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Hobbling, Hill Walking and Here is Spring

Week 1 of March for March is complete!  It’s been a good week too.  I went for a walk every day except for Friday, and made up for that with two walks on Saturday.  I’m mostly logging via Instagram, but you can join in on Facebook too if that’s more your thing.

Day 1 was a quick out and back with Matt.  We’d had a reasonably busy day around the house (finally caught up with the laundry!), so it was nice to get out into the fresh air for a short walk.  I also decided to take some long overdue front and side shots.  One thing that I regularly see around social media is that progress shouldn’t be judged by the scales along, and progress photos can be more helpful.


Day 2 saw me go for my (possibly first ever) lunchtime walk.  It will certainly be my first ever lunchtime walk at my current workplace.  I’ve been there for over 5 and a half years, so that isn’t very good!  I used to walk on my lunchtimes at my previous workplace, but then it was an agriculture college and there were plenty of beautiful grounds to walk in.


Day 3 was an evening walk.  It almost didn’t happen at all, as the pavement literally outside our front door was being taken up and replaced.  Thankfully, Matt and I made it out and back in without incident.  Our walk took us around the marina.  The last time I wandered that way in the evening was around Christmas.  The Christmas lights definitely made it nicer.


Day 4 saw me running around my workplace.  I have to admit, it was really nice to get out of the office.  At the end of the day, we both had a short evening walk, complete with a new pavement outside our door.  I have definitely come to realise that I am incredibly inactive as a general rule, which is slightly terrifying given that it seems that sitting for too long is bad for you.


By Day 5, my calf had become quite sore (near my Achilles tendon), and so I hobbled around work, but decided against a proper walk outside.  I still managed to get a good amount of steps in despite not getting outside (the benefits of working in a big factory I guess).


Day 6 proved to be a bit of a hobbly mess.  I had problems with putting my foot flat on the floor without pain.  I have a feeling it was the shoes I had been walking in that caused the pain, as they’re not really walking trainers, and while they’re comfortable, they really should be confined to meanders around town.

I made up for Friday’s lack of walking with two walks on Saturday.  It was such a lovely day that we decided to head off to Lyme Regis with our cameras, and stopped off at Colyton on the way back.

We parked at the top of town.  If you’ve never been to Lyme Regis, when I say “at the top of town”, I do mean “top”, vertically so.  It’s a beautiful town just over the border into Dorset.  I haven’t been there for years and years, and I had definitely forgotten how steep the hills were.  The hills, of course, were fine on the way down!  No problem at all.  There were some great little photo opportunities on the way down too.

Lyme Regis | #MarchForMarch

When we reached the bottom, we walked around the Cobb.  Thankfully it wasn’t too windy – while I have no doubt that the Cobb in a storm would be spectacular, it would be incredibly treacherous (it was slippery enough yesterday!).

Views from the Cobb | #MarchForMarch

We walked back along the beach and up to the town, negotiating the hills (first gear hills!) before huffing and puffing back to the car.  The water we had in the car had never been so welcome!

Lyme Regis | #MarchForMarch

Once we’d caught our breath, we made our way back towards home.  Matt wanted to show me Colyton on the way.  While we’d gone to primary school together, I went to our local comprehensive for secondary, but Matt had sat the 11 Plus and made it in to Colyton Grammar.  I had to get my head around how far from our home town it was (I walked for 30 minutes to get to school, Matt’s bus took him an hour!).  However, in terms of scenery, his school definitely topped mine!  It’s a gorgeous little village.  The added bonus?  It seems that spring is finally here!

Colyton | #MarchForMarch

By the time we had started to head back towards the car, my calf had tightened up significantly and I was back hobbling again.  Hot water bottle and painkillers it is for me!

Have you walked anywhere nice recently?


Joining in on #MarchForMarch

I’ve recently started watching YouTube vlogs.  I think I stumbled across Blue Eyed Betty (aka Lose It Like Lauren) via Laura at Laura:Fat 2 Fit.  She has documented her absolutely amazing weight loss and subsequent surgery on her YouTube, and she’s fab!  I find her a real inspiration, and was chuffed when she vlogged that she was starting a challenge for March (yes – #MarchForMarch).

It’s beautifully simple (and actually, I don’t know why I didn’t think to do this for #Janathon).  It’s just about getting out and walking every single day.

I work in an office, and have a very sedentary lifestyle.  I am horrendous at getting off my bum and going for a walk, yet when I feel a bit down or stressed, it is one of the best things I can do for myself.  I always get the Sunday Blues, but going for a walk, even a short one, helps ease it off.

This challenge has come at the right time for me.  I’m out of my Whole 30, past the strange month of January, but I’m feeling a little lost and unsure where to restart.  A daily walk will hopefully just ease me back into exercising.

