discovery was in the form of Peanut Butter Oatmeal from Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers.  Rather than having this as breakfast though, I’m thinking it could be a pretty good post-exercise food – slow release carbs, calcium and protein.  I’m not entirely sure what chia seeds are, but I’m guessing that as long as the oats have long enough to soak, they should be fine.

Anyway, I have a long day tomorrow and my first run of Week 7, so I’m off to dream of cheese scones and peanut butter porridge… night all!


Post Spin Ramble

I don’t know what is wrong today, but I have spent the entire day struggling to concentrate for longer than about 5 minutes.  I have been sleeping really badly all week too.  I do suffer from anxiety and depression, though lately I’ve been doing really well and haven’t been too affected.  I am wondering if I’m anxious about something, which is causing the sleep deprivation and inability to concentrate.  Unfortunately, it’s not something obvious, so I shall probably have to do some midrift contemplation (though actually, running seems quite good for this too).

My milk intolerance is rearing its head rather spectacularly at the moment (I only had a bit in my tea!), so I’m back to dairy free for a bit longer.  Food wise, I haven’t been meticulous in counting my syns, but I do know that I haven’t been too bad.  I will probably need to complete a food diary next week though, just to make sure I’m not fooling myself.

It was spinning class today.  I have to admit that I was dreading it.  It was my 45 minutes of hell that I would have to endure before dinner.  As usual, I made it out to be far worse in my head than it actually was.  I won’t go so far as to say I had a good time, but it was enjoyable (in so far as the aching leg muscles was quite pleasant).  I know, I’m odd.

Meanwhile, I am thoroughly looking forward to Season 3 of Game of Thrones, and found this trailer for you…


Removing choice

I nearly gave in to Inner Tub today.  We had a conversation along the lines of “we don’t want to go to Zumba Tone tonight, we’re hungry, tired, sore, have a bit of a sore knee, aren’t feeling it…“. I almost gave in.

Off I toddled to the bedroom to get changed.  Once dressed in relatively sporty attire, I waddled off to meet my friend to go to Zumba Tone.

Close to the centre, we hear nothing.  An almost silence (save for the beach and wind).  Something’s amiss?  No, probably not, we’re running a little later than normal, and it could be class change over.  We walk into the centre.  No music, no throng of people, nothing.  The receptionist was surprised to see us – apparently they had called the “regulars”.  In fairness, I hadn’t checked the home phone.  Apparently our instructor is poorly.

I am actually quite annoyed.  I had mentally had to prepare myself for this.  Inner Tub had nearly won!  In fact, Inner Tub did kind of win.  I could have gone to the gym (which in tiny and packed at the time we’d have been there, and I can’t stand queuing for equipment).  Instead, I parked my arse on the sofa.  In fact, while I am ranting, I checked my answering machine and mobile phone, neither of which had a message!  Does this mean I am not a regular?  What on earth qualifies being a “regular”?!  Does my commitment to Monday evening Zumba Tone count for NOTHING?!

The final conversation with my friend was “Do you remember what month it is next month Tub?“.  This is a game I can play, so answered (correctly).  “And what does that mean?”  Hmmm… PANCAKE DAY!!!  My colleague’s birthday?  Oh no, wait.  It means that I vowed a return to spinning.  “Exactly“.  Yes, the New Year’s Resolutionists will have burnt themselves out during January and will now be swearing off the sweatbox dungeon known as the Spinning Studio.  I, however, shall be returning.

I did request a slight change to our previous Tuesday spinning schedule.  I have decided that my three days running will happen on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.  Therefore, Spinning Tuesdays would interupt my running, so we have agreed on Spinning Thursday.  But not until next week.