Tub on the Run


Giving up Slimming World (for the time being)

I had a great long post dedicated to this, and having reviewed it, it sounded incredibly negative, which wasn’t really my intention.

In short, I have decided to take a couple of months off Slimming World.  That doesn’t mean that I am going to live on KFC and coke for the next couple of months, but I am struggling to commit to my group sessions.  I like to stay to the group part as I like the social aspect of it (plus, £4.95 for just weighing in?  I can do that at home for free!).  I have an incredibly busy few weeks (maybe months?) at work, and my mileage is cranking up on the half marathon plan, and to be completely honest, I don’t feel like I have enough mental capacity to deal with how I feel after weighing in (it hasn’t been great lately).  Therefore, I have decided to have a breather away from it for a short period of time.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I was meant to go out for a run tonight, but I have bowed to Mother Nature on this one.  The wind is probably the worst I have heard it since we moved into our flat 4 years ago, and knowing my luck, I’d be running into a headwind all the way, and I definitely don’t fancy a sea shower again!  Just to give you an idea, here is a video of the weather yesterday (when the winds weren’t as strong as today!):

Yep… I am not aerodynamic enough to face this kind of weather!



Janathon Day 2: 10% less wind, 100% more sea

I considered going out for a run this morning.  Consideration was as far as it got, as I managed to do my favourite ex-student thing of procrastinating by doing some housework.  The living room has not been so clean and tidy for a considerable amount of time.

Not only was the housework done (ok, I still have the bedroom and hall to finish tomorrow), but with the help of my sister, I also managed to put a budget together for this year.  I am sure that it is meant to be me teaching her things, what with me being the eldest and all.  Nevertheless, I am very grateful for the help as I have done my best ostrich impression for the last six twelve months.

Eventually though, it was time to go out.  I had another 3.5 miles on the plan for today.  I didn’t want to run the same route as yesterday, so I planned a new route.

I was advised by M that it definitely wasn’t base layer weather (when are you going to arrive, winter?!).  Again, I decided on the coat.  As I was about to leave, I heard M shout something at the TV, so I stuck my head round the door.  Apparently the South West is at significant risk of coastal flooding as we are due a tidal surge, and the Environment Agency has issued severe flood warnings.  It is at times like these that I am grateful we live two floors up.  It isn’t due to hit until 5am though.

Off I went on my merry way.  I started at my usual point, being beaten up by the wind slightly less this time.  I started up the new leg of the route, but abandoned it quite quickly as I had not counted on the gradient of the hills.  I don’t think the headwind helped much, but it has identified a need to get some hill work in (just not today).  Off I toddled back down the beach.  Normally I run on the path, but the weather has been so bad lately that much of the sand has washed up on the path, so it was exactly the same as running on the beach.  The sea was magnificent – the white horses really were spectacular.

It was about 2 minutes later that I experienced my first impromtu fartlek session, by attempting not to get drenched as the waves came over the sea wall.  Yeah.  I wasn’t quick enough, and I ended up having a premature, mid-run shower courtesy of Mother Nature.  Having misjudged the timing of the waves and subsequent sea wall breaches, I decided it was time to cross the road.  I looked down to step off the kerb and realised that the drains were full of sand and I would need to leap about 6 foot from a standing start to avoid the small river in the gutter.  I managed about half, and landed splosh right in the middle.  Yuck.  Soggy feet.

As I squelched my way along, I decided that I would call it a day.  A soggy day.  Today’s run was a disappointing 2.28 miles, but I did manage to get to the neck breaking speed of an 8:14 minute mile (please bear in mind that my average usually lies between 13 and 14 minutes).

Janathon Day 2

My trainers are now drying out next to my other trainers that I soaked yesterday by landing in a puddle with one foot and promptly kicking the splash with the other foot…  And who said running isn’t fun!


I am glad that tomorrow is a non-running day, as I would have to go bare foot, having now run out of dry running shoes.



Janathon Day 1: Hoping that we haven’t started as we mean to go on

Not sure what this Janathon thing, gracing WordPress, Blogger and Twitter is?  Go check out the Janathon page.  In short, it’s running (or exercising) and blogging about it every day in January.

I made it out today.  The boring stats bit is:

Janathon Day 1

I sincerely hope that I have not started as I mean to go on.  It was probably one of the least enjoyable runs I have done for a long time.  And the slowest.

I had decided that if I didn’t get out of bed and do the run, and instead put it off to tonight, I wouldn’t actually go out and I will have failed Janathon at the first hurdle.  I dragged my weary carcass out of bed (only having got to bed at 2:30am, having consumed probably a bit too much gin and vodka), debated whether it wass cold enough for a base layer (no is the answer), but having heard the rain, I decided that a coat was a good addition.

What I hadn’t noticed from the comfort of indoors was that, not only was it raining, but it was blowing a hoolie.  I have probably mentioned before that I don’t mind the rain, but I struggle with the wind.  To be frank, running without wind is hard enough, but add some blustery weather and it turns into a resistance workout.  Today was probably the worst wind I have run in.  Within 3 minutes of being outdoors, I was soaked to the bone.  And cold.

I had a sneaking suspicion that my tummy was going to find the run equally as challenging, and so I chose a hillier route that normal, but one with a toilet about 1.5 miles in.  I have never been so pleased to see a public toilet!  Ah the joys of post night time drinking runs.

The whole run was a struggle.  My legs got so cold that I wasn’t sure if they were going to cooperate as I reached mile 2, and my coat was as wet inside as it was out.  Damn you gym, why couldn’t you have been open today!?


Surprisingly, the beach wasn’t as bad as the non-beach part of the run.

Well, I am home now, showered and plied with tea to bring some warmth.

So today’s lesson is that when the conditions are like today, the gym is a suitable alternative.  Even the dreadmill holds more appeal.