Yesterday I pootled out for a 20 minute walk on my lunch break, and today I will be going for a wander when I get home.

I’m playing along via Instagram, and there is a Facebook group you can join too.

Are you focusing on anything for March?


Juneathon Week 1 Round Up

I think I may have (slightly) underestimated how busy my first week of June was going to turn out to be, and while I haven’t managed to blog properly, I have stuck to the Juneathon rules of exercising and logging it daily.  As evidence, I would like to submit:



Today is Day 8 (well duuuh… what with it being 8th June and all!).  It is my sister’s birthday this week, so Mum and I decided it might be nice to spring a surprise visit on her.  I think if sweating in a sauna (read: car) counted as a Juneathon activity, I would have aced Juneathon today – the heat today was almost oppressive, but thankfully the good company made the journey pleasant.

We arrived in good time, and after greetings and proffering of gifts, the executive decision made was to go to the pub for lunch.  Ourm ode of transport – our legs!  It was a lovely walk through a park, nattering all the way.  I even recognised some places where my sister and I had run the Race for Life around this time about 5 years ago.

We stopped at a great little pub with a beer garden, ate, continued chatting and headed into the city centre.  I had said that I wanted to go to Montezuma’s.  In my humble opinion, Montezuma’s make the best chocolate.  I was introduced to them by a Foodie Penpal, and I developed a deep love for their chilli lime chocolate.  I haven’t been able to find a stockist for that specific chocolate in Devon, so we went straight to the source today.

It was questionable whether the chocolate would make it home in anything other than a smushy melted mess, but impressively, it survived.

We walked back to my sister’s, had a well deserved drink, wished her a happy birthday and came home.

I’ve had one of those really enjoyable weekends – yesterday at the South West Blog Social (which I will write about at some point when I have collected my thoughts into a coherent string), and today’s trip to Hampshire, it really has been the stuff that good weekends are made of.

My plan for Juneathon next week is to get some cardio and weights in, as a proper plan has been woefully lacking.

Fail to plan



Juneathon Day 3: The Walk

Today I walked.  I’m not sure how far, it but was about 30 minutes of walking.  Absolutely nothing of note happened, and I also can’t find an inspiring quote to put up for today, so my theme is already failing me here.

I will be using the Juneathon cop out of planking tomorrow and Thursday, as I have got an evening appointment tomorrow, and then need to be on the 7am flight to Manchester on Thursday morning, returning on Thursday night at about 10:45pm.  I have higher hopes for Friday.



Janathon Day 19: Gingerly walking

Gingerly walking on my gammy ankle today.  After yesterday’s adventure, I thought doing anything intense with the ankle might not be a good idea.  Instead, in a bit to make sure it also didn’t get stiff, Matt and I headed to Go Outdoor (yes, we drove) so that I could exchange some socks I got for Christmas.

Socks exchanged, we headed to Currys for a mooch, and then walked to Tesco to pick up something for pudding as we had been invited to my parent’s for tea.

That’s your lot for Janathon today I’m afraid.  I debated yoga, but thought some of the more simple poses might aggravate my ankle.  I will see how tomorrow goes though, and see if I can do child’s pose and downward dog in the evening.  I’ll be wearing flats to work instead of my heels, and will keep it tubi-gripped.

I’m now on the countdown to the Longleat 10k – three weeks today!  ARGH!


The first Juneathon injury?

My left foot is currently telling me that walking for 10 miles on a hot summer afternoon is not the done thing.  It wasn’t too bad when I got up this morning, and walked around slowly but not too limpy.  As the morning progressed, my foot got worse so I decided to dig out a trusty old tubi grip.



Now that the afternoon is nearly over, I am unable to put weight on it for any long period (and by long period I mean about 2 minutes).  Obviously, the google diagnosis is that my foot is about to fall off, but I suspect it is either a little mild bruising to the outer edge of my foot or something similar.  Either way, it will go.

The challenge has been to find a non-leg exercise and so I have managed a few sit ups instead.

In other news, I am dreading my return to work tomorrow.  The Sunday blues have hit, and hit hard.  I guess that’s what comes of having a week off.  Roll on September!!


Juneathon – Day 1

The most original title to date!  I had a look at Juneathon after Never2late4 mentioned it, and I decided that I could probably do this.  Now, I am flexing the “rules” a little bit, in that I won’t be running every day.  I don’t think I could to be honest, and I definitely wouldn’t want to – forcing the issue will suck the joy out of running.  I will exercise every day though, and the majority of it will be running.

Today, M suggested that we go for a walk along the coastal path of the Jurassic Coast.  After a spot of lunch, off we headed to Orcombe Point to pick up the path.  I haven’t been along that path for many years.  I forget how pretty it is (especially on a day like today).


Now, originally, M had mentioned that he’d like to go to Otterton.  He has absolutely no idea of how far that would have been.  It was really nice to be outside, chattering on, panting and nearly dying up the cliffs, but rewarded with some beautiful sights.

