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The fruits of my labours

Day 1 of Janathon ticked off!

For Christmas, my parents kindly bought us a new bed frame.  The one that I bought with some redundancy money seven years ago has given up the ghost, and the mattress had been heavily modified by the use of Amazon packaging to stop the springs poking through and impaling one or both of us.  Needless to say that Matt and I have both been suffering with a bit of back pain for a few months now, and the new bed and mattress are incredibly welcome.

Exercise today was achieved in the form of breaking up the old bed, and lugging bits down the three flights of stairs, attempting some tidying and cleaning of the remaining space, and then carting the new bed and mattress up those three flights with the help of my dad and sister.

It then required assembly, which my sister and I cracked on with while Matt made tea for the workers.  Dad headed off with the old bed and new bed packaging.  Hurrah for a man with a van when that man is Dad!

As my sister can attest, a sweat was broken and I was puffed out.

Cardio in the form of stair work, and strength in the lifting and assembly of the bed.  That is what I am claiming for Janathon today!  (and it totally counts – there was physical and mental exertion)

Janathon Day 1 | Tub on the Run

I am going to attempt to be a bit more ruthless this year with throwing out of donating things that I don’t need or no longer use this year.  There is a large-scale clean up operation needed now – it is scary how much junk I kept under the bed!  At least when it is done, I can reclaim my yoga space!

How has your #janathon day 1 gone? (or, how was your day?)