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Hobbling, Hill Walking and Here is Spring

Week 1 of March for March is complete!  It’s been a good week too.  I went for a walk every day except for Friday, and made up for that with two walks on Saturday.  I’m mostly logging via Instagram, but you can join in on Facebook too if that’s more your thing.

Day 1 was a quick out and back with Matt.  We’d had a reasonably busy day around the house (finally caught up with the laundry!), so it was nice to get out into the fresh air for a short walk.  I also decided to take some long overdue front and side shots.  One thing that I regularly see around social media is that progress shouldn’t be judged by the scales along, and progress photos can be more helpful.


Day 2 saw me go for my (possibly first ever) lunchtime walk.  It will certainly be my first ever lunchtime walk at my current workplace.  I’ve been there for over 5 and a half years, so that isn’t very good!  I used to walk on my lunchtimes at my previous workplace, but then it was an agriculture college and there were plenty of beautiful grounds to walk in.


Day 3 was an evening walk.  It almost didn’t happen at all, as the pavement literally outside our front door was being taken up and replaced.  Thankfully, Matt and I made it out and back in without incident.  Our walk took us around the marina.  The last time I wandered that way in the evening was around Christmas.  The Christmas lights definitely made it nicer.


Day 4 saw me running around my workplace.  I have to admit, it was really nice to get out of the office.  At the end of the day, we both had a short evening walk, complete with a new pavement outside our door.  I have definitely come to realise that I am incredibly inactive as a general rule, which is slightly terrifying given that it seems that sitting for too long is bad for you.


By Day 5, my calf had become quite sore (near my Achilles tendon), and so I hobbled around work, but decided against a proper walk outside.  I still managed to get a good amount of steps in despite not getting outside (the benefits of working in a big factory I guess).


Day 6 proved to be a bit of a hobbly mess.  I had problems with putting my foot flat on the floor without pain.  I have a feeling it was the shoes I had been walking in that caused the pain, as they’re not really walking trainers, and while they’re comfortable, they really should be confined to meanders around town.

I made up for Friday’s lack of walking with two walks on Saturday.  It was such a lovely day that we decided to head off to Lyme Regis with our cameras, and stopped off at Colyton on the way back.

We parked at the top of town.  If you’ve never been to Lyme Regis, when I say “at the top of town”, I do mean “top”, vertically so.  It’s a beautiful town just over the border into Dorset.  I haven’t been there for years and years, and I had definitely forgotten how steep the hills were.  The hills, of course, were fine on the way down!  No problem at all.  There were some great little photo opportunities on the way down too.

Lyme Regis | #MarchForMarch

When we reached the bottom, we walked around the Cobb.  Thankfully it wasn’t too windy – while I have no doubt that the Cobb in a storm would be spectacular, it would be incredibly treacherous (it was slippery enough yesterday!).

Views from the Cobb | #MarchForMarch

We walked back along the beach and up to the town, negotiating the hills (first gear hills!) before huffing and puffing back to the car.  The water we had in the car had never been so welcome!

Lyme Regis | #MarchForMarch

Once we’d caught our breath, we made our way back towards home.  Matt wanted to show me Colyton on the way.  While we’d gone to primary school together, I went to our local comprehensive for secondary, but Matt had sat the 11 Plus and made it in to Colyton Grammar.  I had to get my head around how far from our home town it was (I walked for 30 minutes to get to school, Matt’s bus took him an hour!).  However, in terms of scenery, his school definitely topped mine!  It’s a gorgeous little village.  The added bonus?  It seems that spring is finally here!

Colyton | #MarchForMarch

By the time we had started to head back towards the car, my calf had tightened up significantly and I was back hobbling again.  Hot water bottle and painkillers it is for me!

Have you walked anywhere nice recently?



I’m a good little bleeder

I have had a really nice start to the week this week.  Monday was its usual manic self, and life just didn’t go much according to plan, but yesterday I had a good day at work, and a lovely walk with my sister in the evening.  I took the camera out and got a few pictures.  It was a beautiful evening, a bit of a chill in the air, but gorgeous nonetheless.

Exmouth Waterwheel

I waited for my sister by the Withycombe waterwheel.  I could hear her coming, saying “pretty weeds”.  We chatted our way towards the beach, and this little guy stopped near us, rummaged for a peanut, and found his bounty.


The wind really picked up as we got to the beach.  There were plenty of runners, cyclists and families out.  It was definitely gloves weather for the runners, though it was nice enough to be in a t-shirt.  The life boat was out for a bit too.  I don’t often see it out except at Christmas.


P and I chatted about everything and nothing for the whole 3 miles wander, and I loved it.  I don’t get to spend that much time with her sadly, as she doesn’t live in Devon, but when she does come down, it’s so nice just to natter and spend time.

Then, for my really exciting news – I’m a little bleeder!  A successful one!  I gave blood for the first time in 5 years tonight.  I started trying to donate in 2003, and managed to give 3 whole pints over 3 years, but with a load of anaemic tests, I turned into a floater (where my blood floats in the liquid in the finger prick test, when it should sink if you have enough iron).  Well, I am back to being a sinker!

I am so pleased.  My mum and sister have both give large amounts of blood over the years, and it is something I think is so important (so much gain for such little pain), so I was so disappointed not to be able to donate for a long time.  The website has come on so much and booking an appointment is so easy now.  I will be trying very hard to drag Matt along at some point soon.


Are you a successful bleeder too?