In the distance, where we were heading - Budleigh Salterton

In the distance, where we were heading – Budleigh Salterton

Along the route, we kept seeing signs for how far away the villages or towns were.  Having now mapped the route on mapometer, it would appear that the signs were in fact measured in country or Welsh miles.  Upon arrival into Budleigh, it was time for a drink, so we nipped into the Spar to get some water, before continuing our journey home.

Rather than go back the way we came, we decided to go along the old railway line, which meant trekking out of Budleigh and picking up a woodland path, crossing a field, and then walking down the old railway line.  As we arrived back into town, we decided tea would be salad and cold meats.

My feet hurt now.  I can’t remember the last time I walked so far.  Given the country mile markers, I really wasn’t sure how far we’d walked.  Mapometer says 10.27 miles.

Walk 1st June

It is now time to put my feet up, mentally prepare myself for getting up and going to the park tomorrow with my friend to do our urban gym thang.


Day Trips – Exeter and Dartmoor

I am thoroughly enjoying my week off so far.  My only concern is that it seems to be galloping by far too quickly for my liking.  I’m trying very hard not to think of the fact that I have no holiday time booked between the end of this week and when mother-in-law gets married in September.  Fourteen weeks between now and then.  Scary!  I do have a couple of things to look forward to though, so it’s not all doom and gloom.

Yesterday, M and I headed in to Exeter.  My car needed its MOT test and a major service, so we dropped the car off and walked into the city.  It was a pleasant day, and we stopped off at the cathedral green to work out our plan of attack.

Exeter Cathedral

Exeter Cathedral

Memorial on the green for Lee Rigby

Memorial on the green for Lee Rigby

The plan was to wander about, window shopping until lunchtime.  We headed into our usual haunts, with me half heartedly looking for a nice dress for mother-in-law’s wedding (no success).  Lunchtime came, and we made our way to Yo! Sushi.  I have wanted to try sushi for a long time, and have said to M about eating at a Yo! Sushi when we’ve been in Cribbs Causway in Bristol.  He’s never been too keen, but somehow his arm was twisted this time.  It was a great experience – lean principles in action.  I had no plan of what to eat, and just picked anything I liked the look of.  It was great!  I didn’t have lots of fish, as I am not the biggest fish fan, but I enjoyed the bits of fish I did have.   Safe to say, I am a Yo! Sushi convert.  I’m not sure I’d chose that over Wagamama, but it could be a tough call.

This year, the Royal Albert Memorial Museum reopened, after a long period of refurbishment.  I hadn’t been in since my final year in sixth form, when we were studying William Blake in English Literature, and conveniently there was an exhibition for Songs of Innocence and of Experience.  That would have been [groan] 11 years ago.

A cultural Tub

A cultural Tub

As children, Mum used to take my sister and I there on a regular(ish) basis.  There were things that I was keen to make sure were still there, like Gerald the Giraffe, and the Egyptian mummy.  They were there!

Elephant next to Gerald

Elephant next to Gerald

Sadly, news came in whilst M and I were wandering around, that I was likely to have to sell a kidney to pay for my car’s repairs.  Oh well, it’s only money – you only life once (thank goodness – it would be too expensive to do so multiple times!)!  After a really enjoyable day out, M and I settled down to watch the latest series of True Blood (my love, next to Spartacus).

Today rolled around too quickly.  My sister, Mum and I were going to spend the day together, but Mum had overexerted herself yesterday (they had gone out for a bike ride for the first time this year) and stayed at home.  My sister, P, picked me up, and off we headed to Dartmoor.  P is a slave driver great support in my battle with the bulge and beat me encouraged me up two sizeable hills.


I jest, it wasn’t that bad, and I did actually mutter that the masochistic side of me thought it would be great to walk up this hill.  Me and my big mouth…

We walked all the way to the top

We walked all the way to the top

Now, I didn’t truly appreciate how steep that hill was (the picture doesn’t do it justice!), and had to take several rest breaks on the way up, but the view from the peak was amazing.

I thought the rocks in the middle ground were at the  top of a big hill...

I thought the rocks in the middle ground were at the top of a big hill…

What was also very nice was the Dartmoor foals.  Everything seems late this year (maybe due to the weather), and the foals don’t seem to be an exception, though these guys aren’t brand new.

101 110

In our attempts to get a little bit closer to the ponies, we ended up in blanket bog, and I sunk my foot quite deep into one puddle.  Thankfully, P did the same (misery wet feet love company).

Bog bodies!

Bog bodies!

I really enjoyed my day out today, even if I am now so windswept…

windswept and out of puff

windswept and out of puff

… that I am dreading brushing my hair later.  I feel it will be a conditioner and comb in the shower jobbie.