Tub on the Run


We’re off camping!

I have a busy few weekends coming up, as I mentioned in my last post.  This is the first of them – we’re off to Grafham Water in Cambridgeshire for the Nice Tri Duathlon.  M’s best man, J, is competing.  J is insanely fit and very good at these kinds of competitions.  He’s been training hard and this is his last event before he and N (my bridesmaid) head off to Canada for the 2013 ITU World Duathlon where he is one of the age qualifying athletes (I am finding it hard to stop blurting out “I know an athlete!!” in random conversations).  M and I are both very excited for J and N, and we’re really touched that they asked us to come along to Grafham to spend some time with them and support J.


We’re camping, but only for one night.  This will probably be the first time since August last year that we’ll have put the tent up a) in daylight and b) in sunshine.  I’m also confident that I won’t need to take our usual 5 blankets and heater to stay warm overnight!  Hurrah!  The only thing I’m slightly worried about is being eaten alive by mozzies.  I’m hoping I’m not as tasty to mozzies as I am to fleas…  We’ll be travelling up on Saturday, chilling out and enjoying the time away, then Sunday will be “the day”.  I think J will be finished within two and a half hours including cool down time, and then we’re off to Ikea.  N and I have an undying love for the Swedish company – what’s not to love about a Daim Cake (ok, maybe my waistline doesn’t love it so much). 

Clearly this means that I am foregoing parkrun at Killerton again.  I’ve not done a lot in the way of running at all lately.  I have been procrastinating mainly because of the heat, but I need to just deal with it and get on – accept that I am going to be super sweaty (as opposed to my normal “very sweaty”) and maybe look for new places to run to minimise the sweaty pain. 

Making the right food choices is going to be key for me while we’re away and while I’m galavanting with work on Monday and Tuesday.  Thankfully, salads are always a relatively safe bet at this time of year.  I want to be back in the 15 stone range when I weigh in on Tuesday.

So – TTFN – enjoy the sunshine, slap on the sun cream and drink plenty!