Juneathon – Day 1

The most original title to date!  I had a look at Juneathon after Never2late4 mentioned it, and I decided that I could probably do this.  Now, I am flexing the “rules” a little bit, in that I won’t be running every day.  I don’t think I could to be honest, and I definitely wouldn’t want to – forcing the issue will suck the joy out of running.  I will exercise every day though, and the majority of it will be running.

Today, M suggested that we go for a walk along the coastal path of the Jurassic Coast.  After a spot of lunch, off we headed to Orcombe Point to pick up the path.  I haven’t been along that path for many years.  I forget how pretty it is (especially on a day like today).


Now, originally, M had mentioned that he’d like to go to Otterton.  He has absolutely no idea of how far that would have been.  It was really nice to be outside, chattering on, panting and nearly dying up the cliffs, but rewarded with some beautiful sights.

In the distance, where we were heading - Budleigh Salterton

In the distance, where we were heading – Budleigh Salterton

Along the route, we kept seeing signs for how far away the villages or towns were.  Having now mapped the route on mapometer, it would appear that the signs were in fact measured in country or Welsh miles.  Upon arrival into Budleigh, it was time for a drink, so we nipped into the Spar to get some water, before continuing our journey home.

Rather than go back the way we came, we decided to go along the old railway line, which meant trekking out of Budleigh and picking up a woodland path, crossing a field, and then walking down the old railway line.  As we arrived back into town, we decided tea would be salad and cold meats.

My feet hurt now.  I can’t remember the last time I walked so far.  Given the country mile markers, I really wasn’t sure how far we’d walked.  Mapometer says 10.27 miles.

Walk 1st June

It is now time to put my feet up, mentally prepare myself for getting up and going to the park tomorrow with my friend to do our urban gym thang.


Tub’s Brilliant Sunday (now with added hills)

I had one of those really great weekends this weekend.  I won’t repeat my Saturday adventures, instead I shall regale you with my adventures on Sunday.

May last year I met two people at my new Slimming World group (I didn’t get my first group all that well, so I moved to a different one), and Gareth and Helen joined at roughly the same time.  Helen is my friend that I have mentioned before who has lost 5 stone (and I take a great amount of inspiration from).  Gareth and Helen are a couple, and we hit it off straight away.  We decided to do something out and away from group one day, and decided on this weekend to doing something active.  It fell in quite well with a free entry day for National Trust properties.  We decided on Castle Drogo in the Teign Valley. 

It’s an amazing house (well, castle), built in the early 1900s.  It’s got a fairly sad story with it, but the family still live in apartments at the very top of the castle apparently.  Anyway, it was built deliberately where it is, because of this:

Drogo 2013 007 Drogo 2013 009 

The views around the castle are amazing.  We went on a slightly overcast day, so you can probably imagine how beautiful it would look on a bright sunny day. 

Unfortunately the house has a leaking roof, so there is a major conservation project to put the roof to rights and do a lot of works on the window.  That means that a lot of the internal rooms have had a lot of plywood to protect the internals whilst the work is carried out.  The castle is still open and they’ve thought up some great ways to show a different story, including a tea chest replica of the castle, large replicas of postcards that one of the sons used to collect, which you could interact with.  Cue prop-wearing…

Drogo 2013 005

It’s full of great gadgets – stuff that you wouldn’t have thought was about in the 1920s – a proper shower (with a rain head and side jets), connection points for lamps (just put the lamp on a connection point and it lights), plus its own generator, using the river for electricity.  I was amazed!

After we had wandered around the house and stopped for a cup of tea (Helen and I shared a flapjack, while the boys had scones), we headed back the car to don our walking boots.  You can’t go to somewhere like that and not go for a walk.  It was a 2 mile steep descent.  I was astounded to see hoof prints on the way down – I wouldn’t ride a horse down such narrow steep paths with a nigh on sheer drop.  They were ridden horses too, as they were shod prints.  Madness! 

Drogo 2013 017

At the very bottom of the valley was a hidden gem – Fingle Bridge Inn.  Set next to the Teign, it used to be a mill that also had tea rooms, and now a delightful pub with excellent food.  Helen and I chose ploughmans, M had gammon and Gareth had whitebait.  I always think the sign of a good pub is the ability to take dogs in.  The food was excellent, and definitely worth the walk.

Drogo 2013 019

After finishing lunch, we started the climb back up the valley.  Climb being the operative word.  It was two miles back up hill, steep hills interspersed with the occasional flat bit.  The scenery though was breathtaking (again, quite literally – conversation was difficult on the way back up!).

However, the hill walking seems to have done something good for my bum muscles, as they’re much less tight now.  I even managed to get out for a run.  I knew that if I sat down for too long and didn’t look to move, I’d have stayed on the sofa all night.  I didn’t give myself the option, just put my running stuff on and headed out.  I bargained with myself that I would run for 25 minutes this time, as I knew I could do that.  I actually managed to run my normal route quicker, covering 3.47km in 25:01, which gives me a 5k time of about 38 minutes I think.  I was really pleased.  I felt good coming back, though my calves are really stiff and tight.  I wore flat shoes to work yesterday to try and help, but it’s not really worked.

I was thinking I was in for a successful weigh in (as in, my evening weight would follow suit of the morning results and be in the 15 stone range), but given the flapjack and then my dad’s birthday meal last night, my hopes are somewhat less now.  I’m pretty sure I’m on for a loss, but not sure if I’ll break through the barrier.  I doubt I’ll be staying for group though, as our normal consultant is poorly, and I’m not sure I like the stand ins all that much.

I’m really hoping that my laptop gets fixed soon so that I can get back to blogging properly, rather than writing on my old (non-internetable) laptop then having to post at lunchtime at